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    In order for your story to be judged, you must use the following format. Failure to submit your contest entry with this format will result in disqualification. Please take your time and you are more than welcomed to contact a staff/event team member if you are experiencing any issues or have any questions.

    (in-game name)
    Prompt: (Write the prompt you're using)
    Story: (Please use a link to your story or put it in a spoiler, google doc or something which we are able to view)


    In order to compete, you must follow all of the rules below:

    • You must be the owner of the story.
    • Do not include gory or inappropriate topics in your stories.
    • Stick to the prompt, don't write about fish swimming in the clouds.
    • One submission per author and one author per submission.
    • The story must have been written between the 15th and the 29th of October.
    • Stories must not be plagiarized or too similar to another's.
    • Additional help will not be permitted.
    • You may not submit for a friend.
    • Standard PartyZone forum rules apply.

    Failure to follow the rules will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

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  3. muuchi

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    wowie, here's my story!
    IGN: muuchi
    The prompt I'm following is "Monster in the closet"
    e n j o y <3
    I look around my room. It is dark, and I can barely see the outline of the bed I am laying on. I shut my eyes and try to turn off my thoughts.
    The dark scares me.
    I know what lurks somewhere near me, unnoticed, yet present.
    My week had been going alright. I had been doing well in school and I was staying out of trouble. Except.. What about on Wednesday, when I wore those jeans that my mother had given me? Now, thinking back to my outfit that day, I realize that it had been hideous. Then again, I'm not in any social groups, so no one was probably paying any attention to me.
    Except... I'd exchanged a few words with that girl, Sophie, by my before class on Monday. I know that if I don't make any efforts to get closer to her, she won't either. This is why I don't have friends! I shouldn't have been so scared of what she would think of me. Now, because of my irrational fears, I might never be able to make friends, much less be friends with Sophie. Next time, things will be different. Next time I.. might get over my fears.
    What if nobody wants to be friends with me because of my terrible outfits? What are people's impressions of me? Could it be that I can't change my loneliness until I find a new environment? But.. I work at my local library every weekend, and yet I never say a word to any of the other employees.
    Could it be that I've wasted my life? Could it be that things will never change?
    I used to have such an open heart. I used to have friends and I used to make jokes. People used to understand me. When did it change? Is it that I stopped making an effort? Or maybe that people started disliking my type of personality?
    My father left for a trip yesterday. Did I forget to say goodbye? Did I forget to hug him, and promise to call him? Is this why my parents are always mad? Saying that I'm not trustworthy and irresponsible? Maybe it's all about my personality. My personality that people simply don't like. Why do I never show people my best self? Why am I never good enough for everyone's standards?
    No, I am good enough. I know that. I know myself, and I am a wonderful person. I just don't know how to show that to other people. Why does everyone know how to feature their best qualities for others, while I struggle with being awkward?
    I know I am likeable, lovable, even. But why, why do I always mess up? I must seem ordinary to others. I wish I could show how unique I am. Maybe I should change. Maybe I could try to be more like people around me. Maybe then I'll be more confident.
    The next time I meet someone, I'll be different. I'll start conversations, and I'll laugh with them. I'll--
    My heart stops, as do my overflowing thoughts. I look around my room as a substance darker than midnight flows through the room. I look to see where it came from.
    It seems like it came from my.. closet? I sit up in my bed and lean towards it. It looks like it's coming from my.. my clothes?!
    While I was looking at my clothes, astounded, the darkness oozed all over my floor. It seems like it's getting bigger and bigger, turning into something horrifying.
    It climbs up onto my bed, still getting larger and larger. There is even a faint beauty about the grandeur of it. About the quiet power it holds.
    In a second, it surrounds me. It flows under me, giving me a sort of hug.
    Things are quiet for a second, and I almost forget that it's there.
    I gasp as it squeezes me, shoving my elbows into my rib cage. It hurts so much, as if it is making me break my own bones. Nevertheless, it grows and grows. I try to breathe, but it's all too much. I feel as if it's crushing me with its immense ability.
    And then, as if it wanted to eat me alive, it opened its gleaming, wicked, breathtaking eyes. They glowed with a brighter and brighter white light, blinding me.
    I feel my strength ebb away. All I can do is lay there, as this thing brakes me.
    It eats at my sleep, it eats at my confidence. It eats at my conscience. It breaks down my soul.
    I shut my eyes.
    The dark scares me.
    I know the monster that lurks somewhere within me, unnoticed, yet present.
    Actually, I'm quite familiar with it.
    I created it.
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  4. milkukitty

