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    :pz: Applying For Discord Trainee :pz:

    Trainee Requirements
    • Be at least 13 years or older
    • Have a good amount of knowledge of the PartyZone's Rules and the Discord's Rules
    • Be helpful around chat
    • Know the basics of Discord and use it well
    • Be on the the group for at least 1 week
    • Know the basics of our Discord Bots
    • Must be verified on the Discord
    • Must be able to download and mobilize a visual recording and an audio recording software
    Understand that -
    • You can only apply for trainee every 2 weeks
    • You can't apply for discord moderator, discord moderators are trainees that have been promoted.
    • Asking a discord staff member to look at your application will result in instant denial.
    • If we come to respond to your application and find that you are not on the discord server, we will not respond.

    Getting to the application page -
    1. Go to the Applications tab at the top of forums,
    2. Click the Apply for Trainee button.

    Extra information -

    • It will take 1-2 weeks to know whether your application was accepted or denied.
    • If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a Discord Manager via private message on discord.
    If it's been 2 weeks since you were denied and you are wanting to reapply, use this form -

    If you have any problems or questions while applying or trying to apply, contact a discord staff member via discord.


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