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Do you still hope for mcpz to come back ?

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    Sep 30, 2022
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    I grew up with partyzone/mcpz. i met my online friend, Ice on the server during easter egg hunt 2018 :D.
    we're still friends to this day, and talk everyday ^_^ they even appear in my twitch streams sometimes :] when i was really young in the teens, maybe 13 or 14- i used to play mcpz EVERY D A Y ! i even recorded some no mic videos for youtube (i unfortunately deleted those.)

    i played murder mys often ! and some other minigames qwq. i remember murder mys was the only murder i liked, bc of the whole walk is bystander and run is murder thing; made it feel, more panic inducing during matches xD socializing in the lobbies, the parkour; the RANKS ! everyone flexing their ranks. pff, such good times. i keep a close eye on the site and the server in hopes it will come back someday :] i'll be there, when that time comes. someday ! ^_^ my ign is Pixelsgirl ! so if you see me on the server sometime, def say hi ! qwq

    i also miss the old lobbies, everything in this server brings back sm memories im so glad to have had <3[​IMG]
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