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    picturetopeople.org-11c20e47b1b4b0680390a802f69f6ffef19f516b1ff3eaeccf.png "Darlene, We never should of even went into this house of darkness. She was one of the bullies, i can't believe you trusted her!"
    We heard the door of the front of the cabin shut closed, and we heard footsteps within the lights flickering.
    "Akuji, this is a joke right? were you in this? this isn't real. this isn't real..."
    The lights finally flicked on, and the footsteps stopped, as if it was following the darkness only.
    "Yeah, i'm sure this is a joke. Im totally a smart butt that can magically make lights flicker with my existence."
    Akuji sassed me, she seemed pretty serious, she was using that voice she always used when she was not playing around.
    "Okay, i believe you now!"
    I gasped, and saw a black figure running towards us.
    "Run...AKUJI RUN!"
    "What is it Darlene?"
    "I don't see anything."
    I emmidently fell to the ground, pointless.
    I gasped, i didn't know what was happening to my sister, Darlene. i was shocked, totally speechless i couldn't speak.
    "Darlene...Are you okay!?? please, tell me you're not passed out! i don't wanna be alone!"
    Shivers down my spine, i squated down, shaking.
    "Darlene, please don't tell me you're passed out."
    I finally had enough of trying to wake her up,
    she was passed out. i need to stop being stupid
    I got up, then i saw what she was seeing.
    a black figure was coming towards me, then alvisudon, i couldn't open my eyes, i was screaming for help, but my mouth wouldn't open.
    "Please let me go!!!!"
    I screamed, no one heard,
    but the devil within.
    It standed infront of me, getting closer and closer.
    i faded away,
    and woke up, it was all a dream.
    thank god, i would've been dead.
  5. HelloColdWorld

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    IGN: HelloColdWorld
    Prompt: A chill was sent down my spine as I felt it loom behind me...
    Story: Click me!

    Good luck everyone!
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  6. Spirits

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    IGN: iAmSpirits
    Prompt: The monster in the closet/Ending with; ‘...the world escaped my grasp as everything around me faded, I was gone (kinda mixed both)
    When I was growing up, my father told me tales of Halloween. Lanterns being hung on poles. Carved pumpkins left on sidewalks. And my father’s favourite part, kids going to houses and asking for candy, and they always dress as imaginary monsters.

    Not me. Not for Halloween. Tonight, I’m a real monster.

    It’s 1am. Everyone else is asleep. I’m the only one awake, unable to sleep.


    I’m at war. I’m at war with the thoughts in my head, the thoughts rattling my skull, and making me scream. I scream in pain, because I’ve been stabbed by the blade of cold, hard reality. I scream at the fact that I know nobody can actually help me.

    I’m all alone.

    I yell at the top of my lungs. I break furniture and attack the walls of my room. But no one hears.


    Because this is all in my head.

    You hear tales of zombies and witches, ghosts and ghouls, crawling around the city on Halloween night. They’re not scary. Those are just costumes. They make people smile and laugh.

    But not me. I’m the real thing.

    I throw a chair across my room, and it hits the window. The chair snaps into pieces. The window isn’t even scratched. That’s because those are reinforced windows. They’re designed to withstand any impact, including the force of me slamming my fists against it in fury. In sadness. In agony. That leads me to hear sounds outside. I look out of my window, and I see two girls, probably around seven year olds. They’re dressed and painted as zombies, walking along the road and knocking on doors. What are they doing out so late?

    Suddenly I can’t breathe, or move, or think. I don’t even remember falling. I’m sprawled out on the floor again, my hands covering my face, which has tears smeared all over it. I can’t breathe. I’ve had enough.

    I’m giving up.

    I get up shakily. My body can’t control itself. Convulsions spread through me like electricity. I’m literally vibrating. But I don’t care. My body is numb at this point. I manage to stand, and I slowly walk to my closet, sobbing. My shaking hand reaches for the handle of my closet.

