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Hi everyone!

The submissions for the first Build Competition, are now over! With more than one-hundred people wanting to participate, eight teams of two have been chosen to compete! An additional 5 teams have also been chosen, just in case a team fails to attend the match.

The following teams are:
TomTom & LessThanThree
ChibiKitehMurder & WeWithoutWings
ColdMilk & TheMoonPlease
ThunderCam777 & Musclekid
xLauraaaa & ItsJackkk
GalxehIsFabulous & DJKittehC
MysticalEllen & BooLoo2012
Flameknight0 & MasketeerYT

The following players on standby are: (in no particular order)
AstroPlayz & Caakeh
purplex67 & kitkat_1214
LUNA7021 & DeathValley_
Pandacorn2003 & RoyalsTiger
BroJX & Toast_PVP

Contestants (both members of the team) MUST send a private message to @MuffinLovesAlot or any of the other event team members before Saturday the 5th for confirmation of attendance. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

All 16 contestants must be in creative at 2:00pm EST awaiting instructions at the official Build Competition arena which you can get to by using /warp buildcomp. Back up players must also be present in Creative in order to replace a team if need be.

*Reminder on the Rules!*
  • All initial PartyZone/Creative rules apply.
  • No WorldEdit.
  • No copying other competitors builds + designs.
  • Do not build before the timer starts.
  • Failure to stop building after the time is up will result in...

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