Omnia Dans Le Monde

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Is this club a good idea or is it a stupid idea?

  1. YES! I've wanted a club for this for SO long!

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  2. HECK NO! I just want one club for one thing because it'll get weird and confusing!

  3. MAYBE! I like the idea but am not sure about it!?!?

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  4. MAYBE! I hate the idea but really want to see what it's like?!?!

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    Do you wish there was a club for Allés Omnia Dans Le Monde? well, there is! This is the club where people just want to hang out and do "stuff" can! Wanna be apart of more than one club? then this is the club for you! (Allés Omnia Dans Le Monde means Everything in this world!) For so long I've wanted to join more than one club but can't :(. so that's what this club is for. Just to talk and hang out or post art, Talk about your favourite anime. This club is for everything! -Roria/Ro/Ria