    My father also told me tales of a popular story, that in the night while you sleep, your own closet has its darkest secrets, a monster. Your darkest fear, that only you could see. I think this is true. I open the door.

    I see a reflection of myself.




    My breath quivers as I look at myself. Tears are running down my face like a river. My eyes are stinging, and my clothes are moist with my tears. I’m wailing in pure sorrow for myself. Words could never describe my suffering. I want to die. I want to be over with this mess. I can’t go on any longer. My brain is flaring with pain. My hospital ward spins around, and my world starts to fade away.

    I want to turn away from the reflection. But I force myself to look at him dead in the eye as I collapse. And just before I lose my consciousness, I see the truth. I see his eyes glow red, and he’s holding a small knife. Dressed in blood. My own blood. That’s when I lose my grip on reality, and my memory fades away.

    Is this a nightmare?


    This is my worst reality.

    And good luck to the rest of the contestants! <3
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  7. Mista

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    Feb 19, 2018
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    IGN: CannibxlPatchh

    Prompt: the monster in the closet

    Dreams are always known for unicorns and happy fun times.. although the number of fiction books I read doesn't change what happens.. It is always there. I wake up in the middle of the night, paralyzed as I find the closet door open. I know it has moved. But it knows more. It knows that my parents ignore its existence, yet secretly pray it hasn't come back from their childhood to haunt us. It knows my brother is not fearful of it, nor my sister. It knows. Its the monster. For two months I've been hallucinating, however, I believe it's not anything scientific. When I'm downstairs I can hear it lurking in my bedroom. Do you know the sound it makes towards its victim while they sleep?! Do you know what goes on in the nightmares it uses to make hunting people just that much more fun? It shrieks like a banshee, the horrible groans blocking out any background noise. It likes to switch off the light while I'm sleeping... So I always ask my sister... ”Could you put a lock on the closet door please?” My brother is really concerned. He thinks the monster uses its victims like mind slaves... He's convinced the monster can unlock the closet from the inside. I read in a book once that you can't get rid of the closet! Isn't that fun?! He thinks the security camera caught the monster taking me to the corner of the room. He thinks I was screaming as it pinned me up against the wall! Isn't he a bit crazy?! I’m not crazy! I hope my parents don’t see his golden eyes, glistening with tears. I hope they don't see me out of my bedroom with a ’dangerous weapon’. Maybe the monster isn't the bad person here. The others are the true monsters. I wonder... It would be a shame if they had wronged the monster in the past...

    Just like they wronged me
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  8. CqndyBerryy

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    Nov 23, 2017
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    IGN: Strawberryy
    Prompt: The Monster in the closet!
    Story: Here

    Good luck everyone! ♥
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  9. heqrts_

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    Aug 29, 2018
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  10. Wolfy

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    IGN: AWolfy
    Prompt: A chill was sent down my spine as I felt it loom behind me...
    Story: Click on me!
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  11. BqkedPotato

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    Jun 18, 2018
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    Ign: PotatoPhobia

    Prompt: Accidentally used all three. . . oops!

    Don’t Take Anything For Granted. . .

    A chill went down my spine as I felt it loom behind me. The chill ran from my hair all the way to my toes. I focused on trying to steady myself instead of thinking of what was behind me. The more I focus the closer I feel it come. It grabs me, sweeping me into the deep, dark oblivion. I scream unintentionally, but that doesn’t matter. Nobody will hear me. Not my friends I was exploring the haunted house with. Not my parents who will be waiting outside for me any second now. Nobody. Nobody except the monster that jumped from the closet in the haunted house to steal me.

    As I fall through the darkness I wonder where I’m going.

    “Where did that creature go anyways? I want it as far away from me either way.” I thought to myself. It felt as

    if I was falling for years. I realized there were tears flowing down my probably deathly pale face.

    “Did anything matter anymore? Would I live through this? Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure.” I once again thought deep in my mind which was spinning uncontrollably. I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t see anything, and there was no sound wherever I was.

