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Hey everyone!

If you haven't noticed by now, there's an official build comp arena near Creative's spawn! Although so far it's been used for just a few casual rounds during the PZ streams (which you can find here), it's time to use it for something bigger!

Party Zone's first official Build Battle Competition! 12-5-15 2pm EST!
Players will vs. each other in attempts to win the grand prize. It's an easy concept, win the build battle and move on to the next stage. A little confused as to how the bracket works? I'll explain it to you!

Build battles work like this: players are given a theme in which they must build within a time limit. At the end of the time period, players are forced to stop building, and the audience votes on a winner! You can check out the arena by using the command ./warp buildcomp in creative.

How each round works:
  • Round 1: 8 players (4 teams of 2) will all battle against each other, the winner will move on to round two.
    • This round happens twice, so we have a total of 16 players.
  • Round 2: This round gets a little dramatic! You'll be forced to battle it out against the teammate you just won with! Only one of you will move on to the third and final round!
    • This also happens twice.
  • Round 3: In the final round, the two victors of round 2 will battle to claim the prize and be deemed the first winner of PZ official build battle competitions!
How can I enter to be one of the first 16 players?
It's easy! Fill out this form [CLOSED] to enter yourself and a partner! It'll ask you for your username, your partners username, and...