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    This is a story that I keep trying to write, I procrastinate a lot so this may take a while, for now I've got the chapters I've already written and I have an old draft of Chapter 7 to complete.

    A circle of people, their backs all face the centre of the clearing and not one of them can see another'
    Many hoped that they would live to wonder what this line meant.
    Very few survived to share this line.
    Of these few, it's known that none of them remember anything more than that line.
    When people go missing in groups of twelve, rarely are any of them found.
    The best hope for you, if you were apart of one of these mass disappearances, would be remembering that line and living to recite it to others.

    But it's just some myth. The groups of a dozen were probably coincidences. Someone probably came back after one night... Right?

    A group was talking as they made their way through the woods. One of them, with brown hair, wore opaque green glasses. They were perched up in a tree with a laptop on their lap. They were likely working on testing some of the software they had been working on to help them hack tech.

    A girl, who wore her long cyan hair in two messy plaits, was re-lacing up her black knee-high boots; she tied a double bow on her right boot before pulling up her thigh-high black sock, being careful with her long-sleeved black dress reaching just above her knees all-the-while. The girl switched to her left boot and repeated what she had done with the right one.

    “Celeste! Hurry up!” called a girl with bright blue eyes and cinnamon-brown hair that had red highlights. She was a werewolf, her ears and tail being brown, and was directing her comment at the girl with plaited cyan hair. The cyan-haired girl, nick-named Celeste looked up, showing clearly her pale skin that shone in the moonlight. Celeste’s dark attire contrasted entirely with her skin tone.

    “I’m nearly done PJ,” Celeste replied, there was a slight irritation in her words.

    The leaves rustling made a loud sequence of noise.

    The trees moving nearly pushed the person with opaque green glasses out of the tree they sat in. They were okay, though their laptop wasn’t as fortunate.

    The laptop fell out of the tree, PJ moved to catch it. In the process of this, she tripped over one of Celeste’s legs but caught the laptop.

    “Are you okay Celeste?” PJ asked.

    Celeste nodded then looked up at their friend in the tree, “How about you Maxwell?”

    “I-I’m fi-” Maxwell’s short reply was interrupted by another rumble.

    This time Maxwell was thrown out of the tree. They landed harshly on their back… Or so they thought because the ground disappeared beneath them and their two friends, PJ and Celeste.

    The trio fell into a void.

    * * *

    Shui-Wylloe Que wondered the forest occasionally blowing up their long bangs as they absent-mindedly dodged the trees. Their hair was a short, curly, layered, silver bob and a light blue streak ran through it. Their heterochromatic eyes had the colours Violet and White/Grey.

    The childishly-dressed Shui felt a rumble under their feet.

    The oversized-light-yellow-top they wore underneath short overalls moved with them. They lent down to pull up their knee-high white socks when the movement of the ground sent them lurching forward.

    The air could have been knocked out of them but the ground was replaced with an empty void that swallowed Shui.

    * * *

    Zed sat against a large oak tree in a beautiful clearing, staring at a yellowed and slightly torn ticket to, what his Aunt Marie called, ‘A better life’. He was catching his breath as, after he got off of the train, he had continued to run and run so that he would be far from his family’s fury.

    Zed heard voices heading in his direction, but he was still cramping up from all that running:

    “Erin! The spot I found is over this way!” a cheerful, feminine voice called out. A girl, running ahead of her friend, pushed through bushes into the clearing where Zed sat.

    The girl had slightly wavy black hair that went down to her chin; she also had bangs at eyebrow length. Her round, dark brown eyes were almost black and she had a shaved line in one of her eyebrows.

    An out of breath girl with long brown hair and electric blue eyes followed closely behind, pushing through the bushes. She wore a purple hairband, a purple t-shirt along with jeans and black boots. Presumably, this girl was called Erin, “Raes! You should be more patient and wait for me!”

    “Sorry!” Raes giggled, stepping back slightly and managing to put her foot on a round log, causing her to fall forward, she barely managed to push her hands out to break her fall.

    “Are you alright?” Zed asked Raes, his French accent very obvious as he stood and made his way towards Raes.

    A monotone voice spoke from up in a tree, “Why’s there so much noise?” A look upwards revealed that the monotone, mumbling culprit was female.

    Looking around Zed also spotted a slim girl whose hair was chestnut brown and went just below her shoulders. She had dark green eyes and was wearing all black along with a mask that covered her face from the nose down. She was hiding in the shadows, “How many people are hiding around here?” Zed questioned, gesturing to the brunette as he spoke.

    Just then, the ground shook. The monotone girl up in the tree was barely grasping onto the branch of the tree she sat in, the masked brunette was thrown towards the group while Erin and Zed fell to the ground with Raes.

