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  1. -Ella
    -Ella pLANTy
    pla nt y
  2. -Ella
  3. SkyeSweet
    Hello all, wish for good luck for you all this year! Love you!
  4. acidbunniezz
    sooo.. what the hell is going on with this server now lol
  5. Eryn
    Eryn hharis
    haris do u still come on here every so often if so i miss you
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    2. hharis
      sometimes i miss u too <3
      Jan 1, 2023
  6. Eryn
  7. momokolove
    it's so tragic how alive this server used to be and now no one is ever on
  8. Alexonn
    Alexonn Corcustos
    Hey. You were amazing. Thank you for being an amazing friend way back 2017 Cor.
  9. Alexonn
    Here I am again, remembering on how this server became a home for me and to discover my sexuality. I miss you PZ and everyone I’ve met.
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  10. peacydaes_
    this is so weird I joined pz like 5-6ish years ago omgggg I feel so old
  11. peacydaes_
    I miss it this I so sad I remember when creative would crash bc to many ppl
  12. peacydaes_
    is partyzone officially dead?
  13. benc_
  14. $$$
    randomly remembered that this place existed wow. joined pz in middle school & now im almost done with college
  15. EphermalWisdoms
    hii ! I literally am not in contact with literally any of my old friends from here so if by any chance you see this and wanna reminisce
    1. EphermalWisdoms
      my disc is Alex <3#0017
      Nov 7, 2022
  16. DemonWolf_
    how is everyone doing?
  17. Kaiawoo
  18. Kaiawoo
    that took way too long to change my pfp lol
  19. Merp
    I come back here every now & again, still feels very surreal the memories I have when this was active. Miss it more than words can express
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    2. Polarbear_x
      Same Merp.
      Oct 13, 2022
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    3. Alexonn
      likewise Merp
      Dec 15, 2022
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  20. trinhpxl