Total Drama: Until Dawn[Choose Your Own Adventure][Information + Prologue]

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    An interactive story, where your choices matter. 11 teenagers are trapped in a lodge, in some woods on an island. Their goal is to be alive until dawn, hence why this is "Until Dawn". I'm mixing up Until Dawn and Total Drama, to make this a little interesting. [​IMG]
    Beth - 1st Dead
    Ezekiel - 2nd Dead
    Everyone except Ezekiel and Beth were in the lounge of a small lodge.
    "Look," Sky, the girl wearing a yellow top whispered loudly, "I get that Zeke and Beth are geeks, but this is no reason to ignore them!"
    "Although I don't like geeks," said Tyler, a boy in a red tracksuit, "they're my brother and sister so I care about them. If people harass them, I mess them up."
    "Besides, Beth is such a cow to me anyway," Dakota, the girl in pink said.
    "Um?" Bridgette stuttered, "aren't you the cow to her?"
    "Listen, I don't listen to blonde girls who wears sandals that don't even go with their stupid hoodie!" Dakota muttered, pointing at Bridgette's feet, "you suck at styling. Oh and don't get me started on Courtney's gay gray outfit!"
    "I personally believe that Beth and Zeke are pointless," Justin muttered.
    "Look, you may be good looking but you're rude," Sky glared at Justin.
    Topher, a light brown haired boy, cleared his throat. "Excuse me, why are we even talking about how irrelevant Beth and Zeke are? They're clearly relevant if we're talking about them behind their backs."
    "That's the smartest thing you've ever said," Tyler laughed, "and the kindest."
    "Thanks?" Topher muttered.
    "Oh my god we should play an intense prank on those geeks!" Dakota smirked. Tyler quietly sneaked off.
    "Yes!" Courtney agreed, "what should we do?"
    "Guys, let's not," Topher said quietly.
    "Yea, I agree," Sky frowned, "why are we being harsh!"
    "Let's go, Sky!" Topher and Sky walked out of the room, leaving Courtney, Justin, Bridgette, Dakota, Scott and Dave in the room together.
    "So," Dave got up off the couch, in his casual outfit, "I have an idea."

    Ezekiel and Beth were in their room, lying on the floor playing chess.
    "You know," Beth smiled, "I've been grateful to have an amazing twin."
    "Thanks," Ezekiel thanked Beth, "you're basically my best friend." He gave her a hug. Someone knocked on the door, the twins slightly jumped.
    "Yes, come in!" Beth called, Tyler walked in.
    "Hey bro!" Ezekiel greeted.
    "Hey, look I need to tell you something," Tyler said quickly.

    Dave had spent the last 10 minutes explaining his plan for a prank.
    "Wait, slow down there," Dakota gasped, "I wasn't listening." Bridgette groaned.
    "So you say one of us dresses up as a psycho and chases them out of the lodge?" Scott asked.
    "Well duh," Courtney rolled her eyes, "he said so like 6 times, bird brain wasn't listening!" Courtney poked Dakota.
    "Ow!" Dakota winced, "that hurt!"
    "I didn't even poke you that hard!" Courtney cried.
    "Can you two shut up?" Justin yelled, "you're deafening me with your cancerous complaining!"
    "Okay, who wants to be the psycho?" Dave quickly changed the conversation.
    "I want to!" Dakota cried, "what do I do?" Courtney and Bridgette groaned, while Justin smacked his head as if Dakota was the worlds dumbest diva.
    "I'll do it," Scott smirked, "you've seen me in drama class." The lounge door then burst open, everyone gasped.

    "Wait a minute," Beth was crying, "you're saying that the others don't like us?"
    "Well, I think that's how it is," Tyler was also crying, having to tell them, "they were going to play a prank on you. Sky and Topher weren't in on the prank from the sounds of things." Someone knocked on the door.
    "Come in," Ezekiel called in a grumpy tone.
    "Look," Sky burst in, followed by Topher, "I have respect for you both."
    "Yea," Topher agreed, "it's not fair that the others want to prank you, so we can help you avoid the prank if you wish."
    "Well, thanks," Beth smiled, Ezekiel gave an appreciative nod. They all then heard a scream from the lounge.
    "What was that?" Tyler gasped.

