Egg Hunt Prizes Update *Updated*

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Egg Hunt Prizes!

Currently all the egg hunt prizes are being worked on!

The prizes for full set have been released to the public and will be found in your gadget menu in the customizer!

The drawing part of the prizes will is still yet to be done.

There will be more information about the drawing posted soon!

Who would've guessed the Easter bunny likes to party?

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The Easter bunny has arrived at PartyZone once again! Collect the eggs that appear in the hub to win prizes, such as free VIP!

People who collect a full set of eggs will be given something special, and people who collect a full set of shiny eggs will be given something über special!

Each level you get will equal one entry in a prize draw for more prizes!

Forum Name Changes!

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You can now change your name on the forum (once every 30 days).

If you can't find where, or are just too lazy to go into your account settings when presented with a clickable link to get to where you want to get to, click here while logged in:


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