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Halloween is nearing and the level of spooky is rising! To celebrate this occasion, PartyZone has decided to hold a Halloween event!
Any player has the opportunity to enter this event, which is being held in the PartyZone's own Creative.

Use your plot and spooky imagination to create a Halloween-themed build!


First place - Name in Murder, VIP* and an Exclusive trophy

Second place - Name in Murder and 50% off anything on the store

Third place - Name in Murder

* If a donor player wins, they recieve the next rank up. Elite+ will be able to rank up another player of their choice.


Builder must own the plot.
Build must be built after the posting of this thread.
Multi layered plots are allowed so long as the build is on one layer and one layer only.
All builds must be done on our Creative server.
Only one builder per submission.
Only one plot per submission.
You can only sumbit once.
No helpers on the plot, in order to prevent unfairness.
World Edit is allowed.
Original builds only.
Creative rules still apply.
If found breaking a rule your will be eliminated from the competition.
If you have World Edit, you're allowed to help other players with just that. Any additional help is not allowed.



Now that we've added our new /friends system, it's about time to inform you of all of it's amazing features. The /friends system allows you to invite other players to be your pal. The advantages of befriending someone are: being able to join their game with /friend join, seeing when they come online, and more!


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Friends image ft. @Party Zinni & @Pixll