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Hello Partiers!

You heard it right, the annual Halloween Mob Hunt is back for 2019! However, this year its a bit different. The Developers and Testing team have been working hard to create the mob hunt from scratch, and so this years mob hunt is going to work a bit different. As well as this, we are also releasing our 2019 Halloween Hub! Here is a quick look as to what it looks like, be sure to log onto the network and check it out in person!


When and where is it happening?

The event will run from the 16th October 2019 through to the 3rd November 2019. As usual, the mob hunt will take place in our new spooky lobby! So hop onto and start hunting down those mobs.

How will it work?

When you spawn in the hub, you will be given a Magic Wand, you must then go around the hub banishing souls from partyzone to collect points, these points are what will enter you into the raffle. If you right click your wand you will be able to see all the obtainable mobs and how many points each one will give you:​

The mobs this year are Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons, Silverfish, Zombie Villagers, Zombie Pigmen, Skeleton Horses, Cave Spiders, Zombie Horses, Creepers, Witches, Wither Skeletons, Blazes and Endermen

Each of these mobs come in 4 different rarities, and each rarity gives a...​

After a long wait, a lot of development and meetings... We are proud to announce Murder v2!

Murder has been completely re-coded to provide major stability, reliability, performance and gameplay improvements.
With our team of specialised testers finishing their final runs, we're excited to announce that Murder v2 will be online Saturday 20th of July!


What is new to Murder v2?

We've been listening to lots of suggestions and compiled a list of all the new things we'll be adding to v2.
There's no doubt that there will be many more suggestions and we look forward to seeing them!

Brand new Murder, called Murder v2 (Version 2)
- Murder has been completely re-coded to provide major stability, reliability, performance and gameplay improvements
- Murder v2 allows more updates to be created faster, with more frequency
- Improvements to our staging protocols mean much more testing is done before updates; reducing major bugs and quickly identifying new ones

New Karma Levelling System
- 9 new karma levels from Rookie to Godfather
- New Ranking Menu with fancier sharing messages to show off your Karma Level
- Karma reset
- New ways to get karma which reward more skilful kills and...