    Suddenly, as if it appeared out of thin air, solid ground was under me. I felt relief rush through me, but not long before the creature’s fingers came into view. I panicked again, the steadiness of my hands going away completely. The tears flowed faster as I felt pain shoot through me. I was set somewhere as I shook uncontrollably with pain and fright. I heard sobbing, but not my own. It sounded like a girl. A young one. I once again tried to steady myself, but to no avail. I did manage to lift up my tearstained face enough to spot the girl. She looked about seven or eight years old. I tried to talk, but my tongue felt as heavy as a boulder, and I gave up. When the small girl looked up she screamed, trying to push herself further away from me. As this happened I thought of what I must look like and understand why she acted how she did. I must be a wreck from all that had happened to me. I tried my hardest to make some kind of gesture to show her she can trust me, but before I could I fell to the ground from exhaustion, falling into a light sleep.

    I woke up with a sharply stinging headache. I was somewhere with light. Small fires were lit around the room, surrounding me. I looked around as my head spinned. I was lying on a rug, but I wasn’t alone. The small girl from before was just a few feet away, seemingly asleep. That wasn’t it either. As I turn my head I saw a shadow coming closer and closer. It passed through the flames, not affected even a small bit. The creature was closing in on us. Nowhere for me to run, and not even having the strength to do so if I could, I panicked. I curled up in a ball, ready to face my fate. I couldn’t hear if the creature got any closer after that because my heart was beating so loud and quick that I couldn’t hear anything over it. Sharp pains and screams cut through the sound of my beating heart. My vision blurred as I felt pain like I never had before. I managed to see the small girl getting the same fate.

    “N-no…” I stammered as I mustered enough courage and energy to speak. The girl’s face had tears streaming down it, much like my own. I wanted to save her before anything else. Not only because of how young and delicate she was but because she reminded me much of myself. She then faded away like small particles separating, as if she was from a video game. Then I realized the girl was never real. She was my imagination. I just didn’t want to think I was going through this alone. So I had pictured a younger version of myself with me. I knew now that I would be dying alone. Nobody would know. They might search for months, or even years, but no matter how long and hard they search, they’ll never find me. Never. People might not even remember my name in a few days. Just then the world escaped my grasp as everything around me faded, I was gone.
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  12. pamhalpert

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    Mar 5, 2018
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    Minecraft Username:
    IGN: (in-game name) mrspamhalpert
    Prompt: (Write the prompt you're using) "Starting with; ‘A chill was sent down my spine as I felt it loom behind me'"
    Story: (Please use a link to your story or put it in a spoiler, google doc or something which we are able to view) Lurking
    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone! <3 :)
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  13. Polarxo

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    Oct 24, 2018
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    Jul 24, 2018
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  17. Tyler

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    IGN: HalseyCookie (my minecraft username on here wont update
    Prompt: Monster in the closet
    "Mom!" I exclaimed, "it wasn't a dream! I heard something!"
    My mother simply couldn't to me for one minute of my life, it was frankly disgusting how she'd treat her daughter.
    "There's nothing wrong, I promise," my mom smiled, "I love you sweetheart, you'll be alright."
    "Mom, no!" I cried, "I can't sleep... can I sleep with you?"
    "Tammy, for goodness sake, you're sixteen! Of course you can't!"
    I did NOT want to be alone in my room, I really could hear noises in my room. As a kid, I'd always thought this house was haunted... but was it?
    "I can't stay in my room," I sigh, "I think I'll go crazy!"
    "You're already acting pretty crazy." As my mom replied, I noticed a grim look on her face. It wasn't a look where she was fed up with me, it looked suspicious.
    "I'm sorry," I apologize, "are you feeling alright?"
    "I-" my mom stops in her tracks as she was about to leave, then straightened up, "yes Tammy, I'm alright."
    "You promise?"
    "I promise."

    I'd refused to sleep in my room, so I compromised and slept on the couch in the living room. As my mom walked in in the morning, she looked a bit ticked off at me. I'd promised her that I didn't stay up watching the television and that I was only in the living room because I felt safe.
    "Well, if you feel safer doing so," my mom said, "I'll accept it. Just don't make this a regular habit, alright?"
    "I won't," I said... praying that I wouldn't be lying.
    "You really need to stop leaving your Reese's cups lying around, I just cleaned out under your bed," my mom sighed. Odd.
    "Excuse me?" I demand, "my room is far from the tidiest in the world, but I do have some self respect!"
    "Come on Tammy, you know food isn't allowed in your room!"
    "Mom, I'm allergic to peanuts."
    "Oh..." my mom looked taken-back at that, surely she remembered, "sweetie, I'm sorry."
    This was surely suspicious, my peanut allergy was something my mom always kept on top of, I feel she was hiding something... there was surely a monster in the closet or something! As a child, like other children, I always believed in monsters and had nightmares, but despite being a teenager, I still believe in the magic and the dark side of childhood terrors.