    A void opened up; Erin, Raes, Zed and the masked brunette fell into the sinkhole-like void before the monotone girl with inky black hair fell out of the tree and followed them into the void.

    * * *

    Robyn sat beside a beautiful stream, a sketchbook - which had many stray pieces of paper shoved into it messily - was on her lap, her camera was around her neck and she had a cup of coffee set on the grass next to her. A boy came jogging towards the stream before noticing Robyn who was sat alone. The boy, who seemed to be in his late teens, came over to Robyn and sat next to her, “Hi! My name’s Franklin, Franklin Quint! What’s your name?”

    “Robyn Winchester, since we’re giving our full names” Robyn replied, feeling like she was sinking into the ground.

    That feeling was right as the duo could now see that they were, in fact, sinking into the ground.

    Franklin began to panic, frantically trying to escape “What’s going on!” he yelled. Robyn was trying to get out too but was definitely being more careful about it than Franklin.

    They were both swallowed by the ground.

    * * *

    “We have a few people who were involved in this before re-entering this iteration of The Game, boy.” They said

    “I’m guessing you want me to infiltrate this time, make sure everything works out?” the aforementioned boy asked.


    The boy was swallowed by the earth…

    ‘A circle of people, their backs all face the centre of the clearing and not one of them can see another’ the young girl of around the age of fourteen is thinking to herself. She knows what’s happening “I stepped wrong again…” she mumbled to herself. The person closest to her in the formation - a teenaged boy a few years older than her of whom was intelligent, however, also was someone of whom didn’t fare well under pressure and was generally a bit clumsy – had been petrified and blurting out nonsense for a while. He had heard what the fourteen-year-old had said and blurted loudly “What do you m-mean? ‘Y-you stepped wrong again!” he was more often stammering and pausing during words as he spoke rather than stuttering and as he had blurted that a few others who were panicky were exclaiming that they had heard nothing and the like. ‘Geeze’ the girl thought, ‘an argument breaks out about the tiniest things with this group I can see – or rather, hear.’ The ground had begun lowing in sections beneath everyone, the girl heard herself and another sighing simply as it happened but the girl’s own sigh was more despairing whereas the one she heard just seemed fed up or bored, there were many who screamed at the sudden descent – or rather screeched and shouted and tried to move their limbs to scramble up to the surface. Their efforts were futile; they were lowered down just the same only they exerted themselves more.

    * * *

    She had been lowered into a tiny keeping room. She knew that last time they were starved and deprived of water to make them weak and more susceptible to certain taunts. However, she could sense the way this worked. ‘It was never going to go one way more than once with the people so why not just change the strategy we take.’ The fourteen-year-old, of which by now hadn’t realized she only remembered her age and past experience here, knew that to be a line of thinking that belonged to whatever it was controlling this puzzle piece maze. There was a mirror on the wall. She took a look into it and that was when she realised that the girl staring back at her in the mirror was completely unrecognizable, yet she knew it had to be herself. It was a mirror, of course, that was herself. Yes, the girl with messily braided cyan hair, that nearly surpassed the lower end of her lower back even when tied up. The girl with the scarred grey eye and the gleaming yet faded emerald eye and with the blue-black dress and boots. Even if she didn’t recognize them it was her. This petite girl that she saw was her but as she was trying to reassure herself it was her she heard a clumsy bash on the wall from the other side. ‘Oh right, the keeping rooms are right by one another,’ she was thinking to herself when she glanced back at the mirror. She realized the room was slanted at one wall going upwards, she decisively thought that each room was likely slanted somewhere and if you could beat the slant you’d get out, however, the slant would be unbeatable. She tested this theory by carefully getting near the top of the wall. She noticed the wall get taller and the slope steeper as she fell down the then flat wall. It returned to its place after she had banged into the wall with the mirror. “I see, so the person next to me must be constantly trying and bashing into the-“ but before she could say “wall that’s shared with this room” the mirror crashed to the ground. The lights went out and the room slanted to make the girl crash into the mirror. It was cleverly moved to make sure her head took the brunt of the crash, which it did. The lights flickered on and she saw the same pale girl with her blue-black faded look only with blood coming from a new wound. She heard shouting, angry shouting - the words were blocked by the ringing in her ears - before a gaseous substance entered the room and she fell unconscious.

