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The 2017 Easter egg hunt on PartyZone is now under way! Recently the Easter bunny has decided to take shelter in our lobby, but in doing so his magical Easter powers attracted all of the world's Easter eggs to our hub. The eggs are scattered throughout the hub, and are constantly appearing. Gather eggs for a chance at prizes like free ranks, coins, and more!

In the center of your hot-bar you can find an Easter Basket, left or right click while holding the basket to access your information related to the Egg Hunt like which eggs you've collected, how many entries you have, and the time remaining in the Egg Hunt.

There are three different ways to earn prizes in the Easter Hunt. You are able to collect a prize from the draw, from collecting the most eggs, and from collecting a full set of normal or melted eggs.

The first set of prizes will be for those who collected the most eggs. The player in first will receive ELITE+ as well as 50,000 murder coins, second place will receive ELITE as well as 25,000 murder points, third place will receive VIP+ as well as 20,000 murder points.

The second set of prizes will be a random prize draw. Everyone that has an entry can participate in this and you can collect more eggs ingame to increase your chances of winning. A person can only win the prize draw once and will receive one of the following: ELITE+, ELITE, ELITE, VIP+, VIP+, VIP+, VIP, VIP, VIP, VIP, 50k coins, 40k coins, 30k coins, 20k coins, 10k coins, 10k coins.

The third set of prizes will be given to those who get full sets of either melted or normal, and there will be no limit on how many people can win these prizes. There will be two separate gadgets given out for each of the full sets that you collect. The gadgets...​
Marking week one of the announcement of Party Games, we are releasing Ditto - a picture game - as the first Party Game to be released. As described in our tweet, the game consists of building a picture, copying pictures, and winning (or losing if you aren't quick enough!). Up to 10 players can experience this game together, and playing with your friends is highly encouraged.

The first map accompanying Ditto is titled 'Classic', where your surroundings are classy yet simple. This map is fit with 10 platforms and our new logo affixed onto a cliff-side. Interested in making a map for Ditto? Check out the requirements here.

Check back next Friday for the next Party Game, Freeze Tag!

Come check out the first Party Game on the network at
Let us know what you think of the game after you play it by replying to this thread!

Today is PartyZone's third year anniversary of our public release, and we have a lot of exciting new stuff to show you! First off, we'd like to thank every single community member and staff member, because without them we wouldn't be where we are today. As a small thank you we are doing an anniversary sale for 35% OFF EVERYTHING at, which is valid now through April 11. More exciting than a sale though, we have new content that we're excited to reveal that will be getting released today and over the next coming weeks!

∙ Redesign
PartyZone has been out for three years and hasn't seen any logo changes. We are definitely not the same network we were when we released three years ago, so we are releasing an all new logo to help show that. You'll be able to find our new logo on the forums, our store, and all of our social media pages, as well as in game in the server list!

∙ New server icon!
Representing our new logo in-game.

We've made multiple additions to the hub that allow us to better give you news and keep you up to date as well as a way to check up on your coins and network-wide stats. As well as adding bossbars and scoreboards, we've also made several additions to our hub map that you are able to explore right now at

∙ Hub boss-bars and scoreboard!
Stay updated with the boss-bar and track your data in the scoreboard.

∙ Smart Lobby Menu

Right click on the book in your inventory to select which lobby you would like to travel to and view which lobbies are most popular.


∙ Admin...
Image By @GamerGuts
Hello Partiers!

Leading up to Easter, PartyZone has decided to host an ART COMPETITION on the forums!​

Players will be able to submit their art pieces relating to one of our three chosen themes: PartyZone, Easter or Mythical Creatures! You are able to use any form of art: drawing with pens, pencils, markers, painting, digital and more! There will be one drawing chosen from each theme and their artists will win a special PRIZE!

This event begins on the 1st of April and will end on the 16th of April, so go get artsy!

In order to be take place in the contest you must abide by all of the following:
  • Only one submission allowed.
  • Submission must follow the format.
  • Submissions must be submitted on this thread.
  • Pictures must be uploaded using Gyazo, Imgur or Lightshot links.
  • Only one artist allowed per drawing.
  • Drawings must be made after the competition begins.
  • Art must be made by the player who submits it.
  • PartyZone rules still apply.

If you have any questions, feel free to message a member of staff!

I have recently made some changes to Murder that I think you'll enjoy! These consist of:
  • New decreased Lobby waiting time
  • Added a scoreboard to the waiting Lobby displaying percentage chance of becoming a specific role in that game and also displays your statistics.
  • The server IP is now displayed in the sidebar, just in case you happen to forget.
  • You now get sent to a new game instead of the lobby when it restarts.
  • Spectators can now click the "New Game" redstone dust to bring them to a different Murder server instead of having to wait.
  • Your coins now have a shiny breakdown when you hover over them.
Want to see something else added? Suggest it here! Be sure to let me know what you think of these changes by responding to this thread.

Gigo's Christmas dinner has come to a close and we have found some great detectives from throughout the server! 187 different people have guessed BOTH of the murderers! We are so happy to have had so many people participate, but unfortunately only one of you could win. The winner of /warp havoc is.....
Make sure to congratulate her! Now, I'm sure you all are left wondering WHO the actual murderers are... Well, the murderous staff members, who have finally been caught and brought to justice by all of you amazing detectives are...
GamerGuts and SnowyKit/Asuyo!
@GamerGuts @Snuwy


GamerGuts, as an original owner of PZ, wanted back her spot at the top. She decided she would sabotage Gigo's party to get back at him. She thought no one would suspect her because she's so popular, but she was wrong!

Asuyo, one of the quietest staff members, wanted to change that. After all of those years of silence and careful thinking, she came up with a plan and decided to work along with GamerGuts.

I wonder if they fooled any of you! They would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling players! Thank you so much for playing, Sophie, I, and the rest of the Event Team are so happy that you guys took the time out of your Holiday season to come and participate in our event! Make...​
Thanks to everyone who submitted
all of the wonderful winter holiday builds!

We wish we could've given gifts to everyone, but that wouldn't make it much of a contest. ;)
Anyway, We've decided on our winners, you all will receive your prizes soon, and I will message each of you with the details.
1st place: @owlgal

  • VIP+
  • 20,000 coins
  • 3,000 Party Points
  • Hand drawn avatar by Bheryl and GamerGuts
2nd place: @Melunaa
  • VIP
  • 10,000 coins
  • 2,000 Party Points
  • Hand drawn avatar by Bheryl and GamerGuts
3rd place: @Engis9 <3
  • VIP
  • 10,000 coins
  • 1,000 Party Points
Holiday Murder Maps
Two brand new Murder maps, North Pole and Northern Post, coated with Mr. Claus's jolliness and the season's sweetness have been introduced to Murder. We hope you enjoy your holidays and these two new maps. Experience them now in any Murder game on

This Friday (23rd) at 6pm Est we are having our Christmas Live Stream! We will be singing songs, decorating trees, building gingerbread houses, turning on our webcams, and spreading the Christmas cheer!
All on

-Meanwhile at PartyZone's annual Christmas Party-
Staff members are disappearing left and right! It’s your job to find out which two crazy staff members are behind it all! It seems they have left behind clues- but wait! They may have given fake clues to throw you off! PartyZone's Christmas party is diving into complete chaos, and you’re the last hope we have! If the murderous staff members aren’t caught before the second week of January, then all will be lost and PartyZone as we know it will never be the same!

Log on to the Creative server and type /warp Havoc to search for clues.
The winners will be announced on January 7th.
Good luck to you all.