    A few nights later, I finally decided to sleep in my room, but it was out of curiosity. I wanted to wait until my mom was asleep, and I'd investigate my bedroom myself! It was a fairly large room, which any ordinary teenager would kill to have. I went to turn on the light switch, and the bulb blew! I swore under my breath and turned on the torch on my phone. I looked under my bed, where my mom said I'd been leaving food scraps. I didn't see anything under my bed, but I heard a thumping. I was scared, I panicked... then I took deep breaths, to remind myself that I should be alright in my own home. After I'd adjusted myself, I decided to check the closet. I'd not used it in forever, god knows how dusty it would be.

    I went to open my closet door, but it was locked! Alright, I was extremely confused as to why it was locked... MY OWN CLOSET?!?! In my defense, I never used it, but damn mom, let me have my own space. Suddenly, I heard a small cry, it sounded like an animal or something, so I knew I had to act fast!
    I pulled a bobby-pin from my bedside draws and slowly picked the lock. I succeeded, the door creaked open. I didn't dare to look. Eventually, after I decided to woman up, I shined my light into the closet and saw a BABY. The baby was all bundled up in a peach colored blanket. It looked so adorable, and that was coming from me, someone who hates kids. I felt terrible, what was a baby doing in my closet? It looked like it should know how to walk, but it was so little! Then, I noticed something suspicious under the blanket. I gently moved the baby after cuddling it. I held the baby in one arm, and used my free hand to shed light onto what the baby was sitting on- A STACK OF MONEY!!!
    I gasped, my own mother was hiding all this from me. Okay, I understand the money part, but the baby? That just wasn't on! I realized I needed to act fast, so I flicked my phone to call- it was on 1%! Yikes. I only had one choice if I wanted to get attention fast enough.
    "Siri," I said, full of panic, "call 911."
    That was the last thing I said before I felt a sack go over my head, before I got dragged out of the closet with the baby.
  18. PrqyForTheWicked

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    Jul 16, 2016
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    Minecraft Username:
    IGN: CatOLantern (Changing it back to MeowMeowImACat on the 1st)
    Prompt: Ending with "...the world escaped my grasp as everything around me faded, I was gone."
    Story: It's very short, oof.
    You know when you look at your curtains and you see movement? When you are younger, you imagine it's a monster trying to get in. You run into your parent's room and hide between them. They protect you. When you're older, however, you just think it's the branches from a tree or bush. Well, I thought that too. Apparently, I was right when I was younger.

    I was only eleven at the time. I was just doing some homework, like the good kid I am, when I heard it.
    Knock knock
    I looked through the peephole, but no one was there. I glanced at the clock.
    "It's Halloween, maybe it's a trick or treater. It's quite early, though," I thought to myself. I unbolted the door
    I opened the door but no one was there. I sighed and closed the door. There was a knocking again, except it came from inside the house. I heard it again, from the living room. I heard it again. It wasn't knocking this time, more of a... scraping.

    A branch, or maybe it was a vine, crashed through the window. Glass was thrown everywhere. I ran, covering my head. My scream echoed around the house as a piece of glass forced its self into my hand. The branches - actually, I'll call them vines. The vines were crawling towards me, gripping onto everything in their path and crushing it into nothing.

    Running is something I hate, but I'm not too bad at it. I hate running, it makes me feel weak. Running is for losers and cowards, so I ran. I ran and ran, never turning around. Never looking back, running for all eternity. Or, that's what I would have preferred.

    I fell as the vines tangled themselves around my legs. I kicked and screamed. What else could I do? I screamed as my hands were forced backwards. I screamed as the vines crushed my ribs. I screamed until my voice was hoarse. The vines covered my mouth, and my screaming was instantly silenced. The vision faded as the world escaped my grasp as everything around me faded, I was gone.
    Good luck everyone, have a Happy Halloween and stay safe if you go Trick or Treating!
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