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If you haven’t already heard, we’ve recently launched the official PartyZone Instagram! Our Instagram will be used to share updates with the community, host giveaways & raffles, and get in touch with our PZ-Instagrammers! Follow us @mcpartyzone and turn on post notifications... or else! Click the graphic above to visit our Instagram page.

Alongside our Instagram, we also have an official Twitter account! If you don't already follow us—our Twitter is @mcpartyzone! Once you follow, make sure to retweet and favorite all of our tweets! Our Twitter page is where we host giveaways & raffles, announce all of the coolest PZ related material, provide support for all of your questions regarding our server. Make sure you stay tuned— we have some good & fresh summer activities planned (...maybe even a giveaway)!

If you'd like to become one of the faces behind our social media platforms, apply for the Media Team! You’ll find the application once you've been accepted into the Insights Team— information on that can be found here.

Comment below what you'd like to see on our media platforms, we'd love to hear from our followers!​

-PartyZone Social Media Team
Hi Partiers!

We’ve recently visited the deepest darkest basement of creative ideas and someone has left a note saying that you want emotes. So here they are! We’ve got so many! They are spread across VIP+ to ELITE+ for now.

So how do I use emotes?

Well, if you are VIP+ you can do /emote list to see what emotes you have access to.
Then you can scroll the the pages by typing the commands in the list!

Once you see the list, you are able to type the emote using a simple command, ex. “/oof Cxtten”. This would display this message: “Justenn oof’ed Cxtten.”

Now that you’re an expert on using our amazing emotes system, feel free to give others the “L” or just simply say hello in chat! Now you’re able to do many, many actions in chat and even do them to other people.

Hopefully you all enjoy this smaller update to the community experience! We have many more coming so stay tuned and keep an eye out on here!

- Enjoy the update! <3
PartyZone Administration