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  1. doge can rap levitate
  2. Aclyxical
    You'd think I'd forget about this place, but nope. The memories are too much to let go.
  3. Aclyxical
    Aclyxical Twixela
    Long time no see, eh?
  4. regretsss
  5. Alexonn
    This server deserves a proper comeback, it ended so badly.
  6. aaleah
    wtf is this pfp bye omg
  7. Kaiawoo
    Karaoke this Saturday at 1pm EDT, be there. Or don't, I dunno, I can't threaten you.
  8. doge can rap levitate
    doge can rap levitate
    yo guys please add me on discord if i was aware of your existence from 2016-2019 i wanna talk to some old friends
  9. itsjkings
    itsjkings AnnaDTakacs
    happy birthday! <3
  10. KidTheRaisin
    KidTheRaisin Dizzeh
    you probably not reading this but thanks for the joy you brought to this server lmao
    i played on this server since i was probably 8 (im 15 now) and had a blast on this server
    thanks for the childhood dizzeh
  11. SecretlySour
    Welcome to add me on discord if you by any chance see this: Kyuu#5553
  12. SecretlySour
    Went back to mcpz for the first time since forever. Now it seems that the servers have been closed. Its been a good run though,
  13. KidBit
    I honestly am starting to feel bad for this server, Deserves a much better end then it has.
  14. itsjkings
    itsjkings Iruu
    Hello! Sorry to bother you, but could you please change my birth date to February 13th 2005? I used to have a fake birthday because my mother didn't want anyone to know my birthday for whatever reason. Thank you!
  15. Domaininator
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  16. Kaiawoo
    Guess I'm here
  17. timelord007
    timelord007 Iruu
    Could I add you on Discord?
  18. aaleah
    it’s been so long wtf
  19. ModernArt
    I'm still gonna go around on this server from time to time as this was my childhood. Nostalgia is hitting me hard, 7 years since joining
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  20. MrJeremyTurtle
    Hello peoples! Not sure if many people still snoop around... Anyways if you want to reach me or see what I do - jeremymaih on all socials
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    2. MrJeremyTurtle
      On all platforms, my minecraft user - it's all jeremymaih! Find me there :)
      Oct 7, 2021
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