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31st March onwards

This year we have our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Its time to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny has lost around our lobby, but where are they hidden? It's your job to collect all the eggs and bring them back to the bunny safe and sound. As per usual, there are multiple different kinds of eggs to be found, including special mythical eggs to find. Gather as many eggs as you can for a chance to win a special prize from the Easter Bunny!


How does it work?

To participate in the egg hunt, you must connect to our lobby on, or All around the lobby there are eggs falling from the sky which you have to pick up and they will go into the basket which can be found in your hot bar (it is a minecraft skull which looks like an egg basket), left or right click the egg basket top open it, it will tell you all the different eggs you have and how many you have of each. At the end of the event the person with the most eggs will win a prize, as well as 2nd and 3rd. If you also want to know how long you have left until the event is over, you can hover over the clock in your egg basket to find how long is left, as shown here:


You can also gain entries into our prize draw by collecting eggs, where prizes will be given out randomly at the end, this works by a levelling system which can be shown here:...
:pz: It's PartyZone's 4th Birthday! 4th Anniversary! 4th year in existence!
We have decided that we want to have a sale as our birthday gift to you!

PartyZone was released on 04/04/14 and it's our 4th anniversary so we're having 44% off in the store 4 the next week. There is going to be a LOT more events 4 Easter and the 4th anniversary. So look 4ward to all of that coming out later throughout this week.

Okay, I think I've said "4" as many times as is possible. Have a good Easter/Anniversary/Birthday/Week

~PZ Administration

Just 4 fun: Tell me how many times we said 4 in this 44% off sale 4th anniversary thread!

*Ends April 7

Hello Partiers!

Easter time is coming around quickly, and so are our events! This year, we’ve decided to do something new, this is what we have in store for you:

Lobby Egg Hunt:

Saturday 31st March onwards

The Easter bunny has lost its eggs around the lobby and needs your help to collect them and return them to him, Yes that's right, we have the annual Easter Egg Hunt happening in the lobby, you must fly around collecting eggs of all kinds, trying to get all the eggs possible! The people who collect the most eggs will receive a Special Prize. Click here for more information about the event.

Easter Plot (Creative /warp Easter):

Friday 30th March - Tuesday 3rd April

This year the event team and builders have been working hard to make this amazing plot, within it are a lot of fun things to participate in. We have a Skin Comp which will be running throughout the days the plot is open, we also have a Chick Skull Hunt where you have to find chicken skulls hidden around the plot, also we have Egg Decorating which...

Hey everyone!

As you've probably noticed some of the older games have been moved to the Arcade part of the lobby. Today we are releasing a much awaited, brand new type of game, Party Games!

What are Party Games?

Party Games are micro-games that take around 60 seconds to complete. Each one is fast paced, and engaging and you'll be surprised that 60 seconds went so quickly once you reach the end. After one game, you are sent to the next micro-game until you've rotated through all of the fun games we have.

So, what games are there?
Well, we've got five...

Firstly, we have Frogger! Leap across the map before your opponents in this fast paced game. Make sure to watch out for moving obstacles!

Next we've got That's My Birthday Cake! Compete to eat as much cake as you possibly can in under sixty seconds, whoever eats the most cake wins.

Introducing our third game, Archery Course. Test your bowmanship by destroying your opposition in a classic game of archery.

Fourth up we have Hot Potato. Wouldn't want to keep a burning hot potato in your hands too long, otherwise you might feel the burn. Run around and try not to keep hold of the potato too long.

Last but not least, we have
Hole In The Floor, a tense scramble to find a passage to the next floor. Each layer gets progressively harder until you finally reach the end! Sweet, sweet victory!

Who can play?

Well, right now Party Games is in VIP and...

Hey Folks,

As most of you know, we now have an official discord (click here to join). As announced on our discord, we have opened Discord Trainee Applications! We're excited for you to check out our new section of the applications page, and apply!

How to apply
  1. Click the Applications page on the forums
  2. Click the Apply for Trainee button
  • Be at least 11 years or older
  • Have a large amount of knowledge of PartyZone's Rules and our Discord rules
  • Be helpful around chat
  • Know the basics of Discord and use it well
  • Be in the discord for at least 1 week
  • Know the basics of our Discord Bots
  • Be verified on the Discord
But who runs the Discord staff?

Well, we have a team of discord managers (who are; @Liillii, @AJules, @L1ndyNgvy3n, @Auruh and @Etgar) who run our discord team!

