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  1. Cutielicious
    Cutielicious HelloColdWorld
    I live, idk if you remember me ;)
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    2. HelloColdWorld
      Hey! I do remember you, long time no see :)
      Apr 9, 2020 at 10:32 AM
    3. Cutielicious
      Yeah it's been a few years or so :p I remembered this thing existed and wanted to say Hi again lmao
      Apr 9, 2020 at 10:58 AM
  2. Fox
    its my birthday. Hello anyone who sees this
  3. AWildFire
    wow it has been a while hasn’t it?
  4. muuchi
    okay so idk if anyone's gonna see this bc its been 20398 years but im checking back in for a bit!! please dm mee! i wanna talk to you guysss
  5. PigZombie777
  6. PigZombie777
  7. Fox
  8. x_Ryan
    Hoping to get VIP or Elite soon!
  9. Phenix
    ive been here for 5 and a half years. what.
  10. Phenix
    Phenix Twixela
    firckin love you :)
  11. yuc KK y
  12. x_Ryan
    Hello everyone!
  13. Buurr
    yikes it's been a little while
  14. squiddy
    I said goodbye to MCPZ about 4-6 months ago now, it has been the best change of my life although I will miss the game and players alot! <3
  15. HelloColdWorld
    I thought I was dreaming, there were sirens screaming. And my friends were leaving me to die.
  16. Nashi
    sad this place isn’t as active anymore:( miss my old friends
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  17. Amandq
    Amandq Aminuh
    iconic. showstopping. wow.
  18. Txyylor
    The past 4 years have been fun and I thank the people who have made it fun, I wish the best for PZ and the community and for now, goodbye o/
  19. Loofie
  20. A Wild Phan Appeared