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Hey there, Partiers!

It’s that season of the year, where the air gets chilly and filled with frights. Zombies and skeletons lurking every corner in the night… it’s almost Halloween! The Event Team is hosting a spooky scary story contest too! You will be given two weeks to complete and submit the story. (10/15/2018 - 10/29/2018)

Players will be given the opportunity to submit a written story based on one of the three given prompts (themes). You will have to follow a prompt out of any three listed below for the plot of your story. Other than that, you can make the story about anything!


In order to compete, you must follow all of the rules below:

• You must be the owner of the story.
• Do not include gory or inappropriate topics in your stories.
• Stick to the prompt, don't write about fish swimming in the clouds.
• One submission per author and one author per submission.
• The story must have been written between the 15th and the 29th of October.
• Stories must not be plagiarized or too similar to another's.
• Additional help will not be permitted.
• You may not submit for a friend.
• Standard PartyZone forum rules apply.

If any of these rules or standards are broken you will be disqualified from the contest.

The spooky prompts are….

  • Starting with; ‘A chill was sent down my spine as I felt it loom behind me
  • Monster in the closet
  • Ending with; ‘...the world escaped my grasp as everything around me faded, I was gone.
Hiya guys,

It's been a while since I've put out a thread but here we are. I've been noticing a lot of questions about things that we have promised and why certain things haven't been implemented or whether things are still on the list. For the majority of things we have promised are for one, still on the list and two still being thought about by you and us.

We know that sometimes we've promised something coming out soon and it doesn't so I'm going to give a briefish explanation of what has been happening to these sorts of things. If you haven't noticed the development team has halved over the last couple of months. This has slowed down coding massively as you can imagine. Every single one of our developers are coding and doing something at the moment - I would explain but similarly as I said in a thread as a response that majority of it is back-end. However, we are also implementing some updates to murder and have been testing this over the past few weeks, we are hoping to get this released soon, but as said before the less developers the slower things will come out. Pay attention to our social media as we will be hyping it more.

You might then wonder why are we doing back-end things when we haven't had new content in a while. Well for example one of the things developers are working on is the issues with the connections to the servers via signs, portals and armor stands. It's a whole plugin.

So why am I writing this thread?
I want you all to know that we are working on stuff and we aren't ignoring you all. Feel free to ask questions about stuff in the comments below. I'll answer them as soon as I can.