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Hey Folks,

As most of you know, we now have an official discord (click here to join). As announced on our discord, we have opened Discord Trainee Applications! We're excited for you to check out our new section of the applications page, and apply!

How to apply
  1. Click the Applications page on the forums
  2. Click the Apply for Trainee button
  • Be at least 11 years or older
  • Have a large amount of knowledge of PartyZone's Rules and our Discord rules
  • Be helpful around chat
  • Know the basics of Discord and use it well
  • Be in the discord for at least 1 week
  • Know the basics of our Discord Bots
  • Be verified on the Discord
But who runs the Discord staff?

Well, we have a team of discord managers (it includes @Dragonnn_, @Kasix, @Etgar, @LxndyNgvy3n and @allonely) who run our discord team!

Good luck to all!
For more information click here

We are also implementing some more new things within the next couple of weeks, so stay hyped for that!

Thanks to @Emo and @SophieDrinksTea for the graphics and correcting my horrific grammar
Thanks to Emoh for the graphics!

Thank you all for your submissions...

It’s been a while since we’ve put some of your creations into our games but get ready for a massive release of maps created by you guys! We have six new maps being introduced into murder.


*Due to some technical issues Hospital has been replaced by Mirage

The Maps

Introducing Atlantis, an underwater themed map, created by @ThaMango . This map plays beautifully and looks just as beautiful too.

Get ready to fight to the death in our new map Dojo, created by @Harrow__ . This map is a beautiful, nature filled map with a towering dojo situated between the cliffs.

Piece together the murder mystery on Factory by @ThaMango . With winding halls, crates and back rooms this map sure will be fun to play on and hide around.

Based off another CS:GO map we've got Mirage by @Breadstickk and @WorldEdit_ . Shoot the murderer to death in this iconic map.

A Hotel, created by @ThaMango and @xXGlassShardXx may not be a safe place to be when a killer is nearby. Just make sure not to forget your room key anywhere in the corridors or outside while marveling at the beautiful fountain.

The last of our murder maps is Library created by @PigZombie777 and @CompleteCircuit . Just make sure you don’t get blood on the books, the librarian will get mad.

Thank you all for your...

Hello all,

Today we are releasing an update to Murder which should add some variety to our already great list of maps. We have added mutations!

What Are Mutations?
Mutations are extra additions to the game which will add special mechanics which do not normally appear in games. They are chosen randomly from a list, and are enabled on a per-round basis. They have the potential to add/remove items, change the look and feel of the map, and even add secondary objectives.

Which Mutations Are There?
The current mutations are as follows:
  • Double Emeralds: Every emerald pickup is doubled!
  • Double Jump: Everyone can jump super high, even the murderer!
  • Gun Game: Everyone (except the murderer) has a gun!
  • Speed: Everyone has speed II for the entire round!
We are also accepting your feedback/ideas on the current and on new mutations. Feel free to suggest some in the suggestions subform and leave feedback on the current ones below.

I Like Murder How It Is!
We are sure some of you are skeptical about changes to one of our core games, and I understand. That is why during our beta stage, mutations will only be enabled on one of the three maps selectable during voting. If you don't want mutations, simply vote for a map without them enabled.

The update will be live across the network shortly, so hop in a game soon and let us know what you think!

Thanks, and enjoy!

It's that LOVELY time of the year again where you’re crying, alone with a tub of discount icecream, watching Love Actually on Netflix. This year, PZ has decided to have a fun small event in Creative. Just do /warp valentine to get started! Read below for more information.

February 14th-17th

/warp valentine in the Creative Server!

Sharing of Valentines messages!
Skin comps!
Selfie stations!
Would you like to receive Valentines in your own Valentines chest?
Comment below with the following format to receive a chest with your name on it. It will be placed at /warp valentine where you can receive Valentines from your fellow partiers!
(Ran out of spaces for Elite+!)

IGN: (in-game name)
Rank: (what rank are you)

Valentines messages will be given out to players after the Event has finished.​

Don't be a party pooper! Feel free to give some Valentines around to make someone smile! We hope you'll all join us and enjoy yourselves!​
What is the Discord linking bot?

We now have a custom bot on our official Discord to link your in-game rank to our Discord server. Everyone is welcome on our Discord server but to use it's main features, you'll need to link your account.

If you upgrade your rank at any time or buy a new one, the bot will update your role on Discord automatically without you needing to be online!

How do I use the new bot?

Firstly, you'll have to join our official Discord so that our bot can get to know you a little better. Once you're on the Discord, go to the channel named #bot_zone and then simply say !link

Our bot will then walk you through linking your account. It starts with an in-game command then requires extra verification to make sure nobody is pretending to be you. If at any point you need help with this process or an error occurs, contact one of our staff members who will be able to help!

I already have my rank on Discord, what is the point in doing this?

After 1 week of this thread being sent out, everyone who has not linked their account with the bot will have their roles removed for security purposes. You must do this even if you have your rank, given by a Discord community staff member, to avoid losing your rank/role on Discord.

This is to prevent people having multiple accounts on Discord which allows ban evasion. Also, the bot is more thorough than a human so it's just best to have everyone using it.

How do I join this amazing and awesome sounding Discord server you keep mentioning?

Click this magical link:
Hey Partiers!
Valentines Day is just around the corner and the Event Team thought it would be a great idea to have our first ever Story Contest! This competition will allow our creative writers to show off their amazing writing ability! The contest will run from now until the 15th of February.

