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    Staff Interruption

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    Staff Interruption

    What's up? I know what's down. Your number.
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    Staff Interruption

    Hello world.
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    Staff Interruption

    You smell.
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    Whos your best staff friend >:D

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    Find your birthday twin!

    8th December
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    Who do you ship on PZ?

    I think MayGR is neat. @youngthugmaya ;)
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    Who do you ship on PZ?

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    Introducing /friends

    As a donor you have as many as you want! Non-donors will receive up to 25 friends.
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    Hey there!

    I never made one of these, so maybe it's fitting to make one now while I have time. PZ Life I'm iGR, previously I was iGR119. I've been playing here for around 15 months. I became a helper in September 2014 after lots of hard work, and a moderator in May of this year. I'm friendly and will...
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    Murder 1.8 Update

    The bugs will be fixed, now that people are playing Murder, we can find and fix the bugs quicker.
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    The Marvellous ogi-no-koe!

    Welcome! :)