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Hey guys!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Egg hunt, we hope you all had a wonderful time! Please read below to view this year's winners

Please Note: You have until June 8th, 2022 to claim your prize. After that date they will be unclaimable. Please message @Iruu to claim or give it away. Make sure your forum account is linked or you're able to provide valid proof you own the account that won

Top Egg Collectors:

1st Place: Godfish23 has won ELITE, 10000 party points + [Easter Bunny] Tag
2nd Place: branny00 has won VIP+, 5000 party points + [Omelette] Tag
3rd Place: Desertmeadow has won VIP, 3000 party points + [Hatchling] Tag

Prize Draw Winners:
cheesywhack - ELITE+
Weboh - ELITE
Godfish23 - VIP+
SakkunArtz - VIP
thatoneblockhead - 7500
party points
branny00 - 5000 party points
Desertmeadow - 3000 party points
Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Hey, partiers!

It's Easter time again which means we have to grab our baskets for our annual egg hunt!

This event will be taken place in our lobby (

Friday the 8th of April - Monday the 25th of April

How does the event work?
In the lobby, eggs will be falling from the sky to collect. While in the lobby, you will have an easter basket in your inventory where you can see all the eggs you can collect when you right-click on it. When you hover over an egg it will display how many normal, unlucky, and rare eggs you've collected. Hovering over the book will tell you your stats that show your current level, total number of eggs, and number of entries you have. Each time you pick up an egg you will receive level XP which helps you level up. Each time you level up you will gain an entry for our prize draw at the end of the event. Lastly, if you hover over the clock it will tell you how long you have left to collect eggs before the event is over

Most eggs collected:

1st - ELITE, 10000 party points + [Easter Bunny] Tag
2nd - VIP[COLOR=rgb(0, 179,...