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Hello everybody!

Our Halloween Soul Hunt has come to a close along with, the Halloween Build Competition! We hope everyone had fun and had a chance to explore our spooky hub, that was built by the amazing build team, SolariMC.

First, is the announcement of the Halloween Build Event
After going through 112 build submissions our event team, judged each build on the following:

  • Effort
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • How much of the plot was used.
  • And how well did the build stick to the theme which was, Halloween.
After careful deliberation, the following winners of our Halloween Build Event are:

1st place, and winner of a VIP, name in Murder, and an exclusive Forum Trophy:

2nd place, and winner of a name in Murder and 50% off anything on the store:

3rd place, and winner of a name in Murder:

Hello everybody! What better way to kick off your spooky creepy week, than with a Soul Hunt!
Hunt down over 10 mobs at any of our new spooky hubs and collect their souls with your new iron sword! Keep yourself updated on how many souls you have collected, by right clicking your sword in hub. This will display all of your stats for this event.

Two types of mobs will randomly spawn anywhere in hub, Normal and Mythical. Some mobs are common and some are rare to find. The rarest of rare is the Endermite. Killing one those pesky things will win you a random prize! The more mobs you kill the higher your level will go and for each level you go up, you get one entry into the big prize draw on the 3rd of November. So stay tuned for the prize announcement.

There are plenty of mobs for everyone and plenty of time, so please have fun and respect each other.

Fly, jump or run around to explore the new scary hub! Play with friends or meet new people and take screen shots and tag us on our Twitter!

The best of luck!

*A bug that was leading to players having a major advantage over others, has been resolved. As a result some stats have been reset. The event will be extended to the 3rd of November to make up for the time lost. We apologize for the inconvenience.*

*If you have any...