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The temperature is rising, the sun is beating down, this must mean summer is here! Start warming up to the idea of sand between your toes, fresh fruit, and long, eventful days! You might find yourself buying sunscreen, and purchasing a tent at our newly released /warp summer!

The Event Team has been working hard and long to bring you an incredible warp for you to experience, can you guess our theme?! If you think you know, enter your guess in a book and quill located in the spawn room!
Read below for more information on /warp summer!

Hop online and log onto our creative server! Simply type /warp summer, and whoosh, you've arrived!​

The warp opens June 20th, 2019, and closes August 2nd, 2019! Join in on the fun while you can!​

At /warp summer, we've implemented a few unique events, some you may feel a bit of nostalgia from!
You can find our Obstacle Course, Riddle Me This, Tuneful Tents, and Summer Questionnaire events this year! Click the spoilers below for a more in-depth explanation, along with their prizes!

In our hosted event, five players will be tasked to complete an obstacle course of six levels, each raising in difficulty as you complete one and advance; Light Green, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Black. It's a race for first place!
Each winner will receive a prize of 300 Party Points & be entered in a raffle for a chance to win VIP!

A spin on...

This year we have our annual easter egg hunt returning in our fabulous new lobby, so its time to grab your baskets and get hunting for those eggs!

Where will this be taking place?

The Egg hunt will take place in our wonderful new lobby, when you log onto our server through the IP you will spawn in with a basket to collect the eggs and the easter bunny will talk to you and explain what you need to do.

How does this event work?

To join in with this event you will have to connect to our network via and when you spawn in you will see a basket in your inventory which is where you will find all the eggs you have collected, once you start collecting eggs you right click holding the basket and this will appear

This is a list of all the eggs which you have collected, the interface also contains a book and a clock. When you hover over the book you will see this


These are your event stats, what this means is when you pick up an egg it will give you a certain amount of level XP, overtime your level will go up and you will receive an entry into our prize draw which will happen at the end of the event.

If you hover over the clock, you will see this


This is how long is left on the event, so if time is running out you might want to speed up your egg collecting!

What do the rarities mean?

If you collect an egg and these messages pop...