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Warp Halloween!

Hey Partiers!
We had many participants at /warp Halloween this year! We had such a spooky time and we hope you loved it as much as we did! We'd love to give you all prizes that participated, but unfortunately, we can only pick the players that won. Now, without further ado, here are the winners of /warp Halloween!

The Skull Hunt:
Congratulations to @spookookie for winning VIP+!
If you already have this rank then you can give it someone else.
How many players guested it correctly: 1!
The answer was: 26!

Thank-you to all of those that participated but sadly did not win. You all have incredibly frightening skins!


• SpoopyLeefBoy •
• _Mqcaroon_ •
• Jessikahh •
• PotatoPhobia •

Congratulations to the lil’ monsters with amazing skins and winning 100 coins each!

Scavenger Hunt:
Did you participate in our scavenger-hunt? If so, here are the answers;

Clue one: at the beginning of the scavenger hunt,
Clue two: inside of the top carriage of the Ferris wheel,
Clue three: inside of the potions stall in the Halloween town,
Clue four: inside of the Halloween candy store in the Halloween town,
Clue five: at the beginning of parkour #2,
Clue six: on the tree at the center of the swamp,
Clue seven: in the merry-go-round's roof,
Clue eight: inside of the skeleton at the carnival, where the trivia is,
Clue nine: at the bottom of the pumpkin/skeleton monster,
Clue ten: at the skin-competition,
Clue eleven: inside of the fortune teller's tent at the carnival,
Clue twelve: at the dance floor,
Clue thirteen: at the jump-scare farm near the warp...
Howdy, Partiers!

It’s that time of the year again, where we celebrate some tricks and treats!
Come join us on this spooky adventure, run around with your friends on a search for candy, play games at our festival and carve a pumpkin at /Warp Halloween on our creative sever! I mean, who really wants to miss out on this awesome Festival?

October 26th - November 1st

We’ve got some awesome things for you all to do and enjoy during this time!

Scavenger Hunt
Boat races
Halloween trivia
Haunted house
Festival rides
Pumpkin carving
Spooky mazes

Ghost skull hunt ( Scroll down for more information! )

And so much more for you to discover!

It seems all of the ghostly residents have been scattered and separated across the plots, and we need your help to find all of them!

One you believe you’ve found all our ghosts, put your guess in the hopper. You have a
maximum of 3 guesses, so beware and choose wisely! If one of your guesses are correct, you will automatically be entered into a VIP+ GIVEAWAY! Of course, only one of you can win the final prize, so get guessing!

If you already have VIP+ or over, you will be able to give your prize to a friend.
If you have any queries about any of the events, be sure to ask an event team member or comment on this...