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  1. Arily
    Almost forgot this existed. Lots of good memories :)
  2. SilverBlade
    Holy shiz. Another 2 years. Everything has dissolved. I really hope there's still some people out here in the wasteland. I miss you guys.
  3. hharis
    hharis Hclly
    I remember when we first met at some point in 2016, I had these blue enchanted boots that would give you super speed and we used them on an ice rink on my plot with Chrissy. Not sure if you remember that but I really miss that :( I also miss that village that we built on elite survival
  4. cowks
    hope everyone is well ♡
  5. carito
    i miss this server sm :'(
  6. 1NoobLuna
    1NoobLuna Aluux
    Happy birthday<3
  7. 1NoobLuna
    1NoobLuna 0hAmelia
    prettiest girl <3
  8. 0hAmelia
    0hAmelia 1NoobLuna
    my minecraft gf
    1. 1NoobLuna
      ey not only minecraft gf but yes
      Jul 22, 2022
  9. NaNatNat
  10. NaNatNat
    NaNatNat AVenomoose
    your banner might have made me cry a little bit, haha. haven't seen that masterpiece in a while ♡
  11. NaNatNat
    sometimes i come back here & just think. i hope you guys have found your place in our strange world, just as i have ♡
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  12. Rach
    praying this server gets more active, i miss the memories i made and all the friends ive made . Ive grown a lot heh, plz get more active <3.
  13. https_adrianna
    I'm 19 now heh I'm a big girl now
  14. mcmmy
  15. Riliena WhiteGhosts
    Riliena WhiteGhosts
    Death to this server if nothing changes anytime soon.
  16. Riliena WhiteGhosts
  17. Riliena WhiteGhosts
    Riliena WhiteGhosts
    ''It's saddening how this server used to so alive but now it's brightness slowly turns into dust.''
  18. wool
  19. sophiesophiesophie
    sophiesophiesophie Weffl
    happy birthday raven
  20. lunch