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Hello partiers! We hope you have your sunscreen and sunglasses, because it's going to be a HOT Summer!
Take a seat and kick your feet up and read this month's Newsletter here, we've added a little something for you all to participate in!​
It's been a while since we've had any community maps been accepted onto our network, and we think it's about time we started to add some more (with many more to be added in the coming weeks).

First off we have a map based off a CS:GO map by the same name and equal fanciness. There's plenty of places to find yourself in this larger than usual map, so be on the lookout for the murderer sneaking up on you through the labyrinth of halls within the castle.

This map was produced by two of our very own players, BenFii and Peterlajos, who have both been awarded VIP+ for their hard work! We think this map is fantastic for gameplay but you'll have to go in game and see for yourselves.​
The 2nd of our double whammy map release would be Air Ship by Harrow__ who has also been given VIP+ for providing perfect new content for our dedicated Murder players to enjoy. There's lots of different levels and rooms for you to explore and hide in and it's definitely one of our favorite maps at the moment.​

Th-th-tha-that's all folks, check back soon for more neato PartyZone content that we're sure you'll love! It would be great for these map submissions to become a regular addition so if you want to have YOUR MAP added to one of our games submit a build HERE and earn VIP+ for yourself and a friend if it gets accepted!

Until next time,
The PartyZone Team

Hello there fellow partiers! We are proud to announce the official release of a monthly Newsletter! We've been considering creating this for a while now and have only just found a pretty neat way of doing so.

We hope you like what the Newsletter has to offer so far, and don't fear, more will be added in the future!

For now, simply click here to see it for yourself, and don't be afraid to click on people's faces!​
It's been a little over 2 years since we first moved to XenForo and since then we've stuck to the same generic UI.X style, granted with some navy colors thrown in on occasion. I'm now happy to present a new theme bespoke to PartyZone that I've been working on which represents the server in full bright blue form!

These changes are the start of a network overhaul with new content that you'll see in the coming months, so if you're wanting to see fun, sparkly, maps and games stay tuned. We're also pushing to listen to you guys when it comes to changes so be sure to voice your ideas in the Suggestions section to help us make the network great, we wouldn't be here without you after all.

- A redesigned navigation bar and header image that's more bright and cheerful than our last one!
- Secret konami code easter eggs scattered around the website, with more to be added.
- New fancy footer to gaze at when you get to the bottom of a post. Try hovering over the logo or text for transitions that are fresh out of the oven.
- The ability to change the color of your profile in the 'Preferences' section and also your header image! Taste the rainbow?
- More rounding in places, I've been informed we lost our squarepants.
- Various font weight changes for a nice mixture. I'm a fan of cookie mix.
- Home page changes so that we're less gray and gloom. There's more to come on that soon so keep your eyes and your bananas peeled.​
...AND a bunch of other awesome stuff in general that you'll have to check out yourself by browsing around!

Stay tuned for awesome new content to come in...
Welcome, PZ Players!

Now, you may be here out of curiosity, or you are here because of the title! This is a little event I have been working on for the past few days. The point of this is to get a bit of free art out to our community of players that might not have the ability to make their own pictures and the such.

Anyway... onto the prizes!
There will be 3 winners, which may increase if there are over 50 entries.


  • A free half-body picture of your character/Minecraft skin in Summer-styled clothing at the beach.
  • A bust portrait of your character/Minecraft Skin.
  • Additionally, all winners will be drawn together celebrating a fun day at the beach in a much larger photo with a few other Staff members in the picture as well.

The way to enter is simple! You just need to tell me how your day has been going in the comments below, and tag two other PZ Players! This will get you one entry into the Raffle!
Can you have another entry, you ask? You are allowed to have another entry if you win one round of Murder and link a screenshot of the victory screen with your name in the identity list to prove that you won that round!

In order to participate in the raffle, you must abide by all of the following:
  • You cannot enter using alts or multiple forums account.
  • You are allowed to give your prize to another player.
  • You must be kind to every player.
  • Only two entries per player.
  • PZ Rules still apply.

