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[​IMG] Hi y'all!

Party Games has been released out of beta and we'd really like to know how you think it can be improved. All responses are wanted.

For those who don't know, PG are a bunch of small- 1 minute games, that are quick and fast, check out our older thread to see some of the game types here. *some games have been rebranded since this thread

Although we do have a new PG since this thread and it's called Tetronimo!

We really need some feedback from you guys to see what we can improve, if you all could put your feedback underneath here that would be great!

In the comments below;

What do you like? What do you think could be changed? Do you like the maps? If so, why?

Love, Administration

Hi guys!

Okay so, we've got some updates to insights, so let's catch you up!

Insights Teams

If I'm honest, the teams haven't changed a bunch, we've still got Social Media, Live Stream, Event Planning, Build team, Creativity and Design Team and last but not least - Community Feedback and Quality Assurance. However, the application system we use for insights has changed drastically.

So, for insights before now, you applied for general insights that would apply to one of the teams. However, we are changing that to improve the number of people within the teams.

Team Leaders

For those who aren't aware, each team inside insights has it's own leader which in game are called the Insights unless they are staff, then they will obviously have their staff roles. The leaders are as follows:

@Arujann for the Social Media Team
@GamerGuts for the Live Stream Team
@Liillii for the Event Planning Team
@WorldEdit_ for the Build Team
@huakart for the Creativity and Design Team
@Nashhii for the CF/QA team

The New Application Process

So we've got a new application form that you can click here. After submitting the...