    A strange looking zombie type creature burst through the lounge door.
    "Oh my god, it's hideous!" Dakota screamed. She then froze in shock.
    "Dakota, we need to-" Justin also froze in shock. Eventually everybody had frozen in shock, frozen in fear.
    The creature looked around the room, looking for movement. The lounge door then burst open again, Beth, Tyler, Ezekiel, Sky and Topher all charged through.
    "What happened?" Beth asked, "are you guys okay?" Sky poked Dakota.
    "They've frozen in shock!" Sky stuttered.
    "Do you have the feeling you're being watched?" Topher trembled. A deafening, ugly roar then went through the room.
    "Don't move," Beth whispered. They slowly looked around the room, looking for where the sound had come from. Ezekiel then felt a big bead of drool fall into his shoulder.
    "ARGH!" Ezekiel screamed, he pointed at the roof, pointing at the creature. The creature instantly seized Ezekiel.
    "No!" Tyler and Sky cried. Topher had frozen in shock, Sky and Tyler were too shocked to move.
    'Alright' Beth thought to herself, 'I haven't been frozen in shock yet, Sky and Tyler may not be frozen, anyways Ezekiel is my twin, we have a special bond. I'd do anything to help him!' As the creature leaped through the window, smashing it, Beth jumped through after it.

    Beth had eventually run off into the woods, chasing the creature. She was quite unfit, so she felt like she was going faster than how she really was.
    "Zeke!" Beth screamed, "I'm coming!" She jumped over a rock, ducked under a branch, dived through a bush. Jump, duck, dive, jump, duck, dive. Rock, branch, bush, rock, branch, bush. After the repetitive pattern of jumping, ducking and diving, Beth had caught up with the creature. She tackled it, pushing it away from Ezekiel, who lay on the ground. Beth knelt down next to her brother.
    "Ezekiel?" Beth whispered, "it's me." She slowly rolled Ezekiel onto his back, to bee a major wound over his front. Beth gasped.
    "Beth," Ezekiel gasped, unexpectedly. Beth jumped.
    "You're alive!" Beth cried.
    "I didn't die," Ezekiel muttered, "that thing bit me."
    "Oh, I noticed," Beth rolled her eyes, "anyway, we should head back to the lodge."
    "I have a better idea."
    "What is it?"
    Ezekiel then lunged onto Beth.
    "Argh, no!" Beth cried, she kicked Ezekiel away, "get off me!" She ran away from her brother, who tried to attack her. Beth proceeded through another jump, duck, dive pattern, but tripped off the edge of a cliff.
    "Agh!" Beth wailed, as she fell. Ezekiel sensed her movement, so without thinking, he jumped down after her. They both lay in the bottom of a ravine, motionless.

    *1 Year Later*
    Tyler missed the lodge. Although it's bring back bad memories of Ezekiel and Beth vanishing, the lodge felt like a home. He lay on his bed, with his phone. He opened Messanger to start a group conversation.
    "Dakota Milton, Topher Millstone, Courtney Lowe," Tyler muttered, adding the contacts into the conversation, "Sky Knight, Scott James, Dave Roberts, Justin Dunn, Bridgette Hodges." Tyler started texting a long message.
    Dearest friends, I hope you're all doing well. I haven't talked to some of you since what happened last year with Zeke and Beth. Speaking of them, I was wondering if you'd all want to go back to the lodge this year with me for the weekend. We could have lots of fun. This doesn't have to be about my siblings, but I want us all to have a good time. If you'd like to join me, simply reply saying so.
    Tyler then put his phone down and went to sleep. During the night, he had a bunch of messages.

    Bridgette Hodges: Hey Tyler, I'd love to come to the lodge with you one weekend. I'll bring smores!

    Dave Roberts: Are you sure you want to go back after what happened? Don't get me wrong, I miss Beth and Zeke, but I thought you'd still be upset about it. If you feel you're really over it, I may consider coming.
    Sky Knight: Hey, thanks for the invite. I'd sure love to go back to the lodge. That creature we saw was quite strange, wasn't it?
    Dakota Milton: Whatever, sure.
    Topher Millstone: Ayyy Tyler, long time no see/communicate/whatever. I'd love to hang out with you at the lodge!

    Everyone had eventually replied, saying they'd come to the lodge.
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