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It's getting to be that fun time of year again! All of us in the Event Team would like to kick it off with a whole bunch of spooky activities we have been and will continue to be releasing throughout the month of October.

We've decided to keep most of it hidden in secret but we will be making threads about EVERYTHING that happens on the server and link them all here the day it each event starts. Click the event's name to see a full page on about it.

12th - 31st: Halloween Murder Stats
"From now until the end of October the leaderboards will only show stats from now until Halloween."
17th - 31st: Halloween Build Contest
"You've been challenged to submit one Halloween themed build to be looked over by our event staff."
???? - ????

28th @3Est:
"there will be a live stream. One full of chaos, horror, pumpkins, and laughter."

???? - ????

???? - ????

Feel like you're the best murder player, but you just started too late to get on the leaderboards? Well here's your chance to prove it. From now until the end of October the leaderboards will only show stats from now until Halloween. After October, we will post the results of the top 100 players and the top 3 players will receive prizes. For those wondering what happened to your current stats do not worry, your stats are safe, after October your new stats will just be merged with the old ones, then we will then again display all time stats. But for now, go play Murder now at and see how far you can get on the halloween leaderboards.
Since Downgrade's release two years ago it hasn't seen many updates, so today we're releasing the biggest update of any of our games ever. Bundled in this update is many major and minor features as well as bug fixes. In addition to the game update we're releasing 4 new maps along with it: Platform, Reactor, Base, and Area 21.

Change Log:
  • Added multiple new weapons as well as improving old ones
  • Added an Armory where you can test the weapons before the game
  • You can now earn gold from Downgrade (Which can be used in Murder as well)
  • Added Limited Sprinting
  • Added more particles and sounds
  • Completely rebuilt the Pre-Game lobby
  • Added two parkours to the pre-game lobby
  • Completely rebuilt the Downgrade area of the Lobby
  • Added Killing Sprees and Multi Kills
  • Major Improvement to Anti-Cheat
  • Modified Health Regen
  • Added a much better Scoreboard
  • Added Platform, Reactor, Base, and Area 21
  • Removed Synergy
  • Added an In-Game Shop
  • Added purchasable perks
  • Added purchasable upgrades
  • Added purchasable clothing (Note:...
Forum Feature Update:
The forums have gotten an update that added new features, changed old ones, and more! Looking to experience some of the changes? Visit to see the Recent Posts, Recent Statuses, and browse to find some threads to rate.

+ Custom smilies :) :eek: :(
+ Recent posts section on forums page
+ Recent Statuses section on forums page
+ Ratings :thumbs-up:<3
* Signatures now take up less space
* Forum background ft. some color
- Removed old default XenForo smilies from text editor

Don't use the forums? Connect to the server at
Not sure how to join the server? Check out this thread.

Let us know what you think about this update by replying to this thread. Try rating this thread by clicking a rating in the bottom right of the post.
Murder Update
Today we are introducing a new Murder update. We've worked hard to add some new features, fix some old ones, and make sure you can enjoy the game even more. Just go through the Murder portal in the lobby to start playing the new update.

  • 3 new maps: Station, Oasis, and Twimbell
  • Updated maps: Lunar, Overgrown Lab, Dino Mines, Grave Gardens, Temple, and Clue
  • Added Parkour #2 in pre-game lobby
  • Added shooting range in pre-game lobby
  • Shooting bystanders makes you drop the gun
  • More of a karma punishment for shooting bystanders
  • Fireworks now go to whoever wins the game
  • Bug fixes
  • and more!
NEW! Changes (7/17):
  • Released shooting range to non-VIPs
  • Shooting range now features you!*
  • Fixed Parkour #2
  • Prevented Map abuse in Tom's Funland
  • Modified end-game identity list
  • Bug fixes
  • and more!
*Shooting range gets its "players" from the "Your name in Murder" list, so to see yourself in the shooting range as a target you must purchase "Your name in Murder" from

Let us know what you think by replying to this post. Thanks for playing on PartyZone!
Get your friends and throw your own party! We're proud to introduce our party system. With it you and your friends can join the same games effortlessly by just using the /party command.

Parties are simple to use, if you wanted to invite your friend gigosaurus you would simply type /party gigosaurus and he will get an invite to your party. From there if you join a game or go anywhere on the network he and any other members of your party will follow, and you can even use the /pc command to talk to all of your friends in your party.

As for all new features you should report all bugs here on the forums, but for now, try out parties at!
After we lost our little companions well over a year ago we've been looking everywhere for them. Finally we've found them and they came back better and cuter than ever! Along with some of the normal pets you'd come to expect we've thrown in some that our partiers will love even more such as the Rainbow Sheep, Secret Service, Pet Rock, and more. As always this is a new feature, so if you find a bug, report it here on the forums.

Pets can be purchased in hubs with PartyPoints using the Customizer. Along with pets we're also reintroducing PartyPoints which can be used to purchase pets as well as other upcoming cosmetics, which can be purchased now at So join and find your cuddly buddy today!
Today is April 4th, 2016 which marks two years since the public release of PartyZone Network. We'd like to thank all of the players and everyone who helped us get where we are today, so you can use the coupon code '2NDYEAR' on to get 50% OFF EVERYTHING, which will be valid today through Wednesday. If it wasn't for all of our dedicated players, staff, and premium users the network would have never experienced its expansion to the 1200 player network it is today. Make sure to log on today and celebrate with us at

Speaking of expansion, today we are releasing our experimental Massacre Gamemode, previously dubbed as 'Mega Murder'. Massacre is a variation of murder featuring about five times as many players and murderers. This more challenging twist on Murder relies on you and the other bystanders being able to weed out the many murderers hiding among you before they get all of you first. Massacre may not be a permanent thing, and we will be adding more features over the next week to see how much you guys like it. What you probably need to know about it know though is that it has separate ranks and stats to murder, but the same shop upgrades and coins shared between the games. Later we will be adding Massacre specific upgrades among other Massacre specific things so keep checking back over the next week. If you like it be sure to tell us here on our forums, but for now, check it out in-game at


Merry Christmas
and a Happy New year to you all!

Put on your antlers and celebrate Christmas with us in our festive hub! This is the best time of the year so enjoy it while you can.

25% off everything in our store!

After 1,523,938 eggs collected by 16,683 participants the moment you all have been waiting for is finally here: The Egg Hunt Winners!

The winners for the most collected are:

1st place and winner of ELITE+ as well as 50,000 murder coins with 39636 eggs collected:
2nd place and winner of ELITE as well as 25,000 murder points with 16273 eggs collected:
3rd place and winner of VIP+ as well as 20,000 murder points with 14696 eggs collected:

The winners of the prize draw are as follow.

MrBudderPiggy - ELITE+
Owlyson - ELITE
bakonbro3 - ELITE
ThatsSortaRaven - VIP+
Wena - VIP+
CoolGirl_Gaming - VIP+
jackboomhead - VIP
Pigsrule22 - VIP
KittyMittyMC - VIP
xHapi - 50k coins
seiddie - 40k coins
ItsJackoTheWacko - 30k coins
PrisonBop - 20k coins
XxCarbotxX - 10k coins

BlockBuilder113 - 10k coins
Congratulations to all the winners!
Thank you all for participating in our annual Easter Egg Hunt. We hope you had just as much fun as we did. The final prize for those who collected all the Normal or Shiny eggs will be given in the next few days.