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Discord Emoji Contest

As most of y'all know, PartyZone now has an official discord, you can join it by clicking here. You may also know that we don't have many unique emotes... until now. To spruce up our discord and allow your creative minds to get going, the event team has decided it would be a great idea to host PartyZone's first ever, official, emote contest!

There will be nine prizes to give away in this competition, first, second and third for each theme. The prizes are as follows:
First: VIP+, 10k coins, 50k discord credits and your emote implemented,
Second: VIP, 5k coins, 25k discord credits and your emote implemented,
Third: 2.5k coins, 15k discord credits and your emote implemented.

You probably noticed I said there will be prizes for each 'theme', you're probably wondering, what are the themes? Well, the three themes are as follows;
  • PartyZone- whether it be staff members, murder weapons, the PartyZone logo or anything else you can think of... if it's PartyZone, it counts!
  • Summer- palm trees, the sun, sitting inside on your computer all day... or anything you can think of! If it represents summer, it fits in with this bright theme!...
So, after the 24 hour stream a few weeks ago, we've been doing some thinking. That was probably the most fun thing we've streamed in a while. (Not including my extreme exhaustion by the end of it.) I'd love to set up more streams of different types and play different games similar to how we did then. Maybe even get some new faces to host them?
So we know what we'd like to do but there's so many ideas and we don't know which ones you guys would like to see more.
We could make a variety of different changes. Or We could keep everything the same. Depends on what you guys want. Here's some options:
  • More Streams Per Week
  • Multiple Streams At Different Times Throughout The Day
  • Sneak Peeks At New Releases
  • Different Games Outside Of Minecraft/PZ
  • Different Hosts Running The Stream
If you would like to give an opinion on what types of live streams you'd like to watch,
click here and fill out our little form. It's really short, 8 questions, and it'd help us make more fun stuff for you guys!
If you have and ideas or opinions for streams that the form doesn't cover feel free to voice them on this thread.

-Thanks for the help <3
PartyZone Administration & Insights Stream Team