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Hey everyone,

It's been a good while since we had something to share with you all, but we finally have something to give. With that being said, let's get into it!

To begin with, we're running a 30% off Valentine's Sale from now through Monday, February 18th on everything, so be sure to take advantage of it before it goes!

On top of this sale, we're still hard at work with PartyZone v2. We're so close now to finally showing you what we've been doing and what our plans are going forward after the release of v2. In the meantime, however, we have a nice little update for you all.

Before clicking on this thread, you'll have noticed the forums looks different, yet so familiar... Not only have we had a Valentine's version of our theme made, we've also brought back the OG site theme that was used back when I used to play here. I hope you feel the nostalgia as much as I do for this as it's been quite the ride to get here. Not only is the OG theme returning in Valentine's form, it's also here as it was in years past!

This was all and only made possible by the works of @nedthefed. He's worked with me for several years across many different networks and projects, and PartyZone is no different in that aspect. It was his idea that we bring the old beloved theme back to the forefront, I couldn't have agreed any more than I did when I found out it still existed. If you like the idea of bringing the OG theme back, be sure to thank @nedthefed when you see him around! On top of that, he's spent the last week or so working through all the glaring issues that were apparent with the theme before we were able to push it live.

With that said, we understand not everyone may like this theme or even the Valentine's them. That's why we're giving you the option to be able to switch between the Valentine's theme, the OG theme, and the PartyForo theme (the one used for the last year+). If you'd like to...​

Hey everyone,

The new year's fast approaching us, and it's also approaching the 2-month mark since I took over PartyZone. In that time, we've been hard at work to bring you the best content we can provide. A good amount of this work has been finishing up projects and tasks that were inherited from before I took over, but we're finally nearing the end of that.

For the last several months, we've been working on a long-awaited remake of Murder alongside a few other key aspects of the network. One of the biggest undertakings of this update was remaking Murder from the ground up. The reason behind this was to allow us more flexibility for the future when it comes to adding new content and providing support in the long term. We've been working alongside both Insights and our newly-formed PartyZone Testing team (more info on how to join this team very soon) to get Murder v2 to a place we're comfortable with showing you all. The game should more or less function the exact same as the current Murder, with the exception of new messages and a couple small additions/changes. Some of the notable changes in this version of Murder are as follows:
  • The server is now running on 1.12, just like Creative, meaning it's now ready for future major updates
  • Added new cosmetics that can be purchased
  • - Kill messages (When you kill the murderer, a title will be shown to them with your message)
  • - Dying words (A hologram will spawn above your head with your dying words)
  • - Fireworks (When you kill the murderer, a fireworks effect will show up around you)
I appreciate you've all been waiting for some updates to PartyZone, and I hope to be able to provide more of these more frequently than we have. We'll have more to share about other updates outside of Murder v2 very soon.

Beta testing for Murder v2 is now live for VIPs and above and can be accessed with /beta! Just follow...