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The first ever mappack of Solari has been released!
4 toasty new maps, suited for all your murdering needs, can now be found online!

Grave Gardens
by Chellizard & Oquis

A mansion in the forest for the lover of nature, the grower of flowers and the producer of giant slime-spitting carnivore flowers. Do your best to continue the admirable task of gardening on this beautiful ground, but beware, one gardener uses his gardening shovel all wrong!

by Conoozie

In an old prison, a group of prisoners have tried to escape; this let to to the unfortunate and fatal opening of Hannibal Lecter's cell. Prisoners and prison staff now have to seek refuge in sewers and air-ducts alike, avoiding Lecter's hunger.

Tom's Funland
by Crafterboy327

Everyone knows Tom's Funland is the go-to place for family fun. However, when the sun sets and the moon meets your eye, the glowing lights of the carnival aren't bright enough to uncover the mysteries of the dark. Yes, Tom's Funland is quite the entertaining place if your definition of fun includes leaving this world. It's quite the common subject of our daydreams after all. Yes, Tom's Funland is the site of a well acclaimed murderer. Yes, you will die tonight at Tom's Funland. Have fun, and please enjoy your visit.

by Free_Willy

You're managing a powerplant, and your workers aren't doing anything! You fear the power for the entire city will go out if you don't get them to work... But how do you get them to work....? Play as a knife wielding maniac electrician, and kill all your lousy workers, it's not like they did anything useful anyways!

If you have any questions regarding the maps, ideas for new ones or other comments/questions to Solari, you can reach us at [email protected]

PZ Now supports 1.8 and 1.9! -
After a few days of work we're ready to support 1.9. You are now able to join the network using 1.8 and 1.9. Because we've worked so fast to get this update out for you guys there are some bugs we may have left behind, so if you come across any new bugs in the 1.9 update make sure to report them on the forums. Happy partying 1.9 users.