    * * *

    The sixteen-year-old intelligent boy was lowered into his keeping room. He screamed, or rather screeched, as he was lowered. The scream was stammered and panicked. It was clear he didn’t often scream and had other reactions to danger but this was such a new situation that he didn’t know how to react; he was so panicked he couldn’t even think carefully about how to panic. He got dropped into the keeping room after that, it seemed as the floor was slanted at a diagonal with the lower down wall holding a mirror. He slipped down the slanted floor and smashed into the wall with the mirror. He heard a shaking on the other side. He realised he had flailed his arms whilst going down which must mean he could move now but he panicked when he couldn’t even remember his name. He turned to the mirror seeing an unfamiliar boy who was about 5’5 it seemed. He had light green hair that covered one of his stormy grey eyes and noticeable acne. His build seemed athletic; he did feel a want to rush up the slope to get to the door shape that he could see so he tried it. He kept bashing into the wall again and again and again as he slipped down the ever re-steepening and re-positioning floor. Eventually, he heard something that sounded like glass or a mirror shattering, but his mirror was intact. His mirror was intact! That meant that there was something on the other side of that wall that could shatter! That meant that he could try to get into there and see if anyone else was there! Only problem, how? This sent pressure to him so he thought. He calmed himself the only way his memory would tell him to. But then that memory scared him. He looked at his face and athletic body in the mirror again, battered now from all of that slipping up. Words echoed in his mind ‘Franklin Quint, you are Franklin Quint’ he was running up again after this revelation at this moment he heard a murmuring of “I see, so the person next to me must be constantly trying and bashing into the-“the voice cut off just as Franklin slammed into the wall again. He heard shattering and then a crash coming from the same area.

    He felt the pressuring fear so tried running again. When he bashed into the wall this time a dent was made, showing a door. He tried again, and again; on the fourth try after the dent was made the door opened fully. He saw a girl with two messy, cyan braids – that made it clear that if her hair wasn’t tied up it would go much farther than her lower back – he saw a scar over her right eye and a bloodied wound on her head. She had crashed into the mirror. He noticed she had laced up blue-ish, green-ish, black boots, and her long-sleeved dress was the same colour, her thigh-high socks were slightly lighter though and her skin was ghostly pale in great contrast to the blood from the head wound she had received. He was panicky but he knew now was the time to be intelligent. He had not one, but two rooms to search through for medical supplies. He wouldn’t know much what to do with them, Franklin had never worked in medical care or anything, but he would know to clean the wound - with at least water - and then bandage it, presumably, he’d wrap a bandage around her head…

    * * *

    Franklin searched high and low carefully scaling the steep wall but clumsily slipping along the way. He saw the buckets were both filled with water so he had one thing, water, which allowed him to calm down a little. He spied a hatch at the top of the wall and tried to clamber up carefully. This was a bit difficult if you consider how clumsy he can be and how much it’s worsened if he’s under pressure – nevertheless, he reached the hatch and pushed it open; his feet slipped and he grabbed a hold of the bottom of the box in the hole hidden behind the hatch. He saw convenient bandages, disinfectant, a safety pin and also instructions, of a sort. ‘Clean off the blood around the wound, carefully apply the disinfectant to the wound and wrap the bandage around the wound before clipping it in place with the safety pin.’ This medical kit was so out of place and much too convenient for the situation but Franklin’s mind was fuzzed, he could only think that the kid could die if he didn’t use this so he grabbed it and crashed to the ground as he had let go of the part of that hatch. The hatch was gone when he looked again.

    Franklin Quint went back to the girl, thankful to see that her head wasn’t bleeding nearly as much as before, the small girl seemed as though she could be in her early teens when Franklin looked at her again. He picked up the bucket of water and practically dropped it down beside her. He kept attempting to calm himself and remove any pressurising feelings he had because if he felt he was under so much pressure he’d probably mess up. He finally felt he was calm enough to try and clean the wound so he wet some of the bandages to use as cloth and began dabbing at the blood splotches that had spilt onto the girl’s forehead. The blood was nearly gone but he had to re-wet the cloth so he did as such, using another piece of cloth bandage of course.

    * * *

    She saw horrific scenes. Her parents, dead, before her; yet she could not see a single face in the images that flew across her mind. She barely got a glimpse of glowing red eyes that seemed to fit a certain boy’s stature. The fourteen-year-old felt she recognised the red eyes and she felt she recognised the voice of the man and women who screamed for her to leave and be quick about it. The only voice she heard fully was the women’s, it screamed “CELESTINA, RUN! QUICK, BEFORE IT’S TOO-“and was cut off mid-sentence, presumably about to say “LATE” the girl thought. But hey, there’s another thought; the women said “CELESTINA, RUN” and I recognise the voice so plausibly, that is my name? ‘Celestina’ it seems a pretty name, they had taste I guess. Hmm, it’s not a definite but I think it might be…

    She was jolted awake as water spilt down her face from a soaked cloth bandage that had not been wrung out properly. ‘Celestina~Mae Hallows. That is you and you better remember it!’ The thought bashed around her head right as suddenly jolted up, which scared the stormy-eyed boy before her. “Geeze, yo-you’re up and not even, you know, saying ‘ow’, you have a big cut on your-“ Franklin was about to say “Forehead” when Celestina simply said

    “Is that what the water was about? But I don’t feel any pain there, so how do I have a cut?” This surprised Franklin as she cut into his sentence. Franklin pulled himself together,

    “The mirror in here’s broken but the one… the one thr-through the door isn’t.” Franklin inputted. Then he remembered to say “I’m Franklin Quint… by the way… a-and what’s… what’s your name?” he questioned.

