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Now that we've added our new /friends system, it's about time to inform you of all of it's amazing features. The /friends system allows you to invite other players to be your pal. The advantages of befriending someone are: being able to join their game with /friend join, seeing when they come online, and more!


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Friends image ft. @Party Zinni & @Pixll

The time for the Murder 1.8 update has finally arrived. Murder has entertained us since Minecraft version 1.7.4 and now the 1.8 update is here.

Changes include:
  • Dead bodies are back!
  • Change identity as murderer
  • Identity skins
  • Tab list perfection
  • How to play guide in lobby
  • [Map] Clue revamp
  • Fixed map glitches
  • New hats!
  • Code optimization
  • Bug fixes!
. . . and more!