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Hey Partiers!
We had a lot of participants at /warp summer this year! We had such a blast and we hope you enjoyed it! We'd love to give you all prizes that participated, but alas we can only pick the ones that won. Now, without further ado, here are the winners for the Skull Hunt and Skin-competition winners!

Skull Hunt Information:
Congratulations to TheSushi for winning VIP+!
If you already have this rank then you can give it someone else.
How many players guested it correctly: 5
The answer was 27!

Skin-Competition Information:
Thank you to all of those that participated but sadly did not win. You all did amazing!
Top Ten Winners:
Congratulations to these 10 with amazing skins and winning 100 coins each!

The overall winner of our skin-competition:
winehouse! (Formally known as lavenxer)
Congratulations on being the ultimate winner! You have received 250 coins and your name in murder 1 time!

Did you participate in our scavenger-hunt? If so, here are the answers;
Clue one: at the beginning of the scavenger hunt,
Clue two: inside Atlantis hotel's elevator,
Clue three: inside the roof of the grey hot-air-balloon,
Clue four: inside of the sunken ship,
Clue five: at the beginning of the boat race,
Clue six: inside of the volcano on Tiki Island,
Clue seven: inside of the library in the shopping center,
Clue eight: on the side of the big orange water-slide,
Clue nine: in the maze, near the beginning,
Clue ten: inside of the shark's mouth,
Clue eleven: on the back of the middle...


Our S
ummer Giveaway is on!
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Good luck, and Happy Summer!

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