    “I-I’m…” Celestina began – practically inaudibly - before standing up and walking to the open door thing. She stood by the door and turned to face Franklin “I’m… Celestina Hallows…” she replied quietly, although Franklin could hear it this time. They headed into the other room where Celestina saw the wound there; not bleeding anymore but wiping away the rest of the blood and disinfecting the wound would be a good idea…

    A woman, standing at 5’6 and with wavy, ombré hair – trailing from black into a bright green – that went just past her shoulders, was carefully glancing around the circle.

    She couldn’t see anyone, not fully, but her peripheral vision didn’t fail her entirely. The noirette saw someone with a short, curly and layered silver bob. This person seemed to be wearing very childish clothing; short overalls, with variously coloured patches scattered across the shorts, a light yellow top underneath said overalls and knee-high socks.

    She could also see someone who had light green hair and, from what the woman could make out, they appeared to be wearing athletic clothing… This person seemed vaguely familiar to the noirette, but she couldn’t quite remember.

    From the green-haired person came a cry of, “What do you m-mean? ‘Y-you stepped wrong again!” they were more stammering and pausing between or during words as opposed to stuttering if the noirette was correct.

    Throughout the formation came scared cries at this simple question but, the woman noticed, the silverette seemed to simply sigh at this argumentative outbreak.

    Something was missing, the woman knew it, but she couldn’t quite remember.

    Suddenly, the people in the formation were being lowered from their platforms, there were screams and people freaked out but the woman simply tried to quietly escape (and failed).

    There was a feeling of déjà vu.

    * * *

    The woman glanced around the room she had been lowered into, "Where even am I?" she mumbled out, quickly noticing a mirror on one wall.

    The reflection she spied showed her to have fair skin, dark eyes, and thick eyebrows. The mirror-woman seemed an average weight and wore: a black Bardot top, with a slight frill; ripped skinny jeans, with fishnets underneath and chunky, heeled boots.

    “Forget where… Time to address, who even am I?

    The twenty-one-year-old woman moved around the room, noticing a ladder hidden on one of the walls. She tried climbing it, but the rungs of the ladder seemed to disappear once she reached the top and she plummeted back to the floor of the room.

    It seemed to have been much further a fall than it actually was, the woman even found herself to be unconscious and in a dream-state.

    She heard whispers around her, “Robyn… You must remember… Robyn Winchester…”.

    Well, now Robyn knew who she was and instead pondered, why on earth would she forget her name?

    * * *

    Shui-Wylloe Que was a different story in comparison to Robyn, Franklin or Celestina for the fifteen-year-old remembered every detail of their life. They sighed, glancing around the small chamber they were being held in.

    Shui scanned the room calmly as they heard a thud from their left and turned to the left-side wall. They scrutinised the wall for a bit, before calmly walking over and pushing open a door; to be met with the sight of Robyn Winchester’s unconscious body.

    Blowing their bangs up, Shui scrutinised the new room that they had entered, finding that there was a trap-door in the ceiling, above an almost camouflaged ladder.

    “Hm…” Shui mumbled, deep in thought, before climbing up the ladder and shoving open the trap-door, grabbing onto the top of the new floor they had found before they fell due to the ladder’s sudden ‘disappearance’.

    A male with multi-coloured hair looked down at them in surprise, murmuring something incoherent under his breath, before turning to Shui and saying with a smile, “I’m Alex, Alex Silver, and you?”

    Shui just sighed and stayed quiet before retreating down through the trap-door; they hung with their arms from the ceiling before dropping down into the room with Robyn.

    Alex Silver was a pale, skinny boy with grey eyes that seemed to look blue and multiple scars and tattoos – and he followed after Shui down the trap-door.

    Alex landed, using his hands to support his landing but wincing slightly when he hit his left wrist on the floor of the newly-discovered room.

    The black-haired girl that lay on the floor began to stir, opening her eyes slightly and squinting at the figures of Alex and Shui.

    “Who are you two?” she asked,

    “I’m Alex Silver” Alex responded with a smile, whilst Shui-Wylloe Que analysed every detail of Alex’s smile, looking for a break or sign to indicate honestly or falsities, but Alex wasn’t breaking a sweat.

    Still, Shui was suspicious.