Good luck to all!
For more information click here

We are also implementing some more new things within the next couple of weeks, so stay hyped for that!

Thanks to @Emo and @SophieDrinksTea for the graphics and correcting my horrific grammar
Thanks to Emoh for the graphics!

Thank you all for your submissions...

It’s been a while since we’ve put some of your creations into our games but get ready for a massive release of maps created by you guys! We have six new maps being introduced into murder.


*Due to some technical issues Hospital has been replaced by Mirage

The Maps

Introducing Atlantis, an underwater themed map, created by @ThaMango . This map plays beautifully and looks just as beautiful too.

Get ready to fight to the death in our new map Dojo, created by @Harrow__ . This map is a beautiful, nature filled map with a towering dojo situated between the cliffs.

Piece together the murder mystery on Factory by @ThaMango . With winding halls, crates and back rooms this map sure will be fun to play on and hide around.

Based off another CS:GO map we've got Mirage by @Breadstickk and @WorldEdit_ . Shoot the murderer to death in this iconic map.

A Hotel, created by @ThaMango and @xXGlassShardXx may not be a safe place to be when a killer is nearby. Just make sure not to forget your room key anywhere in the corridors or outside while marveling at the beautiful fountain.

The last of our murder maps is Library created by @PigZombie777 and @CompleteCircuit . Just make sure you don’t get blood on the books, the librarian will get mad.

Thank you all for your...

Hello all,

Today we are releasing an update to Murder which should add some variety to our already great list of maps. We have added mutations!

What Are Mutations?
Mutations are extra additions to the game which will add special mechanics which do not normally appear in games. They are chosen randomly from a list, and are enabled on a per-round basis. They have the potential to add/remove items, change the look and feel of the map, and even add secondary objectives.

Which Mutations Are There?
The current mutations are as follows:
  • Double Emeralds: Every emerald pickup is doubled!
  • Double Jump: Everyone can jump super high, even the murderer!
  • Gun Game: Everyone (except the murderer) has a gun!
  • Speed: Everyone has speed II for the entire round!
We are also accepting your feedback/ideas on the current and on new mutations. Feel free to suggest some in the suggestions subform and leave feedback on the current ones below.

I Like Murder How It Is!
We are sure some of you are skeptical about changes to one of our core games, and I understand. That is why during our beta stage, mutations will only be enabled on one of the three maps selectable during voting. If you don't want mutations, simply vote for a map without them enabled.

The update will be live across the network shortly, so hop in a game soon and let us know what you think!

Thanks, and enjoy!

It's that LOVELY time of the year again where you’re crying, alone with a tub of discount icecream, watching Love Actually on Netflix. This year, PZ has decided to have a fun small event in Creative. Just do /warp valentine to get started! Read below for more information.

February 14th-17th

/warp valentine in the Creative Server!

Sharing of Valentines messages!
Skin comps!
Selfie stations!
Would you like to receive Valentines in your own Valentines chest?
Comment below with the following format to receive a chest with your name on it. It will be placed at /warp valentine where you can receive Valentines from your fellow partiers!
(Ran out of spaces for Elite+!)

IGN: (in-game name)
Rank: (what rank are you)

Valentines messages will be given out to players after the Event has finished.​

Don't be a party pooper! Feel free to give some Valentines around to make someone smile! We hope you'll all join us and enjoy yourselves!​
What is the Discord linking bot?

We now have a custom bot on our official Discord to link your in-game rank to our Discord server. Everyone is welcome on our Discord server but to use it's main features, you'll need to link your account.

If you upgrade your rank at any time or buy a new one, the bot will update your role on Discord automatically without you needing to be online!

How do I use the new bot?

Firstly, you'll have to join our official Discord so that our bot can get to know you a little better. Once you're on the Discord, go to the channel named #bot_zone and then simply say !link

Our bot will then walk you through linking your account. It starts with an in-game command then requires extra verification to make sure nobody is pretending to be you. If at any point you need help with this process or an error occurs, contact one of our staff members who will be able to help!

I already have my rank on Discord, what is the point in doing this?

After 1 week of this thread being sent out, everyone who has not linked their account with the bot will have their roles removed for security purposes. You must do this even if you have your rank, given by a Discord community staff member, to avoid losing your rank/role on Discord.

This is to prevent people having multiple accounts on Discord which allows ban evasion. Also, the bot is more thorough than a human so it's just best to have everyone using it.

How do I join this amazing and awesome sounding Discord server you keep mentioning?

Click this magical link: