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Nov 17, 2017
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Party Points is PartyZone's primary cosmetic currency. These can be used to purchase the following cosmetics:
  • Join Messages (/jm)
  • Pets (/pets)
  • Tags (/tags)
  • Symbols (/symbols)
You can view your Party Points balance in a hub server by either checking the scoreboard or looking in each of the cosmetic GUIs from the Customizer item in your inventory.

Some cosmetics require you to have a specific rank in order to purchase it as well as having the correct amount of Party Points. These will be stated in the respective GUIs in-game.

We're always open to suggestions for new cosmetics or cosmetic types, so if you have ideas for additions to be made to cosmetics, be sure to suggest it here (!

Not got enough Party Points for the cosmetic you want? You can get more from our store which can be found here (!
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