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Discord Emoji Contest

As most of y'all know, PartyZone now has an official discord, you can join it by clicking here. You may also know that we don't have many unique emotes... until now. To spruce up our discord and allow your creative minds to get going, the event team has decided it would be a great idea to host PartyZone's first ever, official, emote contest!

There will be nine prizes to give away in this competition, first, second and third for each theme. The prizes are as follows:
First: VIP+, 10k coins, 50k discord credits and your emote implemented,
Second: VIP, 5k coins, 25k discord credits and your emote implemented,
Third: 2.5k coins, 15k discord credits and your emote implemented.

You probably noticed I said there will be prizes for each 'theme', you're probably wondering, what are the themes? Well, the three themes are as follows;
  • PartyZone- whether it be staff members, murder weapons, the PartyZone logo or anything else you can think of... if it's PartyZone, it counts!
  • Summer- palm trees, the sun, sitting inside on your computer all day... or anything you can think of! If it represents summer, it fits in with this bright theme!...
So, after the 24 hour stream a few weeks ago, we've been doing some thinking. That was probably the most fun thing we've streamed in a while. (Not including my extreme exhaustion by the end of it.) I'd love to set up more streams of different types and play different games similar to how we did then. Maybe even get some new faces to host them?
So we know what we'd like to do but there's so many ideas and we don't know which ones you guys would like to see more.
We could make a variety of different changes. Or We could keep everything the same. Depends on what you guys want. Here's some options:
  • More Streams Per Week
  • Multiple Streams At Different Times Throughout The Day
  • Sneak Peeks At New Releases
  • Different Games Outside Of Minecraft/PZ
  • Different Hosts Running The Stream
If you would like to give an opinion on what types of live streams you'd like to watch,
click here and fill out our little form. It's really short, 8 questions, and it'd help us make more fun stuff for you guys!
If you have and ideas or opinions for streams that the form doesn't cover feel free to voice them on this thread.

-Thanks for the help <3
PartyZone Administration & Insights Stream Team

Don't know what we're talking about? Find the original thread HERE for more information!
Hey Partiers,

The annual lobby egg hunt was eggciting as always! Thanks to all who participated and scrambled around the lobby to eagerly help the Easter Bunny Collect as many eggs as possible. For the help you have all provided, the Easter Bunny has kept his promise on providing prizes for those who gathered the most eggs, as well as a random prize drawing. The winners are here at last!

Most Eggs Collected

1st Place
- BritishPug (472,227 Eggs Collected)
- 50,000 Coins

2nd Place - _Jeanniee (289,218 Eggs Collected)
-25,000 Coins

3rd Place - Livoph (182,144 Eggs Collected)
- VIP+
- 20,000 Coins

Random Prize Draw


ELITE+ - DaPugster
ELITE - sadlymango
ELITE - noah1324
VIP+ - SavageKatze
VIP+ - _HiKS_
VIP+ - pinkyrocky
VIP - poorkid
VIP - Appleonia6
VIP - AngelicqSchuyler
VIP -...​

For so many years we've wanted to make some kind of merch. I think our first ideas of that were some T-shirts 3 years ago that was never released. Well, on this, our 4th anniversary that dream is a reality. Finally, you can see what we've all wanted to do for so long.

We have a few T-shirts and hoodies both in a variety of colors. All of the clothing is unisex and sizes are available from small to XL. Take a quick glance at some designs/concepts below or take a look at the full store page: HERE We want to make SO MUCH more! If you have any T-shirt designs, stickers, posters, or any other merch that you'd like to see us make, tell us on the thread here! We'd also love to hear your thoughts on the current line of clothing as well.

Our first PZ T-shirt and hoodie design with our classic logo.
The T-shirt shown in Sapphire but also available in Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Orange,...

A Happy Birthday to PartyZone and a happy break to the Build Team -
For the past two months Team Confetti has been working hard to bring you something special for the anniversary. Here's what we've got for you...

