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This year we have our annual easter egg hunt returning in our fabulous new lobby, so its time to grab your baskets and get hunting for those eggs!

Where will this be taking place?

The Egg hunt will take place in our wonderful new lobby, when you log onto our server through the IP you will spawn in with a basket to collect the eggs and the easter bunny will talk to you and explain what you need to do.

How does this event work?

To join in with this event you will have to connect to our network via and when you spawn in you will see a basket in your inventory which is where you will find all the eggs you have collected, once you start collecting eggs you right click holding the basket and this will appear

This is a list of all the eggs which you have collected, the interface also contains a book and a clock. When you hover over the book you will see this


These are your event stats, what this means is when you pick up an egg it will give you a certain amount of level XP, overtime your level will go up and you will receive an entry into our prize draw which will happen at the end of the event.

If you hover over the clock, you will see this


This is how long is left on the event, so if time is running out you might want to speed up your egg collecting!

What do the rarities mean?

If you collect an egg and these messages pop...
Today, April 4th 2019, is PartyZone's 5th year in existence.

In the small time I've been here, it's been a great time getting to know those of you that have been part of this network for such a long time. There aren't many servers that get to reach the old age of 5 years, but alas, PartyZone has surpassed expectations in reaching such a number.

I'd like to thank you all for being part of this wonderful community both through the good and the bad. There's still plenty of things we can do as a network, and I hope to see you all stick with us as we move forward into PZv2. I'd especially like to thank those of you that are still with us to this day, whether you're just returning after an extended period of leave, or have been with us the entire time. I really do hope we can give PartyZone the love it deserves and start a new chapter together as a community.

With all that said, I decided that given how significant this anniversary is, not only with being half a decade, but also marking the end of PZv1 and the beginning of PZv2, I thought it'd be appropriate to reach out to a few people that played a significant role in the formation and maintaining of PartyZone over the years and also current leadership to give a message in this announcement. On that note, here are the messages.

"It doesn't feel like I've been part of this network for 4 years now, and it's a surprise to me whenever I think about it, but I'm happy to see where this network began when I first joined to see where it is now and where it's going to be soon."
"I've been on this server for three years- Insights for 1 1/2 of those years and network staff for a year exactly. It's been crazy to see PZ grow and well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't grow with it. The dedication of this community and staff just blows my mind STILL- five years is just so crazy to me and I'm...