Players will be able to submit a story following one of the three prompts (themes) written below. You will need to follow a prompt for your story's plot, but other than that it can be about anything! The prompts are as follows:
  • A world where love doesn't exist, but two people have fallen in love...
  • Love at first sight...
  • Tragic breakup...
In order to compete you must follow these rules:

• You must be the owner of the story.
• Do not include gory or inappropriate topics in your stories.
• Stick to the prompt, don't write about donkeys falling off cliffs.
• One submission per author and one author per submission.
• The story must have been written between the 7th and the 15th of February.
arcadeupdate (1).gif

We're doing some spring cleaning a bit early this year! We've updated the hub, tweaked some of the games, and moved stuff around to make room for new stuff later this year!


We're moving the Party Games to our new Arcade! Okay, this might take a little getting used to, but trust us, it will be MUCH better. It will free up space for a lot of new Arcade Games as well as giving us a new type of game we will call Party Games.
  • Arcade Games will consist of various short, quick games that take about 2-3 minutes to play.
  • Freeze Tag, Ditto, and now Color Chase all fit that description and will continue to live happily in our Arcade cabinet.
  • Party Games got a re-design and has been closed off temporarily. There's a lot of new games coming soon.

We're currently in the process of fully releasing Color Chase which will now be with Freeze Tag and Ditto in the Arcade! If you didn't get a chance to play Color Chase in testing, here's a little hint to how it works.

2 teams compete to gather colored blocks and deliver them to their rightfully colored rooms. Power-ups can be collected to hurt the other team's progress or boost your own. First team to collect their team's blocks wins!

  • - We've fixed FT so you can actually play now
  • - Ditto goes faster
  • - Ditto & FT will now give you coins for winning

Hey, everyone!

I feel like I just posted here a few days ago… weird. Anyways, it’s time for a large update -- this weekend, we’re going to be releasing a major update for three beloved gamemodes: Downgrade, Freeze Tag, and Murder! There will be different streamers online throughout the day for the update; make sure to check out their streams and play with them! Downgrade and Murder will be updated at 1PM ET today, and Freeze Tag will be updated later tonight.

Downgrade is getting the biggest update tomorrow to resolve the biggest issue with the game -- it’s too repetitive. With only 2 maps and the same set of weapons every game, it makes sense. So, we’ve added 3 completely new maps and remade the old ones -- all of these maps will be smaller than before, so it should be easier to find each other, and make the game more fast-paced. We’ve also changed the weapon system to randomly pick a different (fair) weapon for each tier per match, and added 20 new weapons -- so there are now hundreds of different possible weapon sets each game could have. And, yeah, we removed the rail gun. If this update is received well, we’ll crank out some more maps and new guns to make Downgrade even better!

We all love Freeze Tag, but it definitely needed an update! Here’s a list of improvements we’ve made to it:
  • New UI (scoreboard, messages, etc.) with more thematic colors
  • Fixed a bug where chasers sometimes were never chosen -- whoops
  • You now get coins for playing, and even more for winning
  • A bunch of other smaller things not worth mentioning
Like what I said for the DG update, if this update is received well, then we’ll pour more resources into Freeze Tag: new maps, new features, and more.

Murder’s update tomorrow isn’t huge, but it’s still definitely worth mentioning! We’re going to:
  • Add 4 new maps -- Snowglobe, Woodfield, Garden Estate, and FNaF2
  • Update...
Hey, everyone!

Happy New Year! I know I’ve only been around for a small part of 2017, but my last month and a half here at PartyZone has been pretty awesome. It’s been so much fun getting to know you guys and working on improving the network; and your support during the adjustment is something I’ll always be grateful for.

On top of adjusting to the ownership changes, our team has done a lot of major things in the last 6 weeks:
  • We’ve added network points, which have improved connections for players all around the world -- especially in Europe and Australia
  • Major Creative update
    • Updated the server to 1.12
    • Fixed the crashing and general lag on Creative; and increased the amount of slots by 60, since the server can actually handle those players now
  • Fixed the random network crashes that happened once a week or so
  • Started advertising PZ again, which has helped us start to grow for the first time in a long time -- we hit 485 players today! We were hitting 375 players at peak time just 6 weeks ago
  • Started laying groundwork for major code updates that make pushing updates and releasing new games soooooo much easier

So, that’s a wrap for 2017! Let’s take a quick peek at what we've got planned for 2018:
  • Major Update to Downgrade
  • Releasing our anticheat from neme, SARAH, onto PZ (currently in testing on the network)
  • Update to Creative so it can support 500+ players without any lag or any changes to gameplay
  • Updates to Elite Survival
  • PartyGames updates (including fixing up Freeze Tag)
  • Adding new gamemodes
  • Keep growing the network, and ideally hit at least 1000 players at peak time in the next few months
… And some more secret stuff that we can’t talk about quite yet!

Now that we’re adjusted and all of the admins are on the same page, we can really start to get the ball rolling. Here’s to 2018 and moving PartyZone forward!

Quick! Start thinking of a good club name- before it’s taken! We are proud to introduce our new Club System! Creating a club is a great way of getting all of your friends together, but if you want to make a few new friends, you can advertise your club here on the forums! Click through the spoilers below to learn more about club commands, roles, and how clubs work.

The system is currently being tested and might contain a lot of bugs. We do expect lots of things to go wrong for now but that's okay, we'll be checking bug reports constantly, fixing as we go!

/club create -
Creates a new club (Be sure to add a name!)
/club help - Displays a list of all commands
/club leave - Leave your current club
/club accept - Accepts a club invite
/club reject - Rejects a club invite
/club invites - View your invites
/club chat -