Five Murder Map Revamps
- Firstly we have Italy (V2), worked on by many members of Team Confetti, including @Unstitched @Sp33dy @WorldEdit_ @SophieDrinksTea @Buddiiii and @Aluux
- Next, we have Mansion (V2), built by @ThaMango @Aluux @Sp33dy and @Buddiiii
- Third is Office (V2), redone by @Sp33dy @SophieDrinksTea and @ThaMango
- Our fourth map is Temple (V2), by @TubbyPanda @Buddiiii @Harrow__ and @WorldEdit_
- Last but certainly not least we have Blackout (V2). Yes, it's back! and it was redone by @WorldEdit_

All of these wonderful maps are LIVE in murder, and you can play them right now!

Other Revamps
- A new Creative Spawn has been built by @Buddiiii @WorldEdit_ @TubbyPanda @Fusebaum and @GamerGuts

A Special Shout-Out To...
@WorldEdit_ , our new Build Team leader

Be sure to...
Thank the Confetti Build Team for all their hard work and time spent bringing these maps to you
Follow Team Confetti on twitter
If you're interested in...
This is due to a large economic imbalance that our network suffered after a bug in our voting system. ALL players' coins will be revoked. There is no way to prevent this, or to get the coins back. We recommend spending your coins as soon as possible. You can do this in each mini-game inside of the shop. There are tons of fun perks and cosmetics purchasable with coins, so spend up before they're gone! This will have no effect on party points or other stats.
It's that time of year again! Last year we had a 24 hour live stream which was tons of fun! This year we brought it back and made it a lot more organized and got the help of a few more friends. What all has changed? Well, a lot actually. So be sure to skim through the information below!

After Hours (MUST READ)
This year we're incorporating a new concept which you need to be made well aware of. PartyZone strives for family friendly G-PG rated content. But we're learning to accept the fact that many of you and us are growing up. Which is why we have a section of the stream from 12am EDT - 6am EDT called "After Hours" During this section we will be cursing. There will be inappropriate jokes. we will be playing mature rated games. We recommend if you are sensitive to these things, easily offended, or just a tad too young, go get some sleep for 6 hours and come back to us in the morning. Trust us. It's better that way.

When is the Stream and How can I see it?
The live stream will start at 3pm EDT on Wednesday April 4th and continue until 3pm EDT the next day. If you want to watch just tune into at any time during that day and see what we're up to.

Who will be on Stream?
Last year it was Gigo and Gamer for the entire thing with others joining and leaving. This year there's more.
Currently there are about 7 of us who will be attempting to stay on for the whole thing. I (GamerGuts) will be hosting the stream primarily. I will be there for the entire time. We also are expecting appearances from all of our regular streamers, plus surprises from many of our admins, developers, and well known community members.

What will you be playing?...

31st March onwards

This year we have our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Its time to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny has lost around our lobby, but where are they hidden? It's your job to collect all the eggs and bring them back to the bunny safe and sound. As per usual, there are multiple different kinds of eggs to be found, including special mythical eggs to find. Gather as many eggs as you can for a chance to win a special prize from the Easter Bunny!


How does it work?

To participate in the egg hunt, you must connect to our lobby on, or All around the lobby there are eggs falling from the sky which you have to pick up and they will go into the basket which can be found in your hot bar (it is a minecraft skull which looks like an egg basket), left or right click the egg basket top open it, it will tell you all the different eggs you have and how many you have of each. At the end of the event the person with the most eggs will win a prize, as well as 2nd and 3rd. If you also want to know how long you have left until the event is over, you can hover over the clock in your egg basket to find how long is left, as shown here:


You can also gain entries into our prize draw by collecting eggs, where prizes will be given out randomly at the end, this works by a levelling system which can be shown here:...
:pz: It's PartyZone's 4th Birthday! 4th Anniversary! 4th year in existence!
We have decided that we want to have a sale as our birthday gift to you!

PartyZone was released on 04/04/14 and it's our 4th anniversary so we're having 44% off in the store 4 the next week. There is going to be a LOT more events 4 Easter and the 4th anniversary. So look 4ward to all of that coming out later throughout this week.

Okay, I think I've said "4" as many times as is possible. Have a good Easter/Anniversary/Birthday/Week

~PZ Administration

Just 4 fun: Tell me how many times we said 4 in this 44% off sale 4th anniversary thread!

*Ends April 7