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    Of course there's gamer-tags to prevent unfair advantages to campers; however, having gamer-tags 24/7 makes a game 100% sided towards the murderer. Bystanders barely ever win and games end within a minute. Instead of having gamer-tags for the whole game, have gamer-tags 30 seconds before the game ends so that the murderer can find any last "campers". This would allow bystanders (and the murderer) to gather emeralds for weapons/upgrades. This makes the game way fairer and not one-sided. This is if game-tags are still a thing, I can't check because no one plays it.

    In addition, allow players to buy a one-time use to reset general statistics/innocent shootings. I used to RDM a lot back in 2015 (many players did too with me) and has messed up my statistics now. Although this was suggested here, I just wanted to reiterate the suggestion.

    What happened to coins? All coin-related purchases have been turned into party-points. Party-points could be seen as "Money", but some players have hundreds of thousands of coins which are now useless. Party-points are too over used and should be used for general server cosmetics, not mini-games. Leave coins for mini-games.

    When working on a project, you need to keep on top of it. You can't just release a new game-mode and expect it to be perfect. You've ignored the fact that there are bugs, which is putting players off. Murder V2 cam out in July and you would've thought that there would've been bug fixes by now, it's been 4 months. You may be working on other projects, but you can't just ignore one of your main game-modes. Players would rather wait 1/2 more months for a new game-mode or another project than sit in bugs all the time. No one is playing murder because of the immense amounts of bugs and you aren't actually listening to what the community wants. Lights out was suggested two years ago and instead of working on something similar to that (which was a high-demand), you worked on murder v2 which is even more buggy than murder V1. It would've been better to tweak a few things on murder V1 (such as ranks(gold,coal etc) than tweaking the whole thing. By not listening to your player-base, you're losing players. There are barely any players ever on anymore because you're not giving the player base what they want. I could understand if it was a suggestions such as "allow swearing", but it's a game-mode that was in a high-demand. Before adding Lights Out, I'd suggest doing some sort of poll to see if players still want it seeing as the suggestion was 2 years ago. You don't want to make a game-mode that flops because you didn't get the community involved. To be honest, before you even get more game-modes, you need to work on the player-base// actually fix bugs from 2017.... I completely understand and emphasise that developers have their own lives and such, but if you want to make the server stable again, you need to look at issues from our perspectives.

    Just a random note: You're updating elite survival, but why don't you leave the old ES open to players so there's some sort of thing for ranked players to do, instead of creative and murder V2 which doesn't seem to be liked by the player-base.

    To be brutally honest, if things don't change, PZ will cease to exist. Creative is the only game mode being played and you aren't listening to the feedback of your players.
    This is all for now. Please leave feedback, without feedback the server can't get any better.

    I apologise if some of this doesn't make sense.
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