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Today, April 4th 2019, is PartyZone's 5th year in existence.

In the small time I've been here, it's been a great time getting to know those of you that have been part of this network for such a long time. There aren't many servers that get to reach the old age of 5 years, but alas, PartyZone has surpassed expectations in reaching such a number.

I'd like to thank you all for being part of this wonderful community both through the good and the bad. There's still plenty of things we can do as a network, and I hope to see you all stick with us as we move forward into PZv2. I'd especially like to thank those of you that are still with us to this day, whether you're just returning after an extended period of leave, or have been with us the entire time. I really do hope we can give PartyZone the love it deserves and start a new chapter together as a community.

With all that said, I decided that given how significant this anniversary is, not only with being half a decade, but also marking the end of PZv1 and the beginning of PZv2, I thought it'd be appropriate to reach out to a few people that played a significant role in the formation and maintaining of PartyZone over the years and also current leadership to give a message in this announcement. On that note, here are the messages.

"It doesn't feel like I've been part of this network for 4 years now, and it's a surprise to me whenever I think about it, but I'm happy to see where this network began when I first joined to see where it is now and where it's going to be soon."
"I've been on this server for three years- Insights for 1 1/2 of those years and network staff for a year exactly. It's been crazy to see PZ grow and well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't grow with it. The dedication of this community and staff just blows my mind STILL- five years is just so crazy to me and I'm...
Hey everyone,

Before we get into it, I should probably mention this isn't an April Fool's joke, it's genuinely real!

It's here, it's actually here. After a gruelling 4 months of working, we've finally reached the point we were aiming for. Due to the complexity of the work we've been doing, PZv2 will not all be released at the same time. More on this later.

Firstly, let's get into the why...

When PartyZone was first released, there was never any realisation of the size it'd get to at its peak (over 1.3k players). If you've ever run your own server, you'll probably know that handling even 100 players at a time is a difficult task, let alone over 1,000. With that said, there was never any master plan to both build such a huge player base which meant that the codebase behind the server was never tailored to it, resulting in what a lot of people would refer to as "spaghetti code" which is probably the most fitting description. While the code itself wasn't inherently bad, it also wasn't designed to be flexible. This meant that if we wanted to make a change, it had the potential to break entire systems that could even be completely unrelated to what was being done. PZv2's goal was to streamline our codebase and in essence, make it more flexible than it was.

Our goal thus far has succeeded in that aspect. A lot of our legacy codebase has been rewritten to accommodate for future updates which should also mean we can implement new changes and updated much quicker than before.

A big issue I noticed prior to taking over PartyZone was the lack of any kind of testing procedure or process. This meant that updates in the past were usually tried out once on a dev server, then immediately put onto the live network without having gone through any kind of rigorous testing, which would often lead to issues showing up afterwards and potentially causing either downtime or outright data loss. Since...