The Raffle will end on Friday, June 9th, 2017. Winners...
What a spectacular egg hunt! 16,801 of you lovely people participated in the hunt this year and helped the Easter Bunny gather all the eggs that appeared around him. You may remember that he promised you prizes when you took up the challenge, so here they are at last:

Most Eggs Collected (2,108,233 in total!)
1st Place - PrisonBop (26,569 eggs collected)
- 50,000 coins​
2nd Place - LapTap (24,659 eggs collected)
- 25,000 coins​
3rd Place - FireAxe3 (23,130 eggs collected)
- 20,000 coins​

Random Prize Draw (16 WINNERS with RANDOM prizes)
CherryEmii - 30k Coins
SomberSparrow - VIP+
xXnekochanxX_ - 50k Coins
_DuhItzKookie_ - VIP
Zompe - ELITE
PandiePanda - 40k Coins
Benvyy - 10k Coins
RaymondZGames - 50k Coins
Dragonier_04 - 10k Coins
PapiiMartinez - 20k...

Hey Partiers!

After some long hours of debating, we finally have the list of winners for the Art Competition! It was very difficult to choose them and you all did very well!
For each theme, there is one winner (first place) and a runner-up (second place). The prizes will be given out to the winners soon, and if you want to give your prize away, message @GamerGuts as soon as possible.

1st Place: Saichrys
  • VIP+
  • 20k coins
  • 2k Party points
Click here for their submission.

2nd Place:
  • 10k coins
  • 1k Party points
Click here for their submission.

1st Place: Soxxxa
  • VIP+
  • 20k coins
  • 2k Party points
Click here for their submission.

2nd Place: DigitalSonder
  • 10k coins
  • 1k Party points
Click here for their submission.

1st Place: Wxlf
  • VIP+
  • 20k coins
  • 2k Party points
Click here for their submission.

2nd Place: Jhayes159...
Marking week two of Party Games, here is Freeze Tag! This tribute to the childhood game has a fast-paced, tag or be tagged basis. Run through the maps gathering power-ups to help you escape from the freezer(s), or if you are a freezer - chase the players, crush their power-ups, and tag them in order to transfer everyone to your team.

We have a few maps accompanying Freeze Tag upon release, you can view them in the images below. Frozen Totem, Forest Dweller, and Bedroom are the first maps in what we hope to be many. We highly encourage submitting a quality map for Freeze Tag for the opportunity at a free VIP+ rank. Interested in making a map for Freeze Tag? Check out the requirements here.

Haven't played the last Party Game? You still can!
Come check out Freeze Tag and Ditto on the network at
Let us know what you think of Freeze Tag after you play it by replying to this thread!
The 2017 Easter egg hunt on PartyZone is now under way! Recently the Easter bunny has decided to take shelter in our lobby, but in doing so his magical Easter powers attracted all of the world's Easter eggs to our hub. The eggs are scattered throughout the hub, and are constantly appearing. Gather eggs for a chance at prizes like free ranks, coins, and more!

In the center of your hot-bar you can find an Easter Basket, left or right click while holding the basket to access your information related to the Egg Hunt like which eggs you've collected, how many entries you have, and the time remaining in the Egg Hunt.

There are three different ways to earn prizes in the Easter Hunt. You are able to collect a prize from the draw, from collecting the most eggs, and from collecting a full set of normal or melted eggs.

The first set of prizes will be for those who collected the most eggs. The player in first will receive ELITE+ as well as 50,000 murder coins, second place will receive ELITE as well as 25,000 murder points, third place will receive VIP+ as well as 20,000 murder points.

The second set of prizes will be a random prize draw. Everyone that has an entry can participate in this and you can collect more eggs ingame to increase your chances of winning. A person can only win the prize draw once and will receive one of the following: ELITE+, ELITE, ELITE, VIP+, VIP+, VIP+, VIP, VIP, VIP, VIP, 50k coins, 40k coins, 30k coins, 20k coins, 10k coins, 10k coins.

The third set of prizes will be given to those who get full sets of either melted or normal, and there will be no limit on how many people can win these prizes. There will be two separate gadgets given out for each of the full sets that you collect. The gadgets...​
Marking week one of the announcement of Party Games, we are releasing Ditto - a picture game - as the first Party Game to be released. As described in our tweet, the game consists of building a picture, copying pictures, and winning (or losing if you aren't quick enough!). Up to 10 players can experience this game together, and playing with your friends is highly encouraged.

The first map accompanying Ditto is titled 'Classic', where your surroundings are classy yet simple. This map is fit with 10 platforms and our new logo affixed onto a cliff-side. Interested in making a map for Ditto? Check out the requirements here.

Check back next Friday for the next Party Game, Freeze Tag!

Come check out the first Party Game on the network at
Let us know what you think of the game after you play it by replying to this thread!