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Hello Everybody!

As mentioned in our last announcement, we will now host official PZ Live Streams! Our Media @Pixll will host our very first Live Stream in celebration of our newly updated Hub. Join him and his co stars on November 14th, 2:00 pm Eastern Time on Twitch! Come play, chat, participate in random giveaways and ask questions, as we show you how to party!

Follow us on Twitch so you will always know when we go live. Also follow us on Twitter for more alerts. Wouldn't want to miss anything right?
As a bonus, for every 50 followers we get on Twitch, a random Giveaway will happen during our live stream this Saturday!

Don't know how to make a Twitch account? Click here

We can not wait to see you!

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Hello everybody!

Some of you have noticed our newest additions to the staff family. The CM and Media rank. I bet you have questions don't you? Well, the most frequently asked questions will be answered here in regards to those ranks. Additional information will also be given here so read it carefully, as some of this information may be the answer to your curiosity.

Community Manager FAQ and Info:
  • What does CM mean? Community Manager.
  • What does a Community Manager do? The Community Manager is in charge of organizing official Party Zone events, competitions and contests for the server.
  • Does the CM work alone? No. The CM has a team made up of staff, to help organize events and come up with ideas.
  • Who is in the Event Team? Currently its is: @Dizzeh, @Emohh and @Bheryl. Also in the team, there is @agh and @Unstitched who help us with anything that only the administration team can do and with streams.
  • Can I join the Event Team? The team is currently filled to capacity. If you wish to contribute the team, you may always leave an idea in the Suggestion section on the forums. We are looking forward to seeing your ideas.
  • Can we know details about any future events before its announcement? To keep all events fair, we prefer that everyone knows the details of any event simultaneously.
  • When do events happen? Events, competitions and contests...