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Summer Build Competition!
Hello there partiers, I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far! Today we have a special event for you which will last the entire of summer! This year, we are going to be hosting a special build competition, unlike before where its been around 2 weeks long - you will have from today (3rd July) until the end of august, similarly to past build battles, you will have to submit your build via a thread which will be linked below.

Now then, for this build competition you will have to create a summer plot which, obviously, is to do with summer. For this, you are allowed to use world edit, you are allowed to work in groups (no bigger than groups of 4) and you can merge plots to make the build larger if you wanted to!

We will be judging the builds on creativity, how well you thought outside of the box, how unique your build is and if we think much effort has been put into it (The size of the plot will NOT contribute to if you will win or not.)

Here are some rules you must follow:

  • No groups bigger than 4.
  • If you are in a team, please state ALL team members who helped with the build.
  • Defaults - VIP+ ARE allowed to ask for help from Elites for world edit.
  • No more than 1 submission, if you are in a team only one of you is allowed to submit that build.
  • If you are in a team of more than...
[​IMG] Hi y'all!

Party Games has been released out of beta and we'd really like to know how you think it can be improved. All responses are wanted.

For those who don't know, PG are a bunch of small- 1 minute games, that are quick and fast, check out our older thread to see some of the game types here. *some games have been rebranded since this thread

Although we do have a new PG since this thread and it's called Tetronimo!

We really need some feedback from you guys to see what we can improve, if you all could put your feedback underneath here that would be great!

In the comments below;

What do you like? What do you think could be changed? Do you like the maps? If so, why?

Love, Administration