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Hiya guys,

It's been a while since I've put out a thread but here we are. I've been noticing a lot of questions about things that we have promised and why certain things haven't been implemented or whether things are still on the list. For the majority of things we have promised are for one, still on the list and two still being thought about by you and us.

We know that sometimes we've promised something coming out soon and it doesn't so I'm going to give a briefish explanation of what has been happening to these sorts of things. If you haven't noticed the development team has halved over the last couple of months. This has slowed down coding massively as you can imagine. Every single one of our developers are coding and doing something at the moment - I would explain but similarly as I said in a thread as a response that majority of it is back-end. However, we are also implementing some updates to murder and have been testing this over the past few weeks, we are hoping to get this released soon, but as said before the less developers the slower things will come out. Pay attention to our social media as we will be hyping it more.

You might then wonder why are we doing back-end things when we haven't had new content in a while. Well for example one of the things developers are working on is the issues with the connections to the servers via signs, portals and armor stands. It's a whole plugin.

So why am I writing this thread?
I want you all to know that we are working on stuff and we aren't ignoring you all. Feel free to ask questions about stuff in the comments below. I'll answer them as soon as I can.

Hiyahey, y'all! Natman comes with news... The winners of the poetry contest have been chosen!

Thank you all for your patience while waiting for the results! I will admit, every entry was written fabulously. You are all so incredibly creative!
As you all probably know, we, unfortunately, can only select 2 people per category to win a prize. A super special congratulations to all whos poems made the cut! Without further ado--

the winners...

1st: @Starshii
2nd: @Sxmmi

Thank you all so much for participating! All of the writings submitted were stunning. The stories they told were beautiful in every way, lifting you up and down in an exhilarating fashion. The songs held a musical heart that pumped out a beat that can hardly be matched. This contest will go down as one of our best yet all because of you guys. We would love to see you all back competing in our next competition! Make sure to read below for information about prizes.

Everyone who achieved 1st will receive...​
Hey Partiers!
We had a lot of participants at /warp summer this year! We had such a blast and we hope you enjoyed it! We'd love to give you all prizes that participated, but alas we can only pick the ones that won. Now, without further ado, here are the winners for the Skull Hunt and Skin-competition winners!

Skull Hunt Information:
Congratulations to TheSushi for winning VIP+!
If you already have this rank then you can give it someone else.
How many players guested it correctly: 5
The answer was 27!

Skin-Competition Information:
Thank you to all of those that participated but sadly did not win. You all did amazing!
Top Ten Winners:
Congratulations to these 10 with amazing skins and winning 100 coins each!

The overall winner of our skin-competition:
winehouse! (Formally known as lavenxer)
Congratulations on being the ultimate winner! You have received 250 coins and your name in murder 1 time!

Did you participate in our scavenger-hunt? If so, here are the answers;
Clue one: at the beginning of the scavenger hunt,
Clue two: inside Atlantis hotel's elevator,
Clue three: inside the roof of the grey hot-air-balloon,
Clue four: inside of the sunken ship,
Clue five: at the beginning of the boat race,
Clue six: inside of the volcano on Tiki Island,
Clue seven: inside of the library in the shopping center,
Clue eight: on the side of the big orange water-slide,
Clue nine: in the maze, near the beginning,
Clue ten: inside of the shark's mouth,
Clue eleven: on the back of the middle...


Our S
ummer Giveaway is on!
Follow us on Twitter and Retweet the following tweet to be entered!
Good luck, and Happy Summer!

the tweet is here: click click click


The official Party Zone Newsletter is back! With News, Events, Promotions and more!!!


I'm super excited for the return of the Newsletter and I hope you are too! Each month we will be adding new features to make it more and more interesting for you readers, if you have any suggestions please click here.


It's that wonderful time of year again, when you're just hanging out on the beach, or lazing around at home. This year, we've decided to have another /warp summer! We've got brand new summer plots for you all to hang out at, just do /warp summer on our creative server to get started! More information about the event is below:

July 20th - July 30th

/warp Summer on our Creative server!

