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Graphic done by @Adam

The Valentine Day Event was a huge success!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Valentines Day Event! A special thanks to our team of Admins who worked on making this event possible. So on with the results!

After a total of 739109 hugs and 19169 participants (yes you read that right) the winners are as follow:

1st place with a total of 7809 hugs and Winner of a VIP rank goes to:
2nd place with a total of 6740 hugs and winner of a name in Murder goes to:
3rd place with a total of 3038 hugs and winner of 8,000 points in Murder goes to:


Congratulations to the top three winners! Well done everybody!
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We've been through this before, but this time it's here to stay. We've taken the time to write our own creative plugin to best fit the network and the needs of our players. You will see reduced lag and cool new features. Most of Creative's updates are performance upgrades, but there are some neat features to see. Check everything out for yourself in-game at creative.mcpz.net

Looking for more fun outside of Creative? In the above image we've hidden @gigosaurus, the network's owner for you to try and find. Good luck!

See anything broken or missing? Report it on the forums here.
Got suggestions for things you want to see added? Post them here.

  • Introduce RP moderators, admins, owners (able to supervise your RP, RP permissions)
  • Varying amounts of /homes for specific ranks
  • Tab fixed
  • Upgraded various commands (/tp, /speed, /skull, and more)
  • Grief reports updated
  • Less lag!
  • Daily server restart (ensures everything is saved, and decreases lag)
  • /tptoggle added
. . . and more!