    Franklin and Celestina were now both scanning the two rooms they had been in, “Franklin! I think I’ve found something.” Celestina yelled out – well, she didn’t really yell, the cyan-haired girl was very quiet and so her yelling was probably quieter than the volume of Franklin’s ordinary voice.

    Somehow though, Franklin heard her and came over to where Celestina was.

    Celeste traced the cracks in the floor around what seemed to be a trap-door, “I can’t open it, can you try?” she spoke quietly, a posh, stereotypical British accent barely obvious in her words.

    “Hmm… Okay!” Franklin crouched down and tried to push the trap-door open.

    “-_- That’s not gonna work, y’know” Celeste mumbled, earning a sigh from Franklin – who then stood up and jumped on the supposed trap-door, multiple times. All of a sudden he fell through, barely grabbing onto the railing next to a steep stair-case, “How did that work?” the cyan-haired girl whispered to herself, before making her way down the steep steps carefully.

    The duo reached a door similar to the one that had separated their holding chambers, which Celeste soon pushed open.

    * * *

    “What’s your name, then?” Alex asked,

    The girl with dark-grey eyes responded with, “Robyn Winchester.”

    Robyn pushed herself up from the floor and glanced around the room, seeing a door on one wall and a trap-door in the ceiling that had been difficult to see before-hand, “So there are multiple rooms then?”

    “Of course not, we just appeared from no-where,” Alex spoke sarcastically.

    “Look, I was just unconscious alright, cut me some slack,” Robyn replied, sighing annoyedly.

    Shui just lent against a wall, staring directly at the wall opposite whilst smirking.

    All of a sudden, a portion of the wall, in the exact spot where Shui had been looking, opened up and two people, along with a steep staircase, were revealed.

    * * *

    “More people then, huh?” Celestina spoke, breaking the shocked silence that had enveloped the room that she and Franklin had just come across.

    “Uh…” Franklin began, still trying to figure out this maze of rooms, “I’m Franklin Quint, and this is Celestina… uh…?” he trailed off, trying to remember Celeste’s full name.

    “Celestina-Mae Hallows.” The hetero-chromatic girl continued for Franklin, “And you three are…?”

    “Alex Silver and Robyn Winchester,” a boy - with multi-coloured hair that was short with a fringe swept to the right side of his face – responded, gesturing to both himself and a fair-skinned girl, with dark grey eyes.

    “What about them?” Celestina gestured to someone who lent against the wall, opposite the door that she and Franklin had just entered through. This person wore a childish outfit: short overalls, that had patches along with the shorts; an oversized, light, yellow top; knee-high white socks and shoes that appeared to be converse, which had colour across them as well.

    “Shui.” They responded simply, finally telling their name.

    “Do you two have any idea of what’s going on here?” Robyn asked Franklin and Celeste.

    Franklin answered her question, starting with an awkward laugh “Hehe… Nope. All I can tell is there’s a lot of rooms.”

    “And… Probably more people.” Celestina continued, whilst thinking to herself ‘Last time there were twelve… That means there are seven more people to find, and probably seven more rooms, too.

    The five of them continued to converse, trying to find anything more in any of the rooms than what had already been found.

    When they went up the steep staircase, the quintet found themselves in the room where Franklin had been. They all searched around Franklin’s room but found little, then Robyn entered the room where Celeste had awoken.

    Robyn saw the shards of a broken mirror and the bloodstain on the floor, “Umm… Guys, why is there blood on the floor in this room?” she called out awkwardly, clearly disturbed.

    “These rooms… Slant, I guess? In Franklin’s, he could climb the wall and then it would just drop him down, and he’d hit the wall. In mine, the floor just randomly slanted and sent me straight into the mirror – which led to me getting a cut on my head and bleeding out.” The cyan-head told Robyn calmly.

    The noirette thought about this for a bit, before responding with, “You were… bleeding out from your head, and you’re acting like it was some paper-cut or stubbed toe!” To which Celestina shrugged her shoulders and continued to search the room.

    The quintet continued their search quietly though, Celestina noticed Shui’s occasional smirks. Celeste seemed to be the only person to see this, though.

    Soon, the group got tired and attempted to retire to the hard, wooden boards that were supposed to be ‘beds.’

    Celestina didn’t know about the others, but she didn’t sleep well – being plagued with strange dreams throughout the night, or maybe they were nightmares? She couldn’t tell.

    A black-haired girl, probably aged 17, stood in the circle. And she was freaking out. This girl couldn’t remember too much, but her name, Raes Forte Monroe; age, 17 and the fact that she had recently been sucked into a void that had opened up in the ground were the first things to come to mind.

    Raes was very much terrified, she couldn’t move at all and hated the fact that she would be unable to escape wherever she was.

    “What do you m-mean? ‘Y-you stepped wrong again!’” a boy blurted out loudly.

