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Over the last few months we've been working somewhat secretly to bring you guys some awesome new content on the network. We're now proud to fully release our first full-sized game since Downgrade, Splatter!

Splatter is a fast pace, teams based, PvP game focused on painting the most blocks in the map with your teams color. You can, of course, sabotage the other team by splatting them all to death. There are plenty of different weapon packs to choose from, with more to be unlocked with coins! Whether you want to roll paint around the floor with the 'Painter' pack or shoot cute baby slimes that paint the floor in your color as they glide across the map with the 'Ambush' pack, I'm sure you'll enjoy them all.

This game also includes plenty of cosmetics such as hats, win effects and more which will all be able to get through the upcoming Goodie Bags (releasing soon). Be sure to check them out when they all release!

2 Splatter Maps released
The first two maps we're starting off with for this game consists of "Underpass" and "Copter" which are specially designed to be covered in the paint of your team. There'll be more maps to come in the future, but we think they're pretty cute!

The maps are flipped identically so there's no advantage to either team that spawns on the opposite sides, and filled with different routes to get around and paint the most blocks easier!

New in-game Lobby!
Featuring plenty of skyscrapers and buildings that makes it our largest and tallest...
Credit to @Dizzeh for helping so much with this Newsletter.
July, what a productive month! The busy bees have been working hard, flowers have been waving in the wind, and partiers have been dancing non-stop to the jazzy tunes of Summer. Take a seat, relax, and read our latest Newsletter here! (There's a chance you may be the lucky winner of something!)​

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Build Contest!

The event team had a joyous time judging all of the builds, there were quite a few and we were able to see all of the effort put into the submissions! We hope you all had fun participating, whether you placed or not, and hope we can continue these kinds of events in the future!

Be sure to message @GamerGuts if you would like to give any of the prizes away.

Now for the prizes!

1st place: @CompleteCircuit

  • VIP+
  • 20,000 coins
  • 3,000 Party Points
Click here to see their build.

2nd place: @Harrow__

  • VIP
  • 10,000 coins
  • 2,000 Party Points
Click here to see their build.

3rd place: @The Gay Jay

  • VIP
  • 10,000 coins
  • 1,000 Party Points
Click here to see their build.

Got any other Event ideas? Submit them here! If your idea is chosen, you receive your Name in Murder!

Have a good summer!


Summer is here! That means trips to the beach, festivals, parties, and so much more! At the PartyZone Resort, there are many activities planned! Read below for all the important information you'll need to know!

July 17th-24th

In Creative at /warp summer

Panda Scavenger Hunt (Read below!)
Summer Skin Contest
Balloon Parkour
Dance Floor
Pool Party
Selfie Spots
Staff Q&A
Voting Polls

We need your help! While importing materials, some pandas jumped into the back of the truck and snuck into our resort! We need to know how many pandas there are missing so we can find them and return them to their homes. That’s where you come in!

We need your help counting all of the pandas hiding around the resort! Once you think you’ve found them all, head on over to the panda info building and submit your guess! You have 3 guesses. If you guess correctly, you will be entered into our VIP giveaway!
Note: If an Elite/Elite+ win, they will give away the rank to a player of their choice!

Thank you for your help, good luck and happy hunting!
If you have any questions, be sure to contact a staff member!

Now head on over to /warp summer!
Image By @agh
After all the support from the first competition we decided to include another Art Comp in this summer's activities!

Here's a refresher on how it works:
Players will be able to submit their art pieces relating to one of our three chosen themes: PartyZone, Summer or Food! You are able to use any form of art: drawing with pens, pencils, markers, painting, digital and more! So feel free to get creative. There will be one drawing chosen from each theme and their artists will win a special PRIZE!

This event begins on the 15th of July and will end on the 29th of July, so go get artsy!

In order to be take place in the contest you must abide by all of the following:
  • Only one submission allowed.
  • Submission must follow the format.
  • Submissions must be submitted on this thread.
  • Pictures must be uploaded using Gyazo, Imgur or Lightshot links.
  • Only one artist allowed per drawing.
  • Drawings must be made after the competition begins.
  • Art must be made by the player who submits it.
  • PartyZone rules still apply.

If you have any questions, feel free to message a member of staff!

Summer is here!

We hope you all have been enjoying your summer vacations so far! We enjoyed our break, but now the Event Team is getting back to work! We've got a ton of contests, competitions, and other events planned for the remainder of the summer and we're starting with a classic.

Your task is to create and submit a build that represents summer to you. Sandcastles, beaches, boating, traveling, or just plain old relaxation. Get creative with it! The Event Team will judge the final builds and the winners will receive prizes. Have Fun!
Ask our staff members if you have any questions or concerns.

In order to compete in the contest you must follow all of the following:
  • You must be the owner of the plot
  • Only 1 plot may be submitted per person
  • Only one builder may submit the plot
  • The build must have been made within the 1st - 15th
  • If you have a layered plot, the submitted build must be only one layer of the plot
  • The build must be on the PartyZone Creative server
  • Only submit your build once (Don't worry, we will look at them all)
  • No group submissions
  • World Edit is allowed
  • If you do not have world edit you may ask for assistance from a player who does
  • Additional help other than world edit will not be permitted
  • Do not copy builds
  • Standard rules of the creative server apply as well
  • You may remove the builds once the winners are announced but be sure to keep them until then. We will be judging some in person so we have to find them to do so.
  • Be very careful with who is added to your plot.

Hello partiers! We hope you have your sunscreen and sunglasses, because it's going to be a HOT Summer!
Take a seat and kick your feet up and read this month's Newsletter here, we've added a little something for you all to participate in!​
It's been a while since we've had any community maps been accepted onto our network, and we think it's about time we started to add some more (with many more to be added in the coming weeks).

First off we have a map based off a CS:GO map by the same name and equal fanciness. There's plenty of places to find yourself in this larger than usual map, so be on the lookout for the murderer sneaking up on you through the labyrinth of halls within the castle.

This map was produced by two of our very own players, BenFii and Peterlajos, who have both been awarded VIP+ for their hard work! We think this map is fantastic for gameplay but you'll have to go in game and see for yourselves.​
The 2nd of our double whammy map release would be Air Ship by Harrow__ who has also been given VIP+ for providing perfect new content for our dedicated Murder players to enjoy. There's lots of different levels and rooms for you to explore and hide in and it's definitely one of our favorite maps at the moment.​

Th-th-tha-that's all folks, check back soon for more neato PartyZone content that we're sure you'll love! It would be great for these map submissions to become a regular addition so if you want to have YOUR MAP added to one of our games submit a build HERE and earn VIP+ for yourself and a friend if it gets accepted!

Until next time,
The PartyZone Team

Hello there fellow partiers! We are proud to announce the official release of a monthly Newsletter! We've been considering creating this for a while now and have only just found a pretty neat way of doing so.

We hope you like what the Newsletter has to offer so far, and don't fear, more will be added in the future!

For now, simply click here to see it for yourself, and don't be afraid to click on people's faces!​