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It's that wonderful time of year again, when you're just hanging out on the beach, or lazing around at home. This year, we've decided to have another /warp summer! We've got brand new summer plots for you all to hang out at, just do /warp summer on our creative server to get started! More information about the event is below:

July 20th - July 30th

/warp Summer on our Creative server!

ALL of you that replied to this thread are featured somewhere on the plots!

Skin Competition
Coral Maze
Scavenger Hunt
Selfie Spots
Fish Skull Hunt (more information below!)
Giant Pool
Boat Races
Party Island
Summer Trivia
and much more!

It seems our beloved fish have scattered all across the island! We need your help in finding them!

Once you think you've counted up all the fish skulls on the plot, head on over to the Wishing Well down under the island to submit your guess! You will be allowed 3 guesses, so choose wisely. If one of your guesses is correct, you'll be entered into our VIP+ giveaway (though, only one of you all will win VIP+). If you already have VIP+ or above, you'll be able to give it to a friend.

Good luck!
If you have any questions about the event, you can ask an event team member or just down in the comments below!...

Recently, TeamSpeak has been inaccessible to players, and has been very inactive, in terms of Partiers chatting with others. However, our official Discord server is up and running!​

We would like YOUR feedback and answers:
Should we KEEP everything on TeamSpeak as it is, and why?​


Should we migrate to the Discord server, and why?​

Please take your time, and answer a few quick questions regarding which platform the community will use to primarily communicate with in the future, here.​

(Remember: YOUR answers and feedback will play a huge part in which platform we decide to migrate to! Your responses are also ANONYMOUS!)​

If you would like, you may continue this discussion below, and you may always add further feedback and ideas that you have, but remember to be respectful!​