    She began to freak out, there were definitely others around her and Raes had no idea of what was happening, suddenly Raes was lowered into the ground. She attempted to move and escape – which she failed to do, her attempt at screaming, however, succeeded – as the ground swallowed her and she entered a, mainly empty, room.

    Raes could move again, but she was, most definitely, now alone in a dark room. For all she knew, there could be spiders or bugs in there. Raes attempted to calm herself down and searched the room, coming across a switch that appeared to be for the lights. She was about to press it when the ceiling of the room opened up and a boy – wearing, most notably, a black glove on his right hand along with a black trench coat, though the rest of his outfit just consisted of a casual pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and black trainers – fell through the gap, landing with a thud.

    The noirette almost jumped at the noise and quickly turned with a start.

    The brunet boy saw Raes’ hand still hovering over the switch and yelled out in a panic, “DO NOT PUSH THAT!” with a heavy French accent. Raes looked at him with confusion,


    He gathered himself and spoke carefully, “There was a switch like that in the room above, I pushed it and the floor opened up underneath me.”

    Raes retracted her hand from the switch, “I’m Raes, you?”

    “Zed.” He stood up and began to check around the room, “Have you found any way out of here?”

    She nodded without thinking, at that moment they heard footsteps and then a door swung open with a resounding creak, “This place is a maze!” this new person exclaimed. They held a thin laptop under their left arm and wore opaque green glasses, “Oh, uh… Hi?” they said, noticing Raes and Zed.

    “And… There’s our exit?” Raes half questioned.

    “I’m Zed, and that is Raes.” He introduced the two of them seeing as Raes had made no effort to, “You?”

    “Maxwell. Uh… You have a strong accent… You said that you’re Zed and she’s Ray, right?” they responded, having difficulty in deciphering the strong French accent.

    “It’s Raes,” she corrected them.

    Maxwell nodded, “Have you two found any other rooms, the one I was put into is down that corridor, but it’s a sort of maze… It took a lot of sticking to the left-hand wall all the time, to get here.”

    “I was in another room but the floor opened up when I pressed a switch and I fell into this room.” He responded,

    Raes added, “There’s a switch right here,” she gestured to the switch next to her, “but I haven’t tried pushing it yet.”

    “Huh… There was a switch that opened up the maze-corridor as well…” Maxwell considered this for a moment, then their opaque glasses turned orange, they walked over to the switch next to Raes and pressed it, their glasses returned to green colour as the left-hand wall disappeared and a staircase was pushed out from the right-hand wall.

    The stairs led to Zed’s original room and the room to the left contained a thin, black-haired girl with sickly pale skin. She looked over to the trio, her green eyes widened in slight surprise but she soon gained a blank expression.

    “Who are you all?” She asked with a monotonous voice,

    Raes responded with, “I’m Raes; these two are Zed and Maxwell. What’s your name?” she gestured to both as she said their names.

    “Darcus. I prefer Darci though.” the mysterious girl answered...

    “I’m Raes; these two are Zed and Maxwell. What’s your name?” She gestured to both as she said their names.

    “Darcus. I prefer Darci though.” The mysterious girl answered…

    * * *

    Darci’s eyes flitted around the rooms, analysing the stairs and the hallway – through which Maxwell had travelled – before speaking, her voice bland, “So… How’d you open up the wall?”

    “Ah, well, there were switches in the rooms that we were all in. The one inside of my room opened up the floor… Or, rather, ceiling, I suppose. The one inside Maxwell’s room opened that corridor and the switch in this room opened the wall and staircase.” Zed answered, gesturing to the corridor, ceiling and stairs accordingly.

    “Huh… D’you think there’s a switch in my room?”

    “That’s likely,” Maxwell replied, deep in thought. Darci couldn’t see their eyes from behind their opaque green glasses, though she assumed that they were taking a look around the room she was in.

    Wait a second… I thought those glasses were green, why are they orange now?' Darcus thought to herself, seeing Maxwell’s glasses shift from green to orange. Max walked into Darci’s room and circled a post, feeling it over with their hand.

    “Hmm…” they were deep in thought before something made a resounding ‘click’ sound, “I found the switch.” They spoke simply, as a trapdoor opened up in the floor, they began to walk over to the trapdoor, “Well, aren’t you three going to come?” they asked with a hint of sarcasm.

    Darci sighed, “Alright then.”

    * * *

    Darcus was the first one to climb down the ladder, but she ended up in a small room with another trapdoor and switch.

    She pressed the switch, holding onto the ladder just in case, and a light turned on. Raes was the next one down, then Maxwell and Zed followed.

    Max’s glasses had returned to green and Raes was looking around the room curiously, “Ah, there’s another switch there!” she said, pointing to the light switch.

