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Murder 1.8 update -

The time for the Murder 1.8 update has finally arrived. Murder has entertained us since Minecraft version 1.7.4 and now the 1.8 update is here.

Changes include:
  • Dead bodies are back!
  • Change identity as murderer
  • Identity skins
  • Tab list perfection
  • How to play guide in lobby
  • [Map] Clue revamp
  • Fixed map glitches
  • New hats!
  • Code optimization
  • Bug fixes!
. . . and more!


The administration team is always working to improve your experience at PartyZone whether in or out of the game. Therefore we're introducing a new home page for the forums to keep you updated with everything that's happening including updates, releases, and more. Now you can stay informed not only with the Twitter but with the website.

If you have any suggestions you can always post them at the Suggestions & Feedback thread.

11402 people managed to find at least 1 egg.
8905 people achieved at least level 1 (~3 eggs).
4570 people achieved at least level 5 (~30 eggs).
1867 people achieved at least level 10 (~100 eggs).
366 people achieved at least level 20 (~500 eggs).
109 people achieved at least level 30 (~1000 eggs).
32 people achieved at least level 40 (~2300 eggs).
5 people achieved at least level 50 (~3500 eggs).
1 person achieved at least level 60, in fact, they actually achieved level 80. Dizzybonnett went and collected 9602 eggs!

Total number of eggs found: 1,029,192. Now that is just ludicrous!


Here are the prizes that weren't given out during the event:

The prize draw had 58,600 entries (1 level = 1 entry). Randomly picked, here are the winners!

DynamicNight and GummyMermaid each win VIP!
Sheaman0929 and HeyImTiff each win VIP+!
InfiniteCookieYT wins ELITE!
iNeedSpeed wins ELITE+!