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    I see you optimized the site for mobile, that’s nice
    I’m playing on 1.8.9 optifine
    There are several issues with murder, I will be listing them in order of priority
    1. No AFK kick, been in a match with someone afk for about 2 hours now, using them to farm karma
    2. Two separate sprinting glitches, one where as the bystander you can reach sprinting speed by sprinting while picking items up, or if you time it right, as you join the game.
    Other glitch makes it appear you are always sprinting, may be tied to falling particles but unconfirmed
    3. Coins, obviously, need to be reinstated to matches
    8. You can see names through walls, removed for a reason folks
    10. Clue emerald spawns are hust terrible
    4. If you’re going to reset everything else, player data would be nice too, I still have more wins than most people have games played
    5. Hats, bad choice to remove guys, 60% of your remaining playerbase was definitely completionists looking for hats
    6. Occasionally bullets and knives will pass through target with no effect? (Player was afk so it’s not user error lmao)
    11. Possibly related to above issue, impact boxes are either big af or offset, unsure which, as it doesn’t correlate to your real hit-box
    12. Gun and murder knife throws are offset, also possibly related to the two above issues, as mur you seem to be throwing with your feet, a useful skill but I wish I had hands
    And as gunner you have a gun lodged in your stomach
    7. Murder lobby changes every time you play a game, this is not ideal, as an avid avoider of people this puts me in with folks I do not want to see
    Give the choice back to the players
    9. Removing ranks and the ability to display them in chat is honestly a morally good decision but are any of us really lawful good? The best I’ve seen in staff is neutral evil and ingame is true neutral. Basically please let me flex again.

    Now for the honey, vibe check comes first always
    Adding death messages and what not was a god tier decision, but not enough for you to force this update before it was done
    Shoulda waited longer guys
    The secret way into the hiding place is clue is honestly the best map decision I’ve ever seen, but does nothing if you can see name tags
    Removing tags on spectator was lit, finally
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