    “That’s just for the light and I can’t find any other switches in here. The trapdoor doesn’t open either.” Darci replied monotonously, pausing for a moment before adding, in a quiet voice, “Maxwell, I might be wrong but I’m quite certain that I saw your glasses changing colour, specifically when you found the switch on the pillar.”

    “Hm? Oh, yes, my glasses change colour. Green is the basic state and orange means I’ve realised something.”

    Darcus nodded, accepting this answer.

    “Do you think that there’s a room, how do you say ‘sur’… below this space?” Zed asked,

    “Probably, there is a trapdoor after all,” Raes answered him, “Actually; maybe the trapdoor can be opened from the room below? Like, we could make some noise and try and get the person down there to search for a switch.”

    “That’s a pretty good idea, Raes, was it?”


    “Well, anyway, as I was saying, that’s a good idea but how do we get the person to search for a switch?” Darci continued, her voice had reached a normal volume, though it was still quiet and she was avoiding eye contact.

    “We could yell down and say that we got trapped here too and ask for them to look for a switch?”

    “Raes…” Max seemed to be thinking of how to say their next phrase, “That idea needs a bit more work.”

    “Way to be blunt…” the girl grumbled under her breath in response,

    “It’s better than going through with a plan that hasn’t been thought out properly. We need to think about: what we could say; how to convince whoever is down there; what their switch will do and so on.” They responded, justifying their original comment.

    She sighed, “fair enough,” Raes admitted.

    “Hey, is there anyone up there!” a feminine voice called out, banging on the floor of the small room that the group of four stood in.

    Just finished Chapter 7, hope I did well, haven't written these characters in a while, but I've still got the profiles to use.

    “Hey, is there anyone up there!” a feminine voice called out, banging on the floor of the small room that the group of four stood in.

    “I don’t think we’ll need all that extra planning, Max.” Darcus stated simply, pausing for a moment as the owner of the feminine voice continued to bang on the floor/ceiling from their perspective, “Well… Isn’t anyone going to answer them?” she added as a mumble.

    “Raes can answer them, she did suggest the idea.”

    “What? Max, can’t you join me!”

    “I’m agreeing with Max.” Zed responded,

    “Darci, you’ll join me won’t you!”

    “Uhm… I don’t want to be rude but I don’t exactly shout a lot.” She mumbled, looking to the floor.

    Raes sighed in defeat, and yelled out, “Yeah, there are four of us! Can you try and find a switch?”

    “A switch?” there was a pause, “There’s a button!”

    “Uh… Alright, can you press that, then?”

    There was a click, and the trapdoor swung open, a ladder extending down.

    The quartet climbed down to find themselves face-to-face with a relieved-looking werewolf. She was a brunette with red highlights and blue eyes, one of her eyes having a star tattoo over it. She wore a casual black/red flannel jacket with a black top and a slightly-laddered pair of navy blue jeans, along with black and white trainers.

    “I’m so glad there are other people here. I hate being alone.” She spoke, “I’m Penny-Jane Stargaze, but just call me PJ, who are you all?”

    “I’m Darcus, prefer Darci though”

    “I’m Raes, that’s Zed and that’s-“

    “He’s noticed something.” Darci cut in, upon seeing that Maxwell’s glasses had changed from green to orange.

    “Huh?” PJ looked confused, as Max went over to the opposite corner of the room.

    “It’s… Moving?” he thought aloud, “Hey, everyone come over here, I wanna check something.”

    Sure enough, as the four others walked over to the corner, they felt like they were slipping down, Raes ended up tumbling down the slope. However, once they all reached the corner it evened itself out.

    “What the…” PJ trailed off muttering to herself.

    “I know I’m clumsy but I’ve never just fallen down floor like it was a hill.” Raes commented.

    “That’s because the floor tilted, sending us… here.”

    “Uh, what’s your name, by the way, Raes never finished saying.”

    “Maxwell. And this room tilted, it sent us here and…” they trailed off, before knocking on the walls to either side of the corner. It became evident to all five of them that there was a hollow space next to them, “But how do we get in…”

    “I think there might be a door here.” Darci said, having walked over to the middle of the wall, she now traced some cracks in the wall which formed a rectangle, “There might be another trigger, it’s that or we’ll have to force it open.”

    Maxwell’s glasses were, once again, orange, “All of you go to the door, I’ll go to the other side of the room and we’ll see if the room tilts, we might have to get a head start to force it open.”

    “Maybe…” as Maxwell attempted to reach the other side of the room, the quintet saw the room tilt, and moved out of the way of the door, as Maxwell slipped and ended up hitting the door. Darci noticed something “The doors moved, indented into the wall more. So we’ve got the right idea, but it seems a bit painful.”

    “Uh… We could trust try pushing with combined effort… Rather than falling onto the door.” Raes said.

