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  1. wrennybih
  2. Aluux
    1 year as staff <3
  3. iNeedSpeed
    iNeedSpeed ArrayLists
    heemy r u still alive
  4. Maestosa
    Maestosa Aluux
    Happy one year AFoolex ❤
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  5. OneFabulousPanda
  6. Tammiiee
    No one is perfect.
  7. flammed
    hello, please watch 'I am not okay with this' when it comes out on netflix feb 26th. that is it, goodbye.
    CEEBUZZ9 Tate (TaterTct)
    yayyy so nice to see you :)
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    2. Tate (TaterTct)
      Tate (TaterTct)
      Omg cee I miss you, been a long time no see :))
      Feb 24, 2020 at 3:46 PM
  9. ewsies
    rip to this iconic server only 8 players online lmao i used to say this server sucked but it was good back in the day i miss it well bye
  10. Tate (TaterTct)
    Tate (TaterTct)
    I have not been pz in ages, it has nearly or has been 5 years of me here, I miss a lot of yall, and thanks for some being here with me!
  11. ewsies
    hi homo and sexuals
  12. calico
    microwave sound mmmmmmmm
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  13. Phenix
    just realized that in novemeber i will of been here for 6 years holy crap
  14. pLANTy
    pLANTy Haqlash
    is that a gas mask I see?
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    2. pLANTy
      what did you do hahah
      Feb 19, 2020
    3. Haqlash
      Add me back on discord and ill show you the screens, Im Print Tkhethei
      Feb 19, 2020
    4. Haqlash
      Added, but you could have just changed the name
      Feb 19, 2020
  15. Kaiawoo
  16. Kaiawoo
    I'm tired. I just.. want.. some rest..
  17. Kaiawoo
    If I could go back.. If I could go back, I'd slap my former self in the face. I messed up so many friendships, so many relationships.
  18. Kaiawoo
    I don't wear it as a badge like I used to. I don't even know why I'm talking about it. I don't want pity.
  19. Kaiawoo
    I have many regrets. Regrets that I've done things unforgivable. I want the past, but I'm stuck in the present. My present? I'm depressed.
  20. Liindy
    waiting for the day i can finally change my pfp