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  1. seulmate
    met a lot of great people on here... crazy how it fell off so quick.
  2. thatnewzealander
  3. DemonWolf_
    Just got back on the server for the first time in years and it's sad seeing it only have 2 people. It was a great community.
  4. SkyeSweet
    2022! New Year!
  5. https_JK
    yo. i really miss this server :)
  6. gznort
    heart for brains
  7. xctxbersun
    literally lied about my name for 6+ years because I remember this one case of a girl dying from the internet! #yas
  8. xctxbersun
    yall remember this???
  9. MrTrevorrMC
    MrTrevorrMC Iruu
    Hey there! I don’t know if you still actively view this page or receive notifications, I have an account on this website with posts from when I was younger that I wish to remove. To put it plainly, I cringe at them when I come across it. I enjoy the server, but the posts I’ve made Dont represent me anymore
  10. Wiggby
    I forgor :skull: this existed.
  11. SkyeSweet
    Early Happy Holidays! Hope you have a good one!
  12. Phenix
    Phenix Twixela
    FREN IMY :)
  13. Phenix
    i've been on pz for almost half my life, crazy how time flies isn't it?
  14. doge can rap levitate
  15. Aclyxical
    You'd think I'd forget about this place, but nope. The memories are too much to let go.
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  16. Aclyxical
    Aclyxical Twixela
    Long time no see, eh?
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    2. Twixela
      yeah you don’t say, we should catch up
      Dec 6, 2021
  17. regretsss
  18. Alexonn
    This server deserves a proper comeback, it ended so badly.
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  19. aaleah
    wtf is this pfp bye omg
  20. Kaiawoo
    Karaoke this Saturday at 1pm EDT, be there. Or don't, I dunno, I can't threaten you.