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  1. ToastThief
  2. sweeteaa
    I'm sixteen. That's crazy.
  3. SkyeSweet
    SkyeSweet GamerGuts
    It's been five years you! :P How have you been?
  4. SkyeSweet
    I will always remember old times.
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  5. WafflesWoof
    i just miss the people i used to interact with, karaoke on TS and many other memories on mcpz, dm me any memories you have!
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  6. WafflesWoof
    hey guys, if anyone remembers playing with me or has any stories that they would love to share with me pls do so, my insta @saminnnc
  7. WafflesWoof
  8. YaBoySeth
    Your typical Gamer
  9. SkyeSweet
    SkyeSweet AnnieTheCat
  10. Buurr
    Buurr logcn ♡
    felt like i had to make my yearly post on your page
  11. sad clarinet
    sad clarinet
    man this is sad rip but happy february :)
  12. DemonWolf_
    Good times, but can't dwell on the past
  13. -Ella
    -Ella pLANTy
    pla nt y
  14. -Ella
  15. SkyeSweet
    Hello all, wish for good luck for you all this year! Love you!
  16. acidbunniezz
    sooo.. what the hell is going on with this server now lol
  17. Eryn
    Eryn hharis
    haris do u still come on here every so often if so i miss you
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    2. hharis
      sometimes i miss u too <3
      Jan 1, 2023
  18. Eryn
  19. momokolove
    it's so tragic how alive this server used to be and now no one is ever on
  20. Alexonn
    Alexonn Corcustos
    Hey. You were amazing. Thank you for being an amazing friend way back 2017 Cor.