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    1. My nickname is orchid.
    2.I go by Joel or Tess/Tessie.
    3. Those are not my real names.
    4. The marriage bot once caused some serious issues on Partyzone
    5. I have mental health issues which makes me an insane human :thumbs up:
    6. I love the last of us.
    7. Ashley Johnson in my idol.
    8. My favourite song is Jocelyn Flores by XXXTentacion ( RIP )
    9. I have a large Kermit drawn on my wall.
    10. I have no friends in my actual life.
    11. Sowourbuwunny is my good friend.
    12. I bop to You make my dreams come true.
    13. My room is a mess.
    14. I have a cat called Buttons.
    15. I want to be a dentist.
    16. I love Halloween.
    17. I go dressed as a hotdog for Halloween.
    18. I am a true clicker.
    19. I'm probably younger than you.
    20. I can lick my elbow.
    21. I have brown hair and eyes.
    22. I have emetophobia.
    23. I suck at puzzles.
    23. Is actually my favourite number.
    25. I like drawing spongebob.
    26. My favourite drink is water.
    27. I have glasses.
    28. Some kicked me yesterday.
    29. These are some of the last facts.
    30. I have to go and pack for a school trip that i'm going on for three days, see you soon Partyzone.
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    Jocelyn Flores is a great track but not his best. I like Riot the best, and I hope News/Flock is released because I am positive that will be his best track.
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