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    A Guide to Forum Points


    There seems to be a lot of confusion about those littles numbers we like to call 'Forum Points' and about how to get them. I'm sure a lot of you know that having a certain amount of forum points is a requirement for the Helper applications so I'll try to explain more about them!

    There is a link on the guide to Helper applications ( that shows you what tasks you can do to get forum points ( This will be useful after I explain how they work!

    What are forum points?

    Forum Points are essentially a score that shows your activity in the community including how much support you get. Of course, you're not going to get hugs and hearts on all your posts as the community differs on a lot of things.
    If you get some Disagree ratings, don't be deterred! It just means people have differing opinions, it's nothing personal and it won't have a massive impact on your forum points.

    How do I know how many forum points I have?

    Click on your profile (top right corner) and take a look under your profile picture. You'll see a fancy little box filled with maths (don't panic) that shows you all your forum statistics. Your box might be a different colour but that's just my preferences.


    See that little statistic that says 'Trophy Points: 2,107' - That's how many forum points you have!
    If you click the number part of that, it will take you to a fancy page that shows all the trophies you have. To the side of those trophies, you'll see the number of points it gives you. Did you have a eureka moment?
    Take a look at the trophies I've got:

    How do I earn more forum points??

    You have to get Trophies (or achievements) that will add to your score. Once you earn a trophy, you'll have it forever so don't worry.
    If you read the introduction, you'll notice the part where I showed you a link to a list of all the trophies you can get on our forums. These are all the things you can do to get forum points on the forum, some Trophies award more points than others depending on their difficulty.

    Here's the link again if you missed it:


    So the number to the left of the message is how many forum points it awards. The small print under the titles are how you earn them. The titles are for our amusement!

    The Trophy Winner awards you 0 points and you can earn it by coming first place in an event.


    Thanks for reading. Please feel free to suggest any additions, edits or deletions from the thread by private messaging me.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to private message myself or another member of the staff team!

    List of Trophies:
    Helper Applications Guide:

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