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Discussion in 'General' started by SomePersonn, Oct 11, 2020.

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    So some of you may remember me as HeyImJack or kingwolf888 and ItsAPandaa and so on and so fourth. Here is my PZ story. It started about 5 years ago today or something like that. I joined when I was 13 and hung around for a while. I was most well known around 15-17. Mostly by mods because I'll be honest i hated most of them because they couldn't joke around once in a while. Anyways I did the rp's n stuff and flew around. I remember my good friends ClayCake and Kikisfun. Im not sure where they are now but I wonder if they'll ever see this like ever. I was pretty immature but I have to say everyone here was at some point or another. What i liked was PZCity hosted by ModernArt. I wonder where he went. I disappeared one day from the server and thats because I got myself banned. Ill be honest I still think it was worth it. Anyways I should wrap it up. If anyone actually reads this and we were friends heres my discord its english again#4954 .
    This was mediocre at best but whatever im a man of mediocracy.
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