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    Some tips for making your Suggestion noticed!
    Start off by saying what your Suggestion is. If you feel it's necessary, you can even add a little description for your suggestion, e.g. "/menu In Creative! A simplistic GUI that'll help players be more efficient when building on their plots, and allow easy access to things that are difficult to find, such as skulls!" etc. Right off the bat, this'll let the reader know what your Suggestion is and if they agree that this should be added.

    What is the purpose of your suggestion? Will it make the forums look more pretty? Will it give players more things to do? Make sure to explain fully why you believe your suggestion can have a positive impact on our Network, and possibly support your facts with evidence or examples.

    Make sure what you're saying is well thought out and easy to read - things that are misspelled or not properly explained are going to confuse people and may affect the overall outcome of your suggestion.

    Make it detailed;
    The more detail, the easier it is to understand your suggestion. If you go into detail, you'll most likely cover the purpose, the difficulty of implementation and why you believe it'd make a good addition.
    And honestly, the more detail, the more professional and well thought out your suggestion looks.

    Give examples, e.g. when creating a gametype, we would love to see map examples if possible (layouts of the map etc.)
    If you're creating a Suggestion for the forums, it'd be nice to see some examples of what you want implementing, e.g. "I believe having a PartyZone logo would be beneficial! It could look a bit like this;

    Make it look pretty;
    If your suggestion is just plain black and has no personality it's going to be very boring to read, meaning the readers aren't going to be very excited about the general idea. If you add colors and images there are more things to look at and can encourage players to get excited about your suggestion. But don't go too far! People (especially the busy admins) can find it hard to read if the text is extremely brightly colored, or if there are too many colors.

    Be open to other people's opinions;
    There is the obvious chance someone may dislike your Suggestion idea, if this is the case, make sure to respect their opinion and think from multiple perspectives to try and find a solution to the problem. Please do not rudely argue against each other's statements, as this will not have a good impact on your suggestion and will probably arise confusion for the other readers.
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