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    So you wanna talk to us on TeamSpeak? Well here's how:

    1. Download from here, then install.
    2. After installed, launch it and use the 'Setup Wizard' to set up for mic and sound.
    3. Once everything is setup, connect to the IP ts.mcpz.net
    4. Once in, you will join in the lobby zone, so move zones or no one can hear you!

    When joining the PartyZone Teamspeak made sure you know all the rules!

    1. All ingame chat rules apply. Click here to view them.
    2. Use your minecraft username or an appropriate variation of it.
    3. Do not harass, mistreat or intentionally annoy other users.
    4. Do not record without permission from everyone in the channel.*

    *You may record in karaoke if you have permission from the singer, and you may record for proof if someone is breaking the rules.

    *Staff reserve the right to use punishments as they see necessary. If you have an issue with a staff member or a punishment they gave you can report them on the forums under Staff Abuse.

    It's not working!

    I can't download it!
    Are you downloading a 64bit operating system when your computers a 32bit operating system?
    2. Is it fully installed? I know it might take a bit, but it's worth the wait!

    I can't set up my mic!

    Once you are on the PartyZone Teamspeak you can Right Click on any staff member and then 'Poke' them that you need help.

    Need a little help?

    I need my rank!
    PartyBot should have opened a conversation with you, including a /ts command. Copy the /ts command along with the characters beside it, and paste that command in your in-game chat.Your rank will automatically update itself if you've bought a new rank.

    I need help with something not listed!
    Right Click on any staff member, and then 'Poke' them that you need help or message any staff on the forums with your questions. We will get back to you ASAP.

    Someone is breaking a rule!
    Right Click on any staff member and then 'Poke' them what is going on, and they should help you ASAP. If none are available/online, record the player breaking the rule, upload proof (to YouTube, vid.me, etc.) and report to any available staff you see.
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