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    Approved And Banned Mods
    This is a list of mod allowed and banned mods for PartyZone. Not all mods are listed, if you need a mod added or are unsure if a mod is allowed, message a staff member.

    Do not have any unauthorized mods» Use of any mods which give you an advantage over other players in any of our games, is not allowed. For example, health indicators give you no advantage in Murder but they do in Downgrade, so it wouldn't be allowed. If you are unsure whether a mod you wish to use is permitted, contact a staff member. A texture pack that mimics the same abilities as a modded client, would be punishable all the same

    Allowed Mods:
    • F3+B
    • FPS improvers - (OptiFine, etc)
    • Armor and potion effects mods - (5Zig, etc)
    • Replay Mod
    • Clientside cosmetic mods - (Hat mod, Better Animations, Gamma Adjustment, Shaders, etc)
    • Sprint/Sneak toggle mods
    • Inventory/Chest Sorters - (As long as you can't move items from/to chests faster than normal)
    • Skull Project
    • Labymod (minimap is not allowed)
    Banned Mods:
    • Huzuni - (And any other Hacked Clients)
    • Minimaps that show players, entities, ect.
    • Damage Indicators
    • Macros (Auto Clickers, etc.)
    • Schematica
    • 'Derp' Mod
    • Speedbridge Mod
    • BunnyHop (or similar)
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