ALL of you that replied to this thread are featured somewhere on the plots!

Skin Competition
Coral Maze
Scavenger Hunt
Selfie Spots
Fish Skull Hunt (more information below!)
Giant Pool
Boat Races
Party Island
Summer Trivia
and much more!

It seems our beloved fish have scattered all across the island! We need your help in finding them!

Once you think you've counted up all the fish skulls on the plot, head on over to the Wishing Well down under the island to submit your guess! You will be allowed 3 guesses, so choose wisely. If one of your guesses is correct, you'll be entered into our VIP+ giveaway (though, only one of you all will win VIP+). If you already have VIP+ or above, you'll be able to give it to a friend.

Good luck!
If you have any questions about the event, you can ask an event team member or just down in the comments below!...

Recently, TeamSpeak has been inaccessible to players, and has been very inactive, in terms of Partiers chatting with others. However, our official Discord server is up and running!​

We would like YOUR feedback and answers:
Should we KEEP everything on TeamSpeak as it is, and why?​


Should we migrate to the Discord server, and why?​

Please take your time, and answer a few quick questions regarding which platform the community will use to primarily communicate with in the future, here.​

(Remember: YOUR answers and feedback will play a huge part in which platform we decide to migrate to! Your responses are also ANONYMOUS!)​

If you would like, you may continue this discussion below, and you may always add further feedback and ideas that you have, but remember to be respectful!​

Summer Build Competition!
Hello there partiers, I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far! Today we have a special event for you which will last the entire of summer! This year, we are going to be hosting a special build competition, unlike before where its been around 2 weeks long - you will have from today (3rd July) until the end of august, similarly to past build battles, you will have to submit your build via a thread which will be linked below.

Now then, for this build competition you will have to create a summer plot which, obviously, is to do with summer. For this, you are allowed to use world edit, you are allowed to work in groups (no bigger than groups of 4) and you can merge plots to make the build larger if you wanted to!

We will be judging the builds on creativity, how well you thought outside of the box, how unique your build is and if we think much effort has been put into it (The size of the plot will NOT contribute to if you will win or not.)

Here are some rules you must follow:

  • No groups bigger than 4.
  • If you are in a team, please state ALL team members who helped with the build.
  • Defaults - VIP+ ARE allowed to ask for help from Elites for world edit.
  • No more than 1 submission, if you are in a team only one of you is allowed to submit that build.
  • If you are in a team of more than...
[​IMG] Hi y'all!

Party Games has been released out of beta and we'd really like to know how you think it can be improved. All responses are wanted.

For those who don't know, PG are a bunch of small- 1 minute games, that are quick and fast, check out our older thread to see some of the game types here. *some games have been rebranded since this thread

Although we do have a new PG since this thread and it's called Tetronimo!

We really need some feedback from you guys to see what we can improve, if you all could put your feedback underneath here that would be great!

In the comments below;

What do you like? What do you think could be changed? Do you like the maps? If so, why?

Love, Administration

Hi guys!

Okay so, we've got some updates to insights, so let's catch you up!

Insights Teams

If I'm honest, the teams haven't changed a bunch, we've still got Social Media, Live Stream, Event Planning, Build team, Creativity and Design Team and last but not least - Community Feedback and Quality Assurance. However, the application system we use for insights has changed drastically.

So, for insights before now, you applied for general insights that would apply to one of the teams. However, we are changing that to improve the number of people within the teams.

Team Leaders

For those who aren't aware, each team inside insights has it's own leader which in game are called the Insights unless they are staff, then they will obviously have their staff roles. The leaders are as follows:

@Arujann for the Social Media Team
@GamerGuts for the Live Stream Team
@Liillii for the Event Planning Team
@WorldEdit_ for the Build Team
@huakart for the Creativity and Design Team
@Nashhii for the CF/QA team

The New Application Process

So we've got a new application form that you can click here. After submitting the...