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Howdy, Partiers!

It’s that time of the year again, where we celebrate some tricks and treats!
Come join us on this spooky adventure, run around with your friends on a search for candy, play games at our festival and carve a pumpkin at /Warp Halloween on our creative sever! I mean, who really wants to miss out on this awesome Festival?

October 26th - November 1st

We’ve got some awesome things for you all to do and enjoy during this time!

Scavenger Hunt
Boat races
Halloween trivia
Haunted house
Festival rides
Pumpkin carving
Spooky mazes

Ghost skull hunt ( Scroll down for more information! )

And so much more for you to discover!

It seems all of the ghostly residents have been scattered and separated across the plots, and we need your help to find all of them!

One you believe you’ve found all our ghosts, put your guess in the hopper. You have a
maximum of 3 guesses, so beware and choose wisely! If one of your guesses are correct, you will automatically be entered into a VIP+ GIVEAWAY! Of course, only one of you can win the final prize, so get guessing!

If you already have VIP+ or over, you will be able to give your prize to a friend.
If you have any queries about any of the events, be sure to ask an event team member or comment on this...

Hey there, Partiers!

It’s that season of the year, where the air gets chilly and filled with frights. Zombies and skeletons lurking every corner in the night… it’s almost Halloween! The Event Team is hosting a spooky scary story contest too! You will be given two weeks to complete and submit the story. (10/15/2018 - 10/29/2018)

Players will be given the opportunity to submit a written story based on one of the three given prompts (themes). You will have to follow a prompt out of any three listed below for the plot of your story. Other than that, you can make the story about anything!


In order to compete, you must follow all of the rules below:

• You must be the owner of the story.
• Do not include gory or inappropriate topics in your stories.
• Stick to the prompt, don't write about fish swimming in the clouds.
• One submission per author and one author per submission.
• The story must have been written between the 15th and the 29th of October.
• Stories must not be plagiarized or too similar to another's.
• Additional help will not be permitted.
• You may not submit for a friend.
• Standard PartyZone forum rules apply.

If any of these rules or standards are broken you will be disqualified from the contest.

The spooky prompts are….

  • Starting with; ‘A chill was sent down my spine as I felt it loom behind me
  • Monster in the closet
  • Ending with; ‘...the world escaped my grasp as everything around me faded, I was gone.