    “Might work.”

    The five of them tried pushing the door, all at the same time, they managed to get it to move a bit.

    * * *

    The five of them had gathered in Celestina’s original room after she suggested that there may be a sort of loop, if all of their rooms were connected there are likely to be others and she hadn’t really checked her room, Celeste had noticed a slight smirk on Shui’s face when she said this, as if Shui knew there was more to come too. Celeste was sure that there must be seven more rooms, and once they were all connected they’d make a loop, she couldn’t predict what would happen after that, though.

    For now, they were all looking around for any switches, secret doors or other triggers, and Robyn had found something, “I think there’s a door, it must’ve been moved, since it’s jutting out.”

    There was a loud screeching sound as the door moved slightly, “There must be people pushing it.” Celeste murmured, so Franklin decided to call out to them.

    “Hey! Anyone there!”

    They heard murmuring from the other side of the door, an argument:

    “Raes, you take it.” A French-sounding male voice was the first to sound.

    “I had to respond last time! Why don’t you reply?” a feminine voice replied annoyedly,

    “Guys, let’s just get this thing open.” came a monotone voice with a hint of irritation.

    “I’ll just take it.” Another girl said, “Hey! There’s five of us here, and we’re tryna get this door open. Can you help?”

    “Uh… There’s five here too-” Franklin began.

    Celeste then spoke in as loud a voice as she seemed to be capable of, which wasn’t very loud but it travelled well enough, “If you can get a gap to show between the door and wall here, we can use the bucket handles as levers.” She gestured to the bucket in her room and to Franklin’s door for the other four in the room. Franklin and Alex went to remove the handles from the buckets, Robyn having to scold them for wasting the water as it spilt out.

    After more screeching, a gap appeared between the door and the wall, Celeste and Franklin were the first to try using the handles, but Celeste lacked any semblance of strength in her stick-arms so Alex took over. Using the handles as levers, they sped up the door’s opening until, suddenly; it sunk down into the floor.

    The two quintets then became acquainted, with Robyn introducing everyone, before the werewolf girl from the other ‘group’ introduced them.

    The werewolf was Penny-Jane Stargaze, her most notable feature was probably the star tattoo that went over her right eye, and she was the one who finally called out to the group. A teen with opaque green glasses and short brown hair was called Maxwell. The monotone voice belonged to Darcus “I prefer Darci”, a lanky, pale, black haired girl. Then a brown-eyed girl with short, black hair (chin length) was introduced as Raes and the French accent turned out to belong to Zed, a brunette whose hair covered his left eye.


    The silverette who Robyn had introduced as Shui was looking them over, Darci could practically feel her glare but it seemed that no one else noticed, Maxwell, for one, seemed too distracted with staring down a small, cyan-haired girl called Celestina. So distracted, in fact, that their glasses were now orange.

    Maxwell thought Celeste looked… Odd. She seemed almost faded, ghostly, there was the same air about her clothes as well and, as her fringe moved ever so slightly, he noticed some bloodied bandages around her head. Maxwell’s eyes drifted to the shards of glass and the small blots of blood on the floor near the remains of a mirror, and put two and two together.

    It’s unlikely to get a head injury from a mirror breaking in normal circumstances but the floors in these rooms tilt. The floor must have tilted so that she fell and her head hit the mirror, shattering it. However, that didn’t make sense, if she’d shattered the mirror, lots of broken glass would have showered down over her, but she only got cut on her forehead, so the mirror was already broken. “There’s someone making the rooms tilt.” Maxwell spoke out of no-where.

    There it is.”

    “There what is?”

    “Whenever you realise something you think for a bit and then say whatever you’ve figured out aloud.”

    “How could you tell they’d noticed something?” Shui asked,

    “My glasses are normally green but they turn orange when I realise something.”

    “Hmm.” Shui’s eyes now fell on Maxwell, as they analysed every member of the new group.


    Shui followed Maxwell’s gaze, to find that they were intently analysing Celestina, and smirked slightly, before noticing Celeste’s eyes flitting over to them at the smirk and then looking away once the smirk faded. They blew their bangs up out of their face and began to study the girl, who they’d been around for a little while now, and yet hadn’t fully analysed.

    Almost instantly, Shui realised why Maxwell was staring Celeste down. This girl looked ghostly, and not just because of her pale skin, she was, ever so slightly, see-through. They found that, when they looked close enough, her clothes were slightly translucent as well, as was her hair. A bandage that had been wrapped around her head was the only opaque thing and, the colour of her left arm, which was slightly visible beneath the dress, got darker in a shaky line that rang along the length of her arm, some sort of scar, from a deep wound.

    Shui smirked, and Celestina glanced over once again, this girl would make for an interesting mystery.
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