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    PARTYZONE Plug.DJ Rules
    Breaking these rules will result in being banned from the chat or the entirely.
    Our staff team will skip music as they see fit.

    General Rules
    • Inappropriate Names are not allowed
    • Do not run any bots or scripts without permission from staff.
    Song Rules
    • Must be under 7mins
    • No AutoJoin
    • No “Troll” songs
    • No videos with nudity or highly sexual imagery
    • No offensive or negative videos
    • Playing shock videos will result in an immediate ban
    • Do not repeatedly play the same songs. Check the DJ history if needed
      • This includes remixes, AMVs, and covers

    Chat Rules
    • No spamming
    • No swearing
    • No trolling
    • No advertising
      • Other Plug channels
      • Youtube channels
      • Websites Etc.
    • Linking a shock site will result in an immediate ban
    • No Harassment
    • No impersonating others
    • Do not ask for a rank. We only use the staff from our server
    • Do not ask for a song to be skipped or people to vote Meh
    • Do not pester or harass people to “friend” you
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