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Who would've guessed the Easter bunny likes to party?

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The Easter bunny has arrived at PartyZone once again! Collect the eggs that appear in the hub to win prizes, such as free VIP!

People who collect a full set of eggs will be given something special, and people who collect a full set of shiny eggs will be given something über special!

Each level you get will equal one entry in a prize draw for more prizes!

Halloween Challenge Winners and Stats

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20,942 of you took part with 3,461 people managing to find a treat.
63,602 monsters were killed.
48,769 treats were found with 412 of them being caramel apples.

Top 3 players win free VIP!

#1 - Percydude
#2 - Vortex_Eclipse
#3 - FoxGold13

Top 5 players win an iron golem pet!

#4 - dizzybonnett
#5 - red_assassin167

Everyone who collected at least one of each type of treat win a witch pet! There were a lot of you.



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For those of you who have been with us since Easter, you will remember that we had an Easter egg hunt going on in the hub, with prizes to be won. Well here we are again, with something very similar but this time Halloween themed.

Scattered around the hub are monsters, who will either give you a trick or a treat. The more rare the monster is, the better treats it will give. Each treat you obtain will increase your score, which will rank you against everyone else.

If you collect enough...


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