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    Ok! So this is still a work in progress and will most likely be finished later today. This club will allow its members to be sorted into their houses, go to their own common rooms, and compete in house tournaments for prizes. (Prizes not yet known, feel free to leave suggestions) there will also be a head boy/girl for each house that will be voted on once we have enough players. (If you are non binary you may also run for head of house, if you have any questions about this feel free to message me!) There is also a discord that will be created soon for everyone! For the time being I will only be accepting 10 members of each house due to the limit on clubs. Once I get Elite+ I will be able to invite more people! Also to be accepted into the club you must follow the application process listed below. Also, you can pick the house you want, but taking the pottermore quiz is definitely advised. I will also make custom wands for every club member. (Will be God item)

    Application Template

    Why do you want to be in that club?
    Would you be active and participate in house events?
    Do you have discord? (Required)
    What is your favourite Harry Potter character?
    What is your favourite Harry Potter Movie/Book?

    When you complete this send this to me on discord: MintTea_#7410 If you are accepted you are expected to follow all rules below.


    1. Do not disrespect anyone’s sexuality race or religion.
    2. Please don’t discuss politics on discord. If you want to then do it on private message
    3. Do not be housist towards other houses. (Meaning not letting someone do something due to their hogwarts house)
    4. Don’t harass anyone.
    Failure to follow these rules can result in a ban from the club.


    Slytherin: Cunning & Ambitious
    Ravenclaw: Wise & Logical

    Hufflepuff: Loyal & Kind
    Gryffindor: Bravery & Strong
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    Can you friend my discord? Wont let me friend yours. its eggy ellie#4509 I wanted to send in an application