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Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since we had an official update on how things are going with MCPZ, so this post will provide as much information as we can offer with where we are and what’s going on with us, and the future of the network. So let’s get into the details.

New Ownership
Some of you may have noticed a while ago that on our sister server, NemeGaming, we brought in two new owners. While it was mentioned in that announcement they were also joining MCPZ, there were no immediate plans to finalise this transition here until we could confirm a time to commit to the high workload that would be required in order to bring things back up to par.

With that in mind, I’d like to welcome both @TitanicFreak and @Raj to the leadership team! They’ll be joining me as owners and providing their valuable resources to allow us to start the work we have been trying to push for over the last year (more on that further into this post). While they won’t be directly involved with our work, the resources they are able to provide will allow us to get much further than we’ve previously been able to reach.

Current Issues
This past year has seen a sure but steady decline in both the quality of work done, as well as the overall stability of the network across all games. This is not okay and is our primary reason for this plan and all it entails. Our goal is to fix PZ and bring it to the quality you expect, as well as bring the rules and processes up to date with how things are today. We understand that a lot of you grew up with this server and find the rules far too strict, and we agree with that -- more on that further into the post.

Coming from me, I get that a lot of you are or were frustrated with how things have been handled over the past year, and I understand your frustrations. While it may appear obvious, PZ in its current state is not profitable to run, and that was never the...

It's that time of the year again, PartyZone's annual Easter egg hunt! It's time to grab our baskets and collect as many eggs as we can!

This event will be taken place in our lobby, you'll need to connect to our lobby (

How does this event work?
Around the lobby, there will be eggs that are falling from the sky which you need to pick up. When you spawn in the lobby you will have an easter basket in your inventory which will display all the eggs that can be collected when you right-click on it. When you hover over a certain egg it will show how many normal, unlucky, and rare eggs you've collected. Hover over the book it will show your stats that include your level, total number of eggs collected, and the number of entries you have. When you pick up an egg it will give you a certain amount of level XP, overtime your level will go up and you will receive an entry into our prize draw which will happen at the end of the event. Lastly, if you hover over the clock it will tell you how long you have left to collect eggs before the event is over

What are the rare and unlucky eggs?
Every now and then you'll collect an egg with a message in chat

This means you've collected a rare/unlucky egg if you manage to collect an entire set of rare, normal or unlucky eggs you will receive a special Easter event cosmetic

Most eggs collected:...