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Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since I made an announcement, but I’ve got some big news for PartyZone to share with you all. For the past year, I’ve worked with Gaurav on and off of the network, whether it be coming up with ideas for content or working on the backend. This will now be changing.

I am going to be the new Owner of PartyZone, and I want to give you as much information about both me and what I’d like to with PartyZone going forward.

As I’ve never formally given one, I’d like to properly introduce myself so you can get to know me a bit better and understand where I come from and such. My name is John, but most people like to refer to me as Noble, but either one is fine. I am 21 years old, from the United Kingdom, and have been running servers for over 7 years now. Not only have I worked with Gaurav on PartyZone for the last year, but I have also been working on his other network, NemeGaming, for over 2 years, which I have also taken over as Owner.

Of course, one of the first things you’re probably concerned about is how different both NemeGaming and PartyZone are in terms of both games and the general community. I completely understand that both networks are different in many aspects and that they both have wildly different needs. This is where my past experience comes in.

There are still over 5 years that I haven’t covered, and that’s where my previous experience comes in strongly. My old network, Noble Craft, was extremely similar to PartyZone in many ways. Most notably, the community was extremely tight-knit where everyone, despite it being a decent size, all knew each other and spoke to each other on a daily basis. We all got along together as a family, and I see all of that here, which is what drives me to want to make things better.

What’s to Come
As for what we would...

Hi guys!

As a new owner comes around we have decided to do a Admin Q&A on Saturday's stream (1pm EST for those who don't know) to answer any questions or concerns you have. You guys can ask any questions and we will try to get around to as many as possible.

So paste your questions here, we will also be accepting some questions during the stream.