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  1. Kaiawoo
  2. Kaiawoo
    that took way too long to change my pfp lol
  3. Merp
    I come back here every now & again, still feels very surreal the memories I have when this was active. Miss it more than words can express
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  4. trinhpxl
  5. CallSignDemon
    I haven't logged into this for over 4 years. wyld
  6. Buurr
    Buurr MeAndAon
    i miss you
  7. hharis
    hharis Alexonn
    miss you so so so much, hope life is going well for you so far <3
  8. NaNatNat
    NaNatNat Aminuh
    girl i miss u
  9. Alexonn
    It's so funny how for random reasons, MCPZ just suddenly comes up in my brain and I remember on how active I was here on the forums.
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    2. hharis
      I remember when you got banned and how difficult it was for you :( I honestly miss PZ and you so much, our friendship meant everything to me <3
      Sep 8, 2022
  10. Midnight9746
    Long time I see. I miss it here and even those I've met along the way. Anyways, I'm on Discord, Midnight9746#8441 say hi sometime, eh?
  11. snowopsia
    cheers. if any old friends are still alive feel free to hmu on disc [snom#6176]. anyway happy late eighth anniversary to me ig
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  12. sophiesophiesophie
    sophiesophiesophie Weffl
    add me on disc
    1. Weffl
      Oct 4, 2022 at 1:08 AM
  13. Aesthetic_x
    long live partyzone
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  14. Arily
    Almost forgot this existed. Lots of good memories :)
  15. SilverBlade
    Holy shiz. Another 2 years. Everything has dissolved. I really hope there's still some people out here in the wasteland. I miss you guys.
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    2. Kaiawoo
      good to see you still exist, was worried there for a second
      Oct 4, 2022 at 11:02 AM
  16. hharis
    hharis Hclly
    I remember when we first met at some point in 2016, I had these blue enchanted boots that would give you super speed and we used them on an ice rink on my plot with Chrissy. Not sure if you remember that but I really miss that :( I also miss that village that we built on elite survival
  17. cowks
    hope everyone is well ♡
  18. carito
    i miss this server sm :'(
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  19. 1NoobLuna
    1NoobLuna Aluux
    Happy birthday<3
  20. 1NoobLuna
    1NoobLuna 0